This pattern was developed when I was teaching my son shapes. When we got to triangles and I spent my time drawing and pointing out various triangles, I started doodling them a little more seriously and ended up with a pretty sweet sketch in my pocket notebook. At the same time, I wanted a knit hat pattern that was easy and semi-mindless, but that still looked interesting.

And so Terzetto was born.

I have had it tested by a few wonderful ladies and have revised the pattern a few times to add in helpful information, like sizing. To make it more user-friendly, the PDF file also includes a page at the end that is unformatted and without any photos, so if you don’t need all the fancy fonts and colors, you can choose to print just THAT page (pg 4).

I really do hope you enjoy it! This is my very first knitting pattern, so it is provided for free. If you want to share the pattern, please direct people to THIS page so that they can download it here. If you have any questions or if something is unclear in the file, please email me (lisa[@]goodknits.com) or leave a comment and I’ll email a reply directly. Click the download button below or the Ravelry link to download it from there.

~170 yards Worsted Weight Yarn
4mm & 5mm 16″ circular needles
5mm double-pointed needles
to fit average adult head, up to 24″ (directions included for altering the size)

[Ravelry Link]

You MAY sell items produced with this pattern, but please do NOT distribute the pdf file or the text without my consent. You may NOT share photos in the pattern, but you can share the photo at the top of this page, if you want to share this page link. Thanks so much for the support!

All patterns are available for free. If you would like to contribute anything toward the cost of maintaining this blog, please feel free to use the donate button below. Every little bit counts. Thank you so much! Enjoy!

41 comments to Terzetto

  • deidre corbet

    Cute hat! I will add that to my Christmas knitting list.Thank you for the pattern.

  • Cathy

    I feel so weirdly proud to be one of those “few wonderful ladies” haha great pattern! keep it up!

  • pat

    Love the pattern. Will use it in the chemo hats I knit. Thanks

  • Kathy

    Pattern is beautiful. I also knit for charities. Thank you for sharing your pattern.

  • Barbara

    I love knitting hats and this is a beautiful looking hat. Can’t wait to knit one up. Thanks for the free pattern!

  • Hello Lisa, I was wondering if this pattern also comes in Crocheting form, or if its just for knitters? With winter coming I want to make my daughter hats. But I crochet. I don’t use anyones patterns usually. But this is too adorable and id love to finally make a hat with texture :) thank you.

  • Irene

    Bravo! Gorgeous hat. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Best to you, :)

  • Meesha

    I love this pattern!

    I’d still call myself a beginning knitter, but this hat was super-easy and turned out great! I still have a few kinks to work out with how I tackle it, but I’m really in love with this pattern. It was a positive experience using this pattern to knit my first-ever hat.

    Thanks so much for sharing it!

  • nelly

    Dear Lisa,

    Thank you for sharing with us the pattern Terzetto.
    I saw it a year ago, I was so impressed, but when I saw the circular needles -which I do not know how to use- I disappointed.
    Later, I found a technique how to knit a hat with straight needles and I tried, using this technique, to imply your pattern . The result was wonderful.
    Thank you again and again.This pattern is the best I have ever seen.
    It contains the philosophy of simple geometry, which for me means high aesthetics

    Thank you

    Nelly, (Love from Greece)

  • I’ve practice a several outstanding material listed here. Surely value social bookmarking regarding returning to. I actually astonish how a good deal endeavor you put to generate this sort of wonderful educational internet site.

  • Peggy

    LOVE this pattern!! I discovered it about a week ago and have already made it twice, once as written with one added repeat of the triangle sequence, and once in a thick and quick yarn using size 13 needles all the way through, with one fewer repeat of the sequence, and only three rows of the twisted rib border to start. In the thicker yarn, I wound up using only 42 stitches to keep it snug (I first tried 48, but that was too big, and I have a fat head–some might be able to start with as few as 36 stitches). I have enough to fold up the brim, so fewer rows might even be possible. I wound up with about a yard of yarn left from an 87 yard skein. I’m off to my stash to see what other yarns might look great in this hat. Thanks so much for posting!

