Mary Jane Slippers

**I thought this was obvious, but apparently not: PLEASE OH PLEEASE do not use any of my photos without my permission! I’m a nice person, so if YOU ask nicely, I’d make a consideration. Also, don’t post this pattern anywhere else. A simple link to this page would be a great way to share it. You CAN sell slippers you make, of course, but for pete’s sake, take photos of what you made to show your customer/s! Keep those hooks going!**

PRINTER-FRIENDLY version link at bottom!

flower garden slippers [4]


I’ve received many messages via Ravelry about these slippers. It’s more of a tutorial than a pattern. It’s very easy to adjust to your size, but if you still have questions, please feel free to email me!

Crocheted Mary Jane Slippers
(women’s large–9.5-10)



  • worsted weight yarn
  • H-hook
  • 2 buttons
  • tapestry needle
  • you’ll also need some yarn in a contrasting color. I forgot to put that in my photo.

    First, start with 8 DC into a circle. This is how I like to do that:

    see the little tail on bottom? you pull that and it cinches the circle closed, as such:
    after cinching, slst into the top of the first DC, ch 2.

    [See THIS POST, if you need more information about the beginning round.]

    Round 2: 2 DC into each stitch, slst into top of the first DC, ch 2. (16DC)
    Round 3: 1 DC into same place, 2 DC into next st, *1 DC into next st, 2 DC into next* to the end, slst into top of the first DC, ch 2. (24DC)
    Round 4: 1 DC into st and into the next, 2 DC into next st, *1 DC into each of the next 2, 2 DC into the next* to the end of the round, slst into top of the first DC, ch 2. (32DC).

    This is what my piece looked like after round 4:

    Work 2 rounds even (NO INCREASING). By this time, the little “cup” should fit over your toes, like so:
    Now, we’re going to be working back and forth in ROWS. DC into the first 23 stitches, leaving 9 unworked. Ch 2, turn. It will look like this:
    Keep working back and forth over these 23 stitches for 12 rows.

    This is my half-way mark:


    On row 13, DC into first 10 stitches, then DC 3 tog:
    DC to the end, then seam up the heel by putting the right sides together and slip-stitching from the top down to the bottom of the heel:
    I like to grab the back-loop of the half that’s closest to me and the front loop of the other half:

    now, you should have a basic slipper. it will fit kind loose around the sides:

    the following instructions for finishing up the slipper are probably what most people get stuck on. I really hope the photos help.

    Here goes!

    join your yarn at the center back of the slipper, above the heel.
    sc into that same spot, it should be into one half of the side of a DC.
    you’re going to be working down the side of the DC that make the foot of the slipper. work 23 sc down the side, or 2 sc into the side of each row, until you get to a corner:


    At the corner, sc3tog (half of the last side DC, and the first 2 DC on the top.
    SC into next 5 DC.
    sc3tog (last 2 DC on toe top, and half of the first DC up the next side:


    SC 24 times up the side toward the heel.

    you should have space for one last SC, so SC that space together with the first sc.

    (working on the second round of single-crochet): SC2tog
    SC into next 22
    SC3tog at the corner
    SC into next 3
    SC3tog at next corner
    SC into next 22
    slst into next, fasten-off.
    your slipper should fit a little more snug:


    If you had any problems with the previous directions, just improvise. You’re basically just making the edge more snug. I liked to decrease at the heel and at the top two corners near the toe.

    Now, join your CC yarn at the center back.

    SC into same spot.
    SC 31 sts (to where you want your loop closure).
    On SC #32, bring up a loop approx. 2″ long:

    sc as usual (just w/ a big loop!) then sc to the end. slst to first, and fasten-off.

    sew a button across from the loop and you’re done!


    you could also re-inforce the loop by joining your yarn at the loop-sc and SC all the way around it.


    brown mary jane slippers

    Download the
    (right-click, Save As…)
    It includes no photos and some instructions/tips on adjusting the size and a different starting method. I still suggest viewing the photos if you have any trouble with the steps, because things can get a little tricky and are hard to explain at some points.

    This pattern is available for free. If you would like to contribute anything toward the cost of maintaining this blog, please feel free to use the donate button below. Every little bit counts. Thank you so much! Enjoy!

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    • Laurence W

      These are great ! Love it ! Thanks for the tutorial !

    • Annick Etcheberry

      If you please, the traduction in french ? Thank you very much.

    • kiongi

      I just finished this! Thanks for the great tutorial! Your step by step was very easy to follow. Thanks for sharing!

