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Hello, friends!

I just wanted to inform you that the doily blanket pattern I have been teasing you with will finally be available next week in the Fall 2011 issue of Craftsanity Magazine! You’ll also find my Mary Jane slipper pattern inside and a Q&A with your’s truly. How exciting is that? My patterns are among the 20 patterns, tutorials, and recipes in this issue. Read more about it and pre-order your print copy here. If you’d rather view it on your computer, a PDF version will be available next week, so subscribe to the Craftsanity blog to stay posted.

I am so super excited to finally get this pattern out there. I have made SEVEN of these blankets already and to be honest, it’s a pretty interesting pattern. You crochet with worsted weight yarn, so it’s only 25 rounds and you’re able to see your stitches. It is a doily pattern, though, so on the first go I recommend paying attention and counting stitches. However, you quickly get the hang of it and your mind begins to anticipate the pattern. It’s fun and the piece you are left with is beautiful. I hope I get to see a lot of blankets made from this!

If you aren’t crochet savvy or don’t have the time, I will be putting a few blankets up for purchase on the 26th and there will be two different giveaways in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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  • danielle thompsonNo Gravatar

    oh how awesome!! congrats! that blanket is GORGEOUS.. you are so talented! (love that couch too ; )

    • It would make SUCH a lovely baby girl blanket, don’t you think?! I have 3 people that have given birth or are close to it and they’re ALL having boys. Sheeesh!

  • oh yay! I’m excited, I’ve been wanting to make this one for awhile! I’m going to make it for my mom for Christmas, I think she’ll like it!

  • AnheloNo Gravatar


  • WOW!! Congrats, Lisa – that is so awesome! In fact, it might have to be moved to the top of my to-craft list!

    • Eeeeek! I seriously can’t wait to see blankets people make with this pattern. It’s going to be a whole wide world full of big beautiful doilies.

  • Oooh – lovely!! I’ve been jonesing to make my own giant doily pattern, so I’ll have to try yours out!! :)

    • Rad!! I developed another pattern already. I just need to type it up (I find it easier to write out my patterns as I crochet) and edit a bit.

  • I’m seeing you all over pinterest for this pattern! Hurrah!

  • KarenNo Gravatar

    You inspire me. I LOVE your stuff and just want to thank you for sharing your art and little pieces of your life with us. K.

  • That is just gorgeous – and I love the couch!

  • CarahGusNo Gravatar

    I have never crocheted in my life and fell in love with your pattern at first sight. I had to have this doily! I bought the supplies and magazine, found a Granny Square tutorial on youtube, and pretty much taught myself to crochet overnight. Your pattern was easy enough to follow (a few mistakes here and there…but easier to diagnose and remedy than knitting). It’s been a week, and I’m almost finished with the project!! Knitting could only take me as far as scarves or dish rags, but crochet has opened a whole new world for me. I’m so excited for what I can accomplish…Thank you so much for “pointing” me in this direction!

    • Oh man, that is SO awesome! This makes me super happy. I wish you the very best on your crochet endeavors!

      Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Sarah silkmonkeyNo Gravatar

    Just had to get the pdf of CraftSanity 4, your blanket is wonderful and will be my Christmas make for my sister – can’t wait to get started, thank you!!

  • barb elfordNo Gravatar

    Is your magazine or online. If it is printed I would be interested in a subscription. Please respond with email. Wanted to copy pattern for crocheted wreath but would have to print out all comments also. What a waste of paper. Is there a way to print only what u want?

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