  • Cathy Phillips

    I think this hat looks very cute, and I tried to print the directions to make it. Three of the pages turn out fine, but the fourth page (with most of the directions) comes out very strange. Terzetto is readable and your name is too, but everything else is a combination of letters and symbols. Any way I can fix that?
    Thanks, Cathy

  • joan

    Love this pattern. Any pattern for a matching scarf

    Thanks, Joan

  • Edith Nutt

    I am from scarboro Ontario Canada please rely

  • 紫銅

    Thanks for sharing

  • 紫銅

    Thanks for sharing

  • ER


    I have a question about this pattern. It says to “start the triangle pattern and complete 3 full repeats of it”. Does this mean 3 total or 4 total? Please help, thanks!

  • Maya


    I’m in the middle of this pattern and I dropped a stitch while knitting row 2 of the triangle pattern on the second repeat. Unfortunately it seems to be right where the garter stitch triangle transitions to the stockinette stitch triangle and I can’t figure out how to fix it without unraveling several rows. Every time I try to fix it using a crochet hook, I get these weird holes and it doesn’t match the surround garter stitch pattern. Any tips on how to fix this?

  • Nadia

    Non posso realizzare i vostri capì perché le spiegazioni sono in inglese come posso fare?

  • Jo

    I love this pattern. Have made several for myself and gifting. Nice and stretchy.Unisex, but definitely a great pattern for mans’ hat. For both sexes, made larger by adding a pattern repeat, both in circumference and height. Super results.

  • Lisa


    I love this pattern – I’ve made it twice already and just passed the link onto someone who had admired my hat. I’m a fairly new knitter and I loved how easy it was to knit.


  • bibi

    Great pattern!
    I will try it with DK wool and let you know how I get on..
    I wonder did Nadia ever figure out that she’d have to use an online translator !

  • DDizon

    I used Lion Brand Ice Cream yarn (in Spumoni) its DK and i made it a few rows longer than the pattern. Came out great! I’d include a photo but I guess I can’t. Thanks for the pattern.

  • Amanda M.

    Hi Lisa,
    I️ have knit this pattern now in excess of 8 times using different yarn every time. It’s my go to project for a quick gift, or mindless project aimed to impress. I️ just wanted to say thank you.

  • Judith P

    Hi, Lisa,
    I too love this hat and this pattern. I have knit it in single colors, and have found it stripes nicely if I change colors every seven rows in the triangle pattern section, using up the yarn left from two hats.
    My spouse person requested a scarf in local team colors, and chose a DK yarn I had in those colors. I have adapted your pattern, and starting with 50 stitches cast on, six rows garter at the beginning (and end), and four stitches garter at the start and end of each row (although I slip that first stitch of each row to neaten up edges), it is looking quite fine. Since it is not in the round, of course, I had to adjust, but it is such an easy pattern for “reading” the knitting.
    If you would ever like to post this scarf pattern, I’d be happy to write it up for you.

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  • Share some tutorial videos also, How you have made these Terzetto

  • 6M2 Creations

    Hi Lisa,
    I’ve joined the 6000 Hats group. We’re making (hopefully) 6000 hats for service men and women serving on a supercarrier ship. I found your pattern on Pinterest and will be making at least one hat following it. I will include the name of the pattern and your name in the card will include with the hat when I send it to the group. Thank you for making such a lovely hat pattern and for working with your son on his shapes!

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  • It’s great that the pattern has been tested and revised to make it more user-friendly.

  • Terzetto is a knit hat pattern created by the designer when she was teaching her son about shapes. The pattern features a simple yet interesting triangle design and is designed to be an easy and semi-mindless knit.

  • Terzetto, I appreciate you sharing the background of how you came up with your knitting pattern. It’s wonderful to read that a straightforward activity you did with your youngster inspired an idea that resulted in a useful design.

  • You’ve come this far and I think that’s great, keep chasing your dreams and one day you’ll reach the top and then you’ll see how great you’ve become .

  • What a great hat and the back story of how you were inspired to create it through teaching your son is awesome! Thanks for the free pattern.

  • lisa

    Thanks for the free pattern! monkey mart

  • harry frankklin

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  • Vijay

    that’s an amazing pattern you knitted. i really like your work and its such a good life hack that i would also like to knit it at home and enjoy lifeoutsight. really thanks for sharing your work.

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