Crochet: Simple Statement Wreath

crochet wreath diy

Autumn officially begins in ONE WEEK, folks! Are you ready? Is the weather getting cooler where you are? Are the leaves changing? Do you have your wreaths prepped and ready for hanging??

If you find yourself needing just one more wreath, look no further. I have a bold, but simple, wreath project for you.

All you need is: a wreath form (mine is foam & 10″), some thick yarn (I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick), and a 10.00mm (N) hook.

crochet wreath tutorial
Step 1: Put a slipknot on your hook and bring through the center of the wreath from back to front.

crochet wreath tutorial
Step 2: Bring your hook to the top of the wreath and grab a loop of yarn from the back.

crochet wreath tutorial
Step 3: Pull that loop through the loop on your hook. The position the hook is in now is pretty much how it stays the rest of the project.

crochet wreath tutorial
Step 4: Grab the yarn through the center from the back to the front and wrap around the hook (from the back of the hook draped over the front. See image). Two loops on hook.

crochet wreath tutorial
Step 5: Grab the yarn from the top of the wreath (you’re pulling it back through the center from the front to back) and wrap it around the hook. Three loops on hook.

crochet wreath tutorial
Step 6: Pull the third loop through the other two. Stitch complete!

crochet wreath tutorial
Continue as such until you wrap all around the wreath. You are essentially making HUGE single crochets. You may have to fiddle with them a bit to straighten, but they should all line up perfectly and the thick yarn should ensure your wreath is completely covered. Make sure your stitch count at the end is a multiple of 3. I made 96. Slip stitch into first stitch.

crochet wreath tutorial

Border Round 1: Ch 1 and SC into same stitch, ch 5, *skip 2 stitches, sc into next stitch, ch 5; repeat from * until 2 stitches remain. Ch 2, DC into first SC. (32 loops)

Border Round 2: Ch 5, SC into first ch-5 loop, ch 5, *sc into next ch-5 loop, ch 5; repeat from * around, ending with a slip stitch into top of DC of last round. (31 loops)

crochet wreath tutorial

And there you go–a simple statement wreath. Enjoy!

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