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Hello, friends!

I just wanted to inform you that the doily blanket pattern I have been teasing you with will finally be available next week in the Fall 2011 issue of Craftsanity Magazine! You’ll also find my Mary Jane slipper pattern inside and a Q&A with your’s truly. How exciting is that? My patterns are among the 20 patterns, tutorials, and recipes in this issue. Read more about it and pre-order your print copy here. If you’d rather view it on your computer, a PDF version will be available next week, so subscribe to the Craftsanity blog to stay posted.

I am so super excited to finally get this pattern out there. I have made SEVEN of these blankets already and to be honest, it’s a pretty interesting pattern. You crochet with worsted weight yarn, so it’s only 25 rounds and you’re able to see your stitches. It is a doily pattern, though, so on the first go I recommend paying attention and counting stitches. However, you quickly get the hang of it and your mind begins to anticipate the pattern. It’s fun and the piece you are left with is beautiful. I hope I get to see a lot of blankets made from this!

If you aren’t crochet savvy or don’t have the time, I will be putting a few blankets up for purchase on the 26th and there will be two different giveaways in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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