    • maryann

      i just wanted to tell you those slipper are very pretty and i would like to wish you all a very happy hoilday and new year aswell i like what you do and i love to learn how to make those slipper aswell

    • Lin

      These were so quick and gorgeous! Thank you so much for this. I’ll be making them over and over again.

    • Gayle

      Can you tell me if there is a video tutorial for the green ballet slippers? Also approx how much yarn for size 8-9?

      Thank you! Love the photos!

    • Rhiannon

      Can you tell me if this is written in UK or USA? Single crochet doesnt exist in UK crochet and so I wanted to know if I need to translate it or me. Single = double double = treble?

    • françoise

      Peut-on avoir une traduction en français des chaussons au crochet

    • Susan

      I really love this pattern! I made a pair for myself this week and Pinned your pattern so it will link back directly to your blog! Thanks and Happy New Year!

    • Jennifer Fisher

      I’m sooo stuck on the heel thing… I slip stitched down to the heel to join, but I’m not understanding what you mean when you say c’s to join at the middle of the back right above the heel! I’m so confused! I’ve pretty mug made the basic slipper, I just need to get it finished and I want to make sure I’m doing this correctly! Do I need to slip stitch back up? Help!

    • Janice

      Never done slippers before. Found these & they are so cute… Do you think they are easy enough for a beginner?

    • Thanks for the tutorial !
      I’ve done these slippers to protect my stockings in my shoes. ;)

    • Tanya

      Thank you so much for the slipper tutorial! I wear a US size 6 so I modified it quite a bit but your pics and instructions were invaluable. You made it really easy to see the concept. I also love your designs with the colors and buttons.

      • Alice in wonderland

        Please if you wrote it down can you send me what you changed? I wear a us size 6 too but am new to crocheting so am not good at changing patterns.
        Thank you
        -Alice In Wonderland

    • carmen

      gracias por enseñarnos tus zapatillas con tus explicaciones pude hacer unas parecidas quedaron genial que pena que no te puedo enseñar una foto de las zapatillas

    • Thank you for the slipper pattern. I love mary janes and these are perfect. I will be back to view more of your website.

    • Andreanne

      So I just finished my slippers. It was so easy! I did have some issues at the beginning because I thought I had added an extra row or something but then just realized that because of the edging it made it look that way.

      Thank you a million times for the tutorial :) I can’t wait to make more for others!

    • Thanks so much for the free pattern! I made these in all black for myself and just posted about them on my blog with a link back to this page.

    • Jessica

      Thank you SO much for this tutorial! As a new crocheter, it was very exciting to read your instructions and know what they meant! The slippers are super cute, I can’t wait to “outfit” everyone in my family with a pair!

    • Your style is so unique compared to other people I’ve read stuff from.
      I appreciate you for posting when you’ve got the opportunity,
      Guess I’ll just bookmark this page.

    • Marion cannon

      love this pattern. will make several pair for myself and others. :-)

    • Niry

      thanks for the patterns!! i love it!!

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    • Cindy Bell

      Hi am so excited to try these. I am ladies size 7 what do you suggest for me to make them smaller. Hope you understand thanks so much. Cindy

    • Mireille

      Thanks a lot for sharing your tutorial practise and tips. I am a beginner and really appreciate to have such an exemple and so clearly explained. Thanks again from France !

    • teresa echavarria arango

      muy hermosos dios los bendiga por compartir con los demas lo que saben

    • Hi friends, fastidious article and good arguments commented here, I am really enjoying by these.



    • I love these slippers! Thank you very much! :)
      Lee Ann

    • por favor será que poderia me enviar a receita da sapatilha em portugues?????
      grata almerinda

    • jessica

      I absolutely love this pattern. It’s so cute with both the edging and without perfect for tinkerbell slippers

    • Dawn

      Thank you so much! I love my new slippers!

    • Bre

      I am having such a hard time figuring out what to do after round 4. The two rounds without increasing. Am I doing the same 32 sts that I did for round 4? My work is not matching up when I try to do that. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

    • Bre

      Okay I tried to post this before but I don’t think it worked. I’m totally stuck after round 4. When it says work two more rows without increasing, am I doing the same st pattern that was in round 4? I do that and then my work doesn’t match up. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? I know I’m missing something but I can’t figure it out. Please help, thanks!

    • rachel

      Hi Lisa am wonndering if u would have a toddler ugh boot pattern IM looking for a pattern for my 1 and 3 year old

    • Amanda

      Any tips for a novice crocheter on how to downsize this for a size 8 wide? I’m sure it’s very easy, but I can’t envision it since all I’ve done is blankets thus far.

      • I have some tips I give out for changing the size. It’s much easier if you first understand the construction of the slippers. Read through the pattern once before you start.

