Haven for Hands Crochet Hook Review

Disclaimer: Haven for Hands sent me a set of hooks to review. All opinions are my own. This post include Amazon affiliate links.


A few months ago, I was contacted by Haven for Hands to ask if I was interested in reviewing a new set of crochet hooks. OF COURSE I WAS! I love to crochet and having an extra set of my favorite sizes is super handy.

This is the Haven for Hands Ergonomic Crochet Hook set, now available on Amazon at a GREAT price!



The set comes with nine hooks that have a super comfy grip. The sizes included are from 2.0 – 6.0 mm in 0.5 mm increments. You’ll notice 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0 mm (US B, C, and D) are actually different from regular conversion charts, but that didn’t bother me because now I have sizes that fit between my others. It broadens my crochet reach.

The set also includes a retractable tape measure, a pair of folding scissors with serrated edges, and 10 plastic stitch markers. Everything fits nicely in a roll-up cloth carrying case. There are two colors options to choose from on Amazon! It is perfect for throwing in your purse, when you know you’re going to start a project away from home.




I’ve had these for a few months, so I feel like I can give you a fully-formed opinion.

First up, the handles are GREAT! They have just the right amount of squish for a grip. The part closest to the hook is firm enough for my style of crochet hold, while the bottom tip is flexible for resting in my palm.

Second, The metal hooks are super smooth and glide beautifully through yarn. The hook is pointy without being overly stabby, which is what I like!



Look at those colors! The engraved sizes are a great detail. You don’t ever have to worry about smudging the text.

Overall, these hooks work really well and are a great addition to my collection. I’ve already lost and found a few in my couch. I consider that a rite of passage for all my craft tools.

Check out Haven for Hands around the web:

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Crochet: Florecita, woven stitch cowl

Disclaimer: Amazon affiliate links within.

Crochet Pattern: Florecita woven stitch cowl

Are you there, Fall? It’s me, Lisa! I am crocheting and knitting all of the things for you, so please visit as soon as possible. I enjoy the cool mornings when I walk my kiddo to school, but I want you to BITE!

This super simple cowl is the perfect accompaniment to the wrist warmer pattern I shared, last year: Rube. It’s made with the same woven stitch and you alternate colors every row to get sweet sweet vertical stripes! I used Lion Brand Amazing for an extra special color changing treat.

Fits average adult.
Measures 10″ tall by 10.5″ wide, flat & un-stretched.

7 sts x 16 rounds = 4″ in woven stitch

Abbreviations (US terminology)

Ch: chain
Slst: slip stitch
SC: single crochet
sk: skip
st: stitch
sp: space
rep: repeat

Florecita, woven stitch cowl, free #crochet pattern via goodknits


  • 1 skein Lion Brand Amazing (Color A “Cactus Flower”)
  • 1 skein Lion Brand Martha Stewart Extra Soft Wool (Color B “Gerbera Daisy”)
  • 6.5 mm (US K-10.5) hook
  • yarn needle for weaving in ends
  • Pattern
    With color A, Ch 80, join with a slst into first ch, being careful not two twist.

    Round 1: Ch 1, SC in same sp, Ch 1, sk 1 ch, *SC in next ch, Ch 1, sk 1 ch; rep from * around, slst to first sc.
    Round 2: Slst into first ch-1 sp, switching to next color, Ch 1, SC in same sp, Ch 1, *SC in next ch-1 sp, Ch 1; rep from * around, slst to first sc.

    Repeat round 2 to desired height. I stopped at approximately 9″, ending with color A, fasten off color B.

    Top picot edge: Still working with color A, Slst into first ch-1 sp, Ch 1, SC in same sp, Ch 3, slst into first ch, SC in next ch-1 sp, Ch 1, *SC in next ch-1 sp, Ch 3, slst into first ch, SC in next ch-1 sp, Ch 1; rep from * around, slst into first SC. Fasten off.

    Attach color A into a ch-sp made by the foundation chain, Ch 1, then work like top picot edge, starting with the “SC in same sp…”

    Fasten off and weave in all ends.

