Granny Square Quilt | 01

Granny Square Quilt blocks

How come no one told me there was such a thing as granny square quilts? Like, the legit sewn kind! I really wanted a Craftsy t-shirt the week before my birthday, so I naturally ended up in their sale section. I found the shirt and I found some mini-charm packs for two bucks. I snagged a few packs (ok, it was seven) and then I realized I had no idea what sort of quilt I could make with them. I turned to Google and the first that caught my eye was this granny square quilt block tutorial. Isn’t it lovely?!

My birthday date with my husband included a stop at JoAnn where I procured the solid fabric I would need to complete my granny squares. I spent the weekend cutting 260 (!!!) little squares. Tedious, yes, but I was (am) so excited about this quilt, I didn’t mind! I also took some time out of my weekend to start planning the blocks.

my quilt block ledger

I counted up my squares by color and figured out how many blocks I would be able to get. 260 solid squares will fill my 20 blocks, but I have enough leftover from my mini charm packs to get to over 25. I’ll asses whether I need those once I get these 20 made. I want a decent sized quilt, so I just may need to cut up the rest of my gray fabric (Kona cotton in coal).

sewin' station

When I make a square, I put it in a little cubby I have next to my desk, so it was nice to bring them all out to photograph. I have 11 made already! I haven’t sewn since Sunday, so I hope I can finish up these 20 by the end of the week. Then I’ll get to the hard part of making sure they’re all exactly the same size and figuring out how to sash them. Let’s not even talk about how I plan to actually QUILT this baby. I have been researching this in my free time. I could send it off? Quilt by hand? Figure out how to quilt with my machine? Ah! so many options.

Instant Singer

I love this machine.

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Checking in!


So, my husband just won the “best birthday present ever” award. Once I got it out and set up, my first thought was, “I should blog this.” REALLY. I have been so bad at blogging, it isn’t even funny. I still knit and crochet and make stuff, but I don’t reach for my camera like I used to. I don’t know if I’ve fallen out of love with blogging or photography or both. I want to get back into regularly sharing, though. I wrote 7 posts for the Craftsy blog, last month! 7! I will make a massive Craftsy link-up in a bit. Today, I just want to sigh and ooooogle at this baby.


WHAT A BEAST!! I am in love. I sew a few times a year on a second-hand machine my aunt gave me 7 years ago. I’ve made a few sock monkeys and bibs and blankets, but I never got to experience opening my own brand new machine. The one my aunt gave me just up and broke in the middle of a project (I troubleshooted and tried to fix it myself, but I think it needs a pro to look at it), so my husband told me not to worry about it and a week later, this was sitting on my door step. Kind of funny that it was sent with just a shipping label on the box, so there was no way it could be a true surprise for my birthday. ha! My mom gave me the desk it’s sitting on. A totally crafty birthday! I’m hitting up the fabric store, this evening, for some bits to make a quilt.

I hope a lot of you have stuck around to hear my crafty adventures. I love sharing and hopefully you can keep me accountable and I won’t end up with a half-made quilt that sits on my desk for a year.

Valentine’s Day Hot/Cold Rice Pack

diy heart hot or cold rice pack

When thinking of a little something-something for my kids to gift to their teachers on Valentine’s Day, I only knew I wanted to incorporate a granny square in there. I don’t know why, I guess they were on my mind!

I scoured Ravelry for a granny square HEART (there are a lot, by the way) and fell in love with THIS pattern. It’s super easy and I made 2 in less than half an hour. I used Sugar & Cream cotton and a 6mm (J) hook. I omitted the picot edge and instead made a solid crochet round. I whip-stitched two hearts together from about the third DC-group from the corner to the exact spot on the opposite side. You’re leaving a space to put the rice pack in.

I waited until I got the hearts sewn to make the rice packs. I found something circular that was about the right size (a CD?) to use as my pattern and then I just traced it on the back of some pretty fabric. Sew two layers together, leaving an inch open, funnel in some rice, then whip-stitch the hole.

I’m going to include a little card with some general rice pack instructions.

Are you getting your Valentine craft on? It’s one of my favorite times to be crafty. I love hearts!

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Craft Night: Felt Camera

"1, 2, 3, CLICK!"

The night before last, My Girl Thursday and ♥elycia hosted Craft Night! I logged on while they were getting their camera and stream situated and proceeded to cut my pieces during the first few minutes. I followed along with them for about an hour and a half and then had to help with bedtime. I was able to pick up where I left off when I got back and finished all of the sewing that night. I stuffed my camera the next morning and presented it to Andrew.




He LOVES it. I took these photos this morning and you can see where the felt is already pilling. I used the craft-store stuff because that’s all I had on hand. I intended to make it all blue, but…ummmm I ran out. Ha! Oh well. I like the contrasting yellow sides and top/bottom.



Did you participate? Show me!

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A Texas to Squeeze

251.365: Texas heart

This morning, the big boy was at school, the little boy was still asleep, the husband had just rode off to work, and I was drafting up some knitting patterns. I got the sudden urge to sew. For some reason, I really wanted a Texas to squeeze.

I made one.

Texas Pillow

I just drew it on the back of some fabric (folded over), pinned it and sewed on the line. It took forever to stuff, but in the end it’s a sweet huggy shape and I can’t wait for my kiddo to get home from school. He kind of loves the shape of Texas. Who doesn’t?! No matter what you think of the actual state, it’s a bad ass shape.


And oh so squeezeable.