        You’re crocheting a little “cup” around the toes, then crocheting over about two thirds of those stitches to make the sole. The first time you’re making them, I suggest taking notes, so you can have a slipper pattern that you can repeat for the other one.

        So, if you feel the toe area fits fine, you’ll only need to make less rows for the sole. If the toe feels too wide, you’ll have to change it up.

        I usually suggest increasing to only 24-28 stitches instead of 32, like the original patterns says. then, you work the plain rows (1 DC in each st), until you feel the cup fits your toes. Crochet the sole over about 2/3 of the toe stitches for however long you need your slipper to be (approximately 1″ smaller than the length of the foot, since the crochet will stretch).

        Let me know if I can clear anything else up. I can’t give you exact stitch counts for every row because I don’t know your gauge or the width of the foot, or how snug they like slippers. I’m sorry I can’t get more specific, but I hope these tips help you develop the perfect pattern for slippers!

        Good luck!

    • Wondering if you could help me, Im new to crocheting and would like to make this slipper for a size 7/8. I understand to decrease the body for length but would I make an adj at the top to make it smaller? Thank you Tammy

    • Nice one!
      Also have a look at Lasso shoes :-) They are awesome and cozy!

    • PC

      Are these UK sizing’s or Us, would i just limit the amount of rows between 6 and 12 to make smaller sizes?

    • Lori Kramer

      Made these last night. Love ’em! Thank you for the free pattern. I know what I will be making for Christmas gifts this year. :)

    • I love these slippers, however, at the end of the rounds, I have a gap between the last and first stitch of the next row. How can I close it?

    • Bonita Rankey

      oh thank you so much for putting a printed patter for the Mary Jane’s here. Going to whip up a nice cozy of wollens right now….

    • Holly

      wow i love these. they are so adorable!

      i would love to make them for my sisters for christmas this year :) but i’m having a hard time understanding the pattern :(

      do you have this pattern for sale anywhere or anything?

      i LOOOOVE it :)

    • i’m using that EXACT yarn right now to make a scarf!!! i love me some patons! great pattern, btw.

    • This is WONDERFUL and so easy to follow! I’ll be making these for meeee in lots of colors, and it my friends are nice enough, maybe even for them! LOL

      Where did you find such an interesting button????

    • Connie

      Wow, this is by far the best tutorial I’ve ever found on crocheting mary-jane’s. Thank you so much for posting this!

    • sandra mayer

      wow i love these.beautiful job!!!!!

      Sandra Mayer from Brazil

    • hi
      This, slipper, very beautifull, mature,
      I congratulate. On_me, knit, experiment,

    • Hi,
      Beautiful job, i hope i will try

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    • Amanda

      very easy to follow. thanks for the pictures.

    • Hi there!!! I love the slippers. I want to ask for your permission to translate your pattern to spanish and put it on my blog making a reference to your blog. Thanks, I’ll be waiting for your answer. Sorry for my english, it´s not perfect.

    • Hi Lisa, the tutorial in spanish is ready. If you want go to my blog and see it. Thanks again for your kindness

    • duygu

      I saw them on flickr ,and i really admire your work. thank for your explaining:) the pictures are so easy to follow:)
      thank you take care:):)

    • thamara favier

      zapatos tejidos

    • marlene

      ola,passeando pela internet,a procura de artesanato,me deparei com seu blog.
      vi esse lindo sapato em croche,achei uma belezinha,parabens,seu blog é show

    • Hello!, I met you in the Lalyco´s blog, thank you for your instructions, your sleepers are so cute!!! :)

    • […] Day 60 Finished a pair of mary jane slippers from this blog here […]

    • gorgeous…love the buttons and the colour is just me… hey I once worked for patons and baldwins spinning wool.
      you brought back a few memories.

      chriss x

    • Kerri

      I’ve seen a pattern similar to this, and I tried and tried but couldn’t get it to work. For this one, not only did I get it right on the first try, I’m already beginning my second pair! Thanks so much!

      I’ve made a couple of modifications to the pattern for this go-round — I’m doing two rounds around the opening as you did, but I’m, decreasing 25% on the second one (sc2tog every fourth stitch), and also creating a three-stitch-wide strap that is affixed on both sides. They don’t look quite as glamorous, but they fit better when using a yarn that’s not wool (this pair is a silk/bamboo blend).

      Love it!!

    • Suzanne Lee

      I made these last night.
      It’s so ugly here that I have worn them all day.
      They are so cute, I’m going to make them for Christmas.
      Thanks Lisa.