    Florecita, woven stitch cowl, free #crochet pattern via goodknits

    Florecita, woven stitch cowl, free #crochet pattern via goodknits

    Florecita, woven stitch cowl, free #crochet pattern via goodknits

    Florecita, woven stitch cowl, free #crochet pattern via goodknits

    Florecita, woven stitch cowl, free #crochet pattern via goodknits
    Me, when I first crocheted it, back in FEBRUARY!

    There will be a visible “seam” where the rounds end and new color is joined. It looks more visible in photos than it does in person!

    If you want a downloadable PDF of the pattern, check it out on Instructables!. Click “vote” at the top right corner of the page to help me out. :)

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    Crochet: A Study in Pink

    Scallop border

    Pattern: Rainbow Ripply Baby Blanket
    Size: 35 rounds, including the border, approximately 46-48″ from one corner to the other
    Hook: 5mm (US H/8)
    Yarns: You can find the exact measurements I used on my Ravelry project page, but from the center out they are as follows:
    –Plymouth Encore Worsted in “0029 Pink”
    –Vanna’s Choice solids in “Pink”
    –LB’s Heartland in “Denali”
    –Caron Simply Soft in “Watermelon”
    –LB’s Heartland in “Biscayne” (c/o Lion Brand Yarn)
    –Red Heart Soft in “Berry” and “Black”

    Crochet: Study in Pink Crochet: Study in Pink, full

    In the next two months, I’ll be going to TWO baby showers, both for baby GIRLS! I am preeeetty excited about it. I am mostly excited for all the newborn baby snuggles I am expecting come Christmas day. Like SO EXCITED. I’m not being very coherent. I just want to cuddle a baby.

    The first blanket I made is a Rainbow Ripple blanket in pinks. I looked to my stash for the yarn and was so happy with my selection. I feel like I got a good mix of shades. The color pattern is one that is mentioned in many of the projects, called the “Rule of 5” and inspired directly by THIS beautiful peony blanket. Mama likes pink and black, so I reversed the pattern and went light to dark.



    just the pinks

    scallop border, detail

    The border starts after Round 33 and is a simple lace round–just V-stitch every third stitch–and a scallop round–alternating SC and scallop into every V-stitch.

    Round 34: Slst into next st, Ch 3, sk 2, [(DC, Ch 2, DC) into next st, sk 2] 6 times, (DC, Ch 2, TR, Ch 2, DC) into corner, sk 2, rep between [ ] 6 times, DC in next st, sk 2, *DC in next st, rep between [ ] 6 times, (DC, Ch 2, TR, Ch 2, DC) in corner, sk 2, rep between [ ] 6 times, DC in next st, sk 2; Rep from * around, slst to top of beg ch-3.

    Round 35: Slst to first ch-2 sp, Ch 3, 5 DC into same sp, SC in next ch-2 sp, [7 DC in next ch-2 sp, SC in next Ch-2 sp] twice, 6 DC into each of the next ch-2 sp, [SC in next ch-2 sp, 7 DC in next ch-2 sp] twice, 6 DC in next ch-2 sp, SC between next two DC, *6 DC in next ch-2 sp, [7 DC in next ch-2 sp, SC in next Ch-2 sp] twice, 6 DC into each of the next ch-2 sp, [SC in next ch-2 sp, 7 DC in next ch-2 sp] twice, 6 DC in next ch-2 sp, SC between next two DC; Rep from * around, slst to top of beg ch-3.

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    Crochet: Back to School!


    Hey! I seem to have abandoned you, all summer. I share a lot on Instagram and Facebook, if you miss me. I wanted to pop in and share two back-to-school projects I just finished up for my boys.


    My oldest son got a Kindle for his birthday and he can take it to school, so I made a little cover for it. You might remember my first kindle cover from my tutorial on working crochet on to leather. He likes black and more black, so I used up some leftover Sheepaca from my Wool and the Gang Project, way back in February. It’s the perfect shade of gray that looks “cool” but not just straight up black. I paired it with a piece of vinyl I had in my stash (big hoooray for the remnants bins at Jo-Ann) and finished it off with a wooden button. He liked it!