    • ^ am new to crochetting an knitting this is my first pattren i am trying an with ease was able to make these an now im makeing more with differant colors an stiches just to ecspierance thanks so miuch

    • Carolynn

      Thank you for the pattern and the photos of Mary Jane Slippers. It looks very easy to follow.

    • Me encanto,super faciles poco material,y quedas de maravillas para un buen regalo.
      Soy de Argentina Bs.As.Capital.-

    • maritta

      maravollosas, estan preciosas, realizas trabajos de verdad hermosos felicitaciones….

    • Layla

      Hi Lisa! I love your slippers and am working up two pairs for Mother’s Day gifts. I found this on ravelry – I’m lackadaisy. What size foot does this slipper fit? My M-I-L wears a size 4.5, and I’m thinking I might need to adjust slightly? Thanks bunches! – Layla

    • Hi! I made the slippers and they are so comfortable and nice! I love them. I want to know if is it possible to translate and to publish the pattern in my blog, with a reference to your blog. Thanks! and…sorry for my ugly english

    • sabrina

      thanks so much for making the pattern easy to understand. my first crocheted slippers and it only took a few hours! i look forward to trying more of your patterns :D

    • charyl

      Luv the pattern. I had to adjust the number of rows to 9 to fit my foot. i have to tackle finishing the slipper. Thanks for the great tutorial!!!!

    • omg these are so pretty!! and there’s a tutorial too! I haven’t knitted much before but i;ll give this a try! :P

    • Beautiful work :) I followed your tutorial and made a pair similar to yours. Thanks for sharing :) and thanks for the inspiration.

    • DORIS

      I love your tutorials, easy to follor instructions and they are so pretty! Thank you!

    • Tia Cida

      Nossa! Muito lindo o sapatinho!!!
      Vou tentar fazer!
      Parabéns pelo passo-a-passo!! Facilitou a execução do trabalho!

    • Gisela

      These are gorgeous, very well explained and great pictures. Not only easy to follow, but also easy to adapt to other yarn weights.
      Thank you!

    • wanda

      awesome pictures and pattern! Thanks for sharing!

    • I have never try knitting before and it looks very complicated to me.. Your work is very beautiful and I like the photos also.

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      This post was mentioned on Twitter by thriftgoddess: OMG these are TOO cute! Guess what I’ll be making next!

    • maria ivanise silva

      gostei muito do sapatinho goaria que vc colocase no meu email a receita da sapatilha para ballet muito grata meu email rio de janeiro

    • I LOVE those slippers, so so cute!

      Such a great tutorial, thanks a lot for sharing.

    • Thanks for the pictures. That definitely helps. I am ready to get started.

    • Pat Johnson

      I think these are so adorable. I am going to try them for my next project.The instructions look easy to understand.

    • I absolutely love these slippers! They are so pretty, cute & dainty! I really like the colours you used as well as the choice of buttons!

    • bonjour je suis francaise de marseille j’ ai 62 ans et je tricote i speak a little english i have no blog je suis infirmiere a domicile seriez vous interessee a echanger des modeles et des idees avec moi i do cross stich watercolor crochet au revoir

    • I’m mostly a knitter,but could not find a pattern as cute as these so I picked up the hook again. Love these, Im sure my daughter will love them too and so wil everyone who sees them. Pictures were most helpful.

    • Mariangela

      Hi, thank you for your pattern, it’s really cute.
      But I have a problem to do it. I tryed so many time that I decide to ask help to you.
      After 4 round my work is different from your picture, I try to explain(sorry for my basic english)
      The cup is more wide than yours it’s like a triangle and not a “cup” and it doesn’t it on my foot.
      I hope to recive your answer, thank you so much!

    • c

      Hello Lisa, the moment I saw these gorgeous slippers I went to the shop for wool and made two pair of these Mary Jane Slippers, one pair for my daughter in law and one pair for myself. I am só glad with them and all of my internetfriends too. You did a great job Lisa with this very smart pattern and you are a very good pattern writer too!
      If you wish, you can see my slippers here:
      Thank you su much and greez of Corrie from the Netherlands.

    • sarah

      Have just rekindled my interest in crochet and this pattern looks great. Will give it a go.
      Thanks. Sarah west midlands England.
      PS If you have time do visit the blog attic 24. It is wonderful!

    • Sandy E

      WOW, I can’t wait to make these. I told my family I am making them all something this year and not buying anything. These are perfect for the females. Now for some slippers for the males in my family. thank you for these perfect directions.

    • Sue

      Love these, I made these for my daughter.
      The only problem I had was figuring out the first step! How do you make the DC in a circle? I had to chain two and join, then add the 8 DCs…

    • judy Kroll

      Great pattern–the photos really help! I wish more patterns had them. I did a sort of Persian Slipper thing, with some glass beads on the front.



    • Sarah

      My first slippers! These are awesome, Thank You!!

    • Dawn

      This is the first time I have ever done a pattern. This was so easy, I love them. I think I will make these for Christmas Presents.

      Thank You!!!!

    • Melissa

      These are beautiful!! I just started a month ago, I hope someday to be good enough to make something so pretty.

    • Sue

      Thank you so much for sharing your pattern. I’m a very visual person, so your pics made a world of difference for me. Last night I made the 1st slipper and it came out almost very close to yours, my only hiccup is making it a bit more snug on the top. Thanks again!

    • Samantha

      Wow, I can not wait to make these! I hope that they come out as nicely as yours did, thank you so much for sharing the patterns and the pictures!
      Happy crocheting!

    • Yvette

      Thank you so much for sharing this pattern! I am currently working on my first pair. I hope they are easy enough to make for friends and family =)

    • Haai i love your slippers sooo mutch so i made a link from my blog to yours about things i love on the web, i hope thats okay.. love to surfe around your site your so inspirering


    • Lillith

      Amazing, I can’t wait to make a pair of these!!!!!!!!! I love the buttons too!

    • Thanks for sharing your pattern and the many pictures. They really are beautiful, I need to make them

    • Minie

      Thanks so much for this pattern…you did great with the explaining and the pics…I’ve already made 2 pairs since last night for both my sisters for Christmas…they’re gonna just love em’! Thanks again and great job!

    • I *love* the way you start – so simple and brilliant – makes me wonder why I never thought of this! The instructions and photos are great! I’m looking forward to trying my hand at a pair just as soon as I finish the scarf I have going for a gift. Thanks a bunch!

    • Melissa

      I’m new to crochet, I can’t wait to try these!! They look adorable!!

    • Tammy

      LOVE these. I made a pair for my sister for Christmas, and the pattern is really simple to modify to fit different sizes! =D

    • Angela

      Thanks so much for this pattern.I wanted cute slippers to make for the girls in the family that were cute & different. This pattern is so simple to do. ( & the pics helped alot)

    • Thank you or thank you again(don’t remember if I left a comment on here before) for this wonderful pattern. I’ve made this as gifts for a few people now and they all love them. Awesome, awesome!!

    • Oh my GOSH! You have just made my year, century, eon, whatever, you have made me SO happy! I can’t wait to try this pattern and FINALLY get some slippers on my perennially freezing feet. Thank you SO much for posting this :)
      Eternally grateful,

    • Kira

      GOODNESS! Thank you SO much! This tutorial is soo easy and clear! I’m a new crocheter, so this tutorial just made my day. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I love you. :)

    • my mother had a pattern similar to this when i was growing up. i have looked & looked for this. thanks so much for sharing…..i will make many pairs off this pattern

    • I absolutely LOOOVE the way these feel! I think in total it hasn’t taken but 2 hours to whip up a pair of these! I’m feeling sad that I’m giving away the first pair… lol making a second pair should be easy peasy thanks to your photos and step by step pattern. ^_^

      thanks for making patterns less of a headache and more fun to make! ^_^

    • Beth

      Wow, thanks so much, I can’t wait to give these a try. And what a great gift they will be. Your photos and work is very impressive!

    • April

      I made these today. So easy and quick! Love them!

    • susan

      Thank you for the great pattern- I just made a pair pretty easily. The # of stitches along my top were different than yours…probably due to the difference in yarn gauges… but I just kept going to make it more snug and it came out well. I just have a question: In the very last, optional step about reinforcing the button loop- how do you sc along the strand?! I’m having trouble doing that and can you or anyone please advise?

    • These are fantastic, I’m definitely doing several of them!! Thank you so much for sharing with so much detail!
      I’m trying to make some for a 4 year old cousin… Do you have any idea how many initial row stitches I will need for that?… I don’t know her shoe size but if I ask her mother the surprise is ruined… If you could help I’d much appreciate. thanks

    • Crystal

      i have been looking everywhere for a pattern like this, i have several pair of these style that were bought and have 2 young dtrs that want some really badly. i cant find them in kids sizes so thought i could make some. you pattern is perfect for me to work from and the pictures are great.

    • Ellie

      This is so kind of you to share. Thank you so much – great pictures and easy to follow. Your time you put into this pattern is appreciated.

    • Bari

      Wow, I love to crochet and this pattern is so easy it’s the 1st one I’m actually going to follow. And I’m only 13!