    Next up, I covered my youngest son’s earbuds. I find this helps immensely with tangles! This was going to be the start of an actual tutorial, but it’s so easy, I didn’t think it would be necessary. You simply single crochet around the wire of your earbuds. That’s it! No special stitches or anything like that. I would get about 4 little skeins of DMC embroidery floss in your choice of color(s). I used a 2mm steel hook.


    I would have a photo of the completed set, but I’m just not that coordinated. Actually, I completely forgot! I whipped this up the day before school started and put them directly into his backpack.


    Nathan is finishing up his second week of fifth grade (that’s middle school here!) and Andrew is finishing up his first week of second grade. Can you tell how each of them feel about it? Nathan LOVES his new school and Andrew wants to drop out (ha!). I feel like they should be having the opposite opinions. Big sigh. Nathan was an easy student, but Andrew has been a tough cookie. He likes to read, but strongly dislikes writing. He’s a lefty (his brother is, too!), so it’s really hard for me to help him get things neat. We go through a lot of erasers around here.

    Are your kids back in school? Did you knit or crochet any special projects for them or their teachers?

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    Crocheting with Wool and the Gang: Bestitched Box

    Disclaimer: This post contains a review for a kit I received from Wool and the Gang. All opinions are my own.
    basket of succulents


    Wool and the Gang: Made Unique

    Hello, friends. I cannot believe it’s been over a month since I touched base with you guys. While summer is upon us and wool is the last thing we want to think about, crochet and knitting are still activities I do on a daily basis. When the weather isn’t quite appropriate for woolly accessories, I turn my focus to other fibers and types of accessories, like lace shawls, cotton yarn, and housewares. The latter is something I’ve drifted away from, the past few years. When we first bought our house, I went a little nuts making pillows, weaving doilies, crocheting blankets, ottomans, etc. I kind of missed it, so I was thrilled to hear about the new line of crochet patterns for the home from Wool and the Gang.

    If you remember, I reviewed one of WATG’s knitting kits, way back in February (see here). I loved the presentation of the kits, from the way they are packaged, to the way the patterns are explained. The same goes for the crochet kit I received a few weeks ago. The Bestitched Box Crochet Kit contained 4 cones of their Jersey Be Good yarn, yarn needles for finishing, a pattern booklet, and (the optional) crochet hook. It’s everything you need to complete your project. You only have to decide what colors to use and what to put in it when you’re done.



    I must admit: I had never used jersey yarn! I had heard about it, I have jersey sheets I want to turn into it, and I love projects made from it…but I had never tried it! My first impression of the cones of yarn were they were softer than I had imagined. That’s weird because I wear t-shirts all the time, so of course it would be soft! It felt a lot stronger, too. I guess I imagined it to be super stretchy and kind of cumbersome to use, but it wasn’t at all. I enjoyed crocheting with it very much. My basket feels quite sturdy and I can see it lasting for years.


    The Bestitched Box pattern comes with directions for two sizes of boxes and includes photos plus information for pretty much every step. The details say it is recommended for intermediate crocheters, but I believe a beginner would be able to make it. It is made entirely in single crochet, so as long as you know how to change colors (for the stripes), you should be able to complete the box. I made the small one and it is an approximately 8″ square.

    Made Unique

    The colors I received are “golden compass” and “white noise.” The white is very bright and the yellow leans more toward a buttercup yellow than a golden yellow. It’s still lovely! Also, isn’t my Made Unique pin the best? Sigh. I want to put it on EVERYTHING, but it might end up on a tote this summer.

    Succulents in a crochet basket

    I loved the photo on the kit of a mix of succulents in the box, so I used this as an excuse to buy more plants. I chose four different ones, including a sedum, pachyveria, jade (gollum), and echeveria. I think they’ll stay small enough to live in the box for a little while, then I’ll have to be more!

    What do you think? Have you ever crocheted with jersey yarn? Check out all twenty five (25!!) colors from Wool and the Gang, here! I think I need a hot pink pouf for my living room, right? I already made a blue one that my kids loved to death. I think the jersey yarn might last (a lot) longer!

    Thank you to Wool and the Gang for sending me this cool kit to crochet and share with you. Show them some love on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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