    • lanelane

      I so want to make these and can’t figure out how to start them. Please, Please someone help me. I know how to do rounds but don’t understand how to do this.

    • thanks so much for providing this free pattern. I can’t wait to get started.

    • I’ve made them! Thank you very much!

    • Kysonsmom

      These are beautiful! I can’t wait to make them! Would you be able to make a pattern for children’s sizes for us ? :)

    • karen

      i love this i want too learn how too make
      it but im a beginner..
      can you teach this for beginners?

    • Ania

      this pattern is so easy! thanks a lot !

    • Joy

      I am having trouble with this part. What stitches do I work for these 2 rounds?
      Work 2 rounds even. By this time, the little “cup” should fit over your toes, like so:

    • Hello Mary Jane, I’m a french girl, and I speak little english.
      Your slippers are so beautiful !!! I want to ask you your “permission” to translate your tuto in french for my friends french with my photos and my words, in my blog.
      I hope you understand me, my english is bad ! I’m waiting for your “autorisation” for beginning !

    • J ‘ai having found a translator on the net, this is going to be easier for me!
      I intend to make a tuto in French with a model to me inspired by yours. You give me this approval. I would show you my tuto and put a link of your blog on mine

    • Love this pattern. My only suggestion for the loop part is to attach yarn where you want the loop – make a chain of how long you want the loop to be then sc in each loop and reattach loop in same spot where you originally attached to start the loop – nice and secure – I find that trying to single crochet on a strand of yarn – not as secure for me.
      HOpe this helps
      Great job on this pattern.

    • Dolly

      I learned to crochet two and a half weeks ago and this pattern was by far the cutest and the easiest to follow. here is my slipper following your pattern. Thank you so much!!!

    • Amy

      I love this pattern! Any chance you would know how to make it in a child size? My 4 year old has size 12 feet.


    • Faith

      Cute cute cute! One question. I’m fairly new to this, been doing it about 6 weeks. When you say “double crochet” do you really mean double, or do you mean the European double, which is the American single?

    • Faith

      LOL! Never mind…I re-read more carefully, and you really do mean double.

    • I am working on these adorable slippers for my mom’s birthday. I absolutely love them and can’t wait to make myself a pair.

      By the way, I’m a Houston momma that crochets too. I totally get what you were saying on your other post about the weather. My folks said that the news is saying it might snow tonight. Brrr!

      Oh yeah, found you on Ravelry and I love the blog.

    • Doris

      You are so talented–and kind as well, to share this pattern with the world!
      They look so comfortable and warm….can’t wait to make my first pair!
      All the best,

    • I’m trying to stay calm but I really want to jump around the house because THIS is the pattern I’ve been looking for. Yipee!!! I’d like to make my Littles a pair of knitted shoes and I think I can follow these instructions easily enough to do so. Many thanks! Can’t wait to check out the rest of your blog.

    • Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking you feeds also, Thanks.

    • Altair

      Would you mind if I translate your tutorial to Hungarian and posted in a blog of hungarian crocheting learners? Of course I write your blog as source.

    • Tiffany

      if i want to make these in a size 6 what changes would i make? anyone?

    • Wow, those are great! I´m so going to try them soon :)

    • Lauren Reeves

      I love this pattern! I made it in Lion’s Brand Wool-Ease and it came out very cushy. For the top round and loop, I joined where I wanted the loop to be, chained 20, single crocheted in the space where I joined, and sc around with a sl st to the joined stitch. Thanks for sharing!

    • Charlotte

      this is a wonderful pattern. I have a huge stash of yarn in great colours and I was just asking myself what to make next… you have answered my prayers.
      thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • Karyn

      I’m not understanding how to start this pattern. Do you chain first to make a circle?

    • Lovely 7 Designs

      Found these on Ravelry. Great pattern. Great pictures. I made these in the same color and in the begining they resembled the infamous melon hat that was worn by a cat in a picture found around the web. My friend and I had quite a bit of fun with that concept.


    • I adore the buttons!!! The colour of the yarn is scrumptious and these slippers look absolutely perfect. A nice presentation and very inspirational. I can’t wait to try these out for myself. :)

    • :)

      can one make these slippers by using mercerized crochet thread? as in by following this tutorial???

    • Hi…i love this pattern…just a suggestion fr the finish…try crocheting backwards, it makes a pretty finsih :)

    • I have never come across slippers that are knitted before – but now they seem to be everywhere – following all the links in the comments here.

      Just 1 question – is it easy enough to sew a leather (or something else?) sole on for a bit of grip, or have I missed something??

    • I don’t usually crochet, I knit…but I think that with your tutorial I might actually be able to make these!

      I’m following you now!


    • iamhooked

      did you find out how to make a size 6 …b/c I would also like to know

    • Hi! I love your pattern and I would love to feature a link to it on I use people’s pictures, until I complete the item myself, and credit the pictures as their own. May I please post your picture (as yours) with a link to your pattern? Thanks!

    • Hey!
      I just made my first with stash yarn and I run out of it!! so good excuse to go and buy more… as if I needed one!
      Thank you! they are lovely! and SO comfy!

    • Nancy Morales

      They’re beautiful and the yarn and buttons are perfect together!

    • Crystal

      Thank you for posting this free pattern! You’re Awesome! I can’t wait to try it.
      I have one question:
      Where did you get your crochet hook? or what brand is it?
      I’ve been searching through so many web sites trying to find one with a large handle. My hands cramp up easily.

    • Increibles!
      Me encantan, muchas gracias por el tutorial.
      Cariños desde Argentina!!!

    • Phanie

      I am so excited to make these. Nice job!! Also, the beginning loop is incredibly clever, as I’m a dunce at gauges and would either make it too tight or too lose.

      God bless!


    • Jolene

      Thank you! I have been looking for a mary jane patter for years now, and I have tried several… all failed attempts. This is a must try, beautiful and easy! Thank you again.

      – Jolene

    • Parabéns pelos seus lindos trabalhos.
      Obrigado por partilhar estes lindos sapatinhos.
      Vou adicionar o seu blog ao meu .

    • Very beautiful. Thanks. kiss. Neli

    • sonia mara rücker

      Olá!adorei seu sapatinho em croche, poderias me mandar a receita em portugues.Aguardo sua resposta.
      Sonia Rücker

    • Mia

      I can’t even begin to express hoe wonderful this pattern and these slippers are!!
      Thank you a million times!

    • shirley

      Just beautiful! Thank you for the pattern.

    • Hi! I just love Your slippers. I use slippers all year around, but untill now I´ve only used knitted ones. Having twins around my feet all day makes it easier to grabb a hook than the needles. Would You mind if I publish a swedish translation to Your pattern? I will not make the full tutorial but link to Your blog for the photos.

    • I’ve linked to your pattern in the blog post I’ve written today. I’ve put some photos up as well of the ones I’ve made. Thank you for sharing the pattern.

    • …I have to make these. Right now.

    • G’day Lisa
      Thank You so much for this wonderful tut…
      Photo tuts make life so easy & these mary janes look easy peasy thanks to your hard work… I really appreciate your sharing… OOroo… Bethel

    • Irma Roman

      I made your Mary Jane Slippers in no time Thanks

    • Janet

      I love this tutorial, thanks so much!!!!! I will be making these soon.

    • omg (found you via elsies blog) these are gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous and i can see what i’ll be treating myself to in the school holidays :)
      Thank you for sharing such a fantastic pattern x

    • cute cute cute!!!! love the leaf addition to it too. :)

    • Elisa

      These are just what I’ve looking for :) Thank you so much for the great pattern. Can’t wait to try it out.

    • Monica

      These are so cute and VERY easy! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern!!!!

    • Jitka

      thank you so much for this pattern! it is absolutely brilliant and so easy to make! I made those slippers today and as I had no matching buttons, I crocheted them too…it looks great ;-) greetings from the Czech Republic!

    • Minie

      Hi, I was able to make a bunch of these slippers for friends and family last Christmas…they are lovely and very easy to make! Thanks for the pattern, you did such an amazing job with the photo’s, I never had to question myself because I was able to look at the pics. Thanks again so much for being kind enough to share with everyone. God bless! Minie

    • What a lovely pattern! I’ve been looking for one for my mom! She’ll be getting a pair now very soon. :)

    • wow-these are so cute! Thanks for sharing the pattern, can’t wait to make some!

    • I have been crocheting for years, but just starting to make slippers. I have looked at many Mary Jane patterns and never cared for them until now. I love these slippers. Will start making tonight. Thanks for the pattern.

    • ladyshoes

      These are super cute and easy to make. This is also, by far, the best looking Mary Jane slippers pattern I’ve seen. Thanks so much!

    • Vanessa R

      These are great! I wear Mary Jane’s everyday – now I will have some cute one’s to put on after I take the others off!

    • These look great i’m going to give them a go! I have featured these on my facebook page!/pages/Mels-Brushes/110947465588151?ref=ts Thank you!

    • Thanks so much for the pattern! Blog post with pics here.

    • Hi there—your patterns are really neat.
      I am new at crocheting & would you happen to have a “Firemans Bootie” pattern for babies around? my Grandson & wife are expecting in early Dec—beings he’s a Fireman, would like a pr for a little girl-baby.
      Any info on this? Thanks, Gwen

    • hi .. i’m new in crochet

      I want to ask yoy about DC 3 Tog ? does it means ( Decrease )

      Thanks ..

    • judy

      Just made the first slipper for a pair of slippers for my little girl! Thanks for the pics and instructions.

    • Amadea

      It’s a cute slipper!
      I like it!
      Thx 4 d pattern ..

      Wish u will make d best again..
      C u..

    • bonjour, je vais mettre un lien vers votre blog… merci pour ce joli tuto.

    • Stopping by to say thanks for this awesome pattern. and i had a question. I go to school and most websites are blocked there, so i usually copy and paste patterns to my microsoft works and email em to myself. May i have permission to do so with your pattern and pics? I promise i wont like redistribute em or anything of that nature. This is just a really great pattern to do at school.

    • what does two rows even mean? do two rows of plain crochet or two plain rows of dc in every stitch?

    • yolanda

      I love your instruction… Soooo easy to follow and I love your pictures. The circle and the tail are a fantastic idea. LOVE IT. Love Mary Janes too.


    • Jessie

      Thank you so much for sharing your pattern. I can not wait to get started. I love your idea of the leaf button. Keep up the good work and keep your hook going!

    • Joanne Beall

      I appreciate your pattern and the fact that you have shared it is awesome! I am making the slippers for Xmas gifts for the entire family and friends. The pairs I have made are so, so very cute. Thanks again Lisa and happy crocheting!


    • Melanie

      Thank you so much! I am in love and have already made a pair.

    • Danielle

      Thank you so much for taking the time to post this pattern and the pics that go along with it! You inspire me to start these ASAP and I definitely think that I will have to make some of these for my friends and family!

    • Ruthann

      What a lovely pattern! I like the design, yes, but I think it was your color choice that attracted me first. Adding these to my Christmas to dos….

    • I just started this project, and I am already hafe way through! This is a great pattern, I am planing on making these slippers for Christmas and birthday gifts. I got this pattern off of ravelry, and fell in love with these shoes right away! This is the first time I have been to your blog, but I am sure I will keep coming back. Thank you so much for the pattern! I can’t wait to see more crochet projects from you.

    • Natasha Carrier

      Hi, I love your mary jane slippers. These are the best I fiund in the net. ANyway, I am not very good at reading patterns etc. i was wondering if you have an instructional video out there on you tube or something so I can crochet these slippers a lot easier? If so could you please send mt the link. ANd if not, would you consider making a step by step instructiinal video. Sorry for bugging but I am a beginner and I really do not understand all of the above instuctions, do you have any advice that could help me read this better so I could crochet these awesome slippers.
      Thanks for your time and I hope tp hear from you soon

    • Kylie

      These Slippers are absolutley fabulouse, and very cozy, I love them!

    • I made a pair for myself this week and am not going to make a pair for each of my four sisters for Christmas! Thank you for the pattern! I love it.

    • Jeanie

      Thank you for the pattern, have a pr, made, but not finished yet. Plan to use eyelash yarn for the finishing around.
      I used a size G hook, wanting a pr. for a good friend who wears a size 4 womens, and the G hook made them too big, will try with an F hook! will have to use a much bigger hook for my size! maybe bulky yarn too! Thanks so much!

    • Margo

      I tried this pattern and came out with an ENORMOUS slipper. It was at least 2″ too wide and 4″ too long for my foot, and I wear a size 9.5 wide! What did I do wrong?

    • Emma

      can i do this with a single crochet?

    • Lucy

      Hi Lisa I love your slippers so much that as soon as I saw them last night I started it and I finished the first one today I live in the caribbean but when it rains ( Hurricane Thomas )I get cold feet. Thank you so much for sharing you gain so much when you make others happy!!:)

    • Sarah

      How do I love this pattern? Let me count the ways. I love that it’s fast and easy, and doesn’t take much yarn. If you have scraps of yarn lying around, you can at least use them for the contrasting color. The color combinations are endless, and I really like the way you explained the tricky parts. I just made my first slipper, and it’s adorable! I definitely will be making a lot of these! :-)

    • I’m going to have to try these, thanks for sharing.
      (p.s. I’m a new follower thx for taking the time to share)

    • Paulette

      I haven’t tried these yet but I intend to! Your pictures and directions are wonderful. Thanks for sharing. P

    • lovely tutorial, thanks for sharing.

    • Caley

      These slippers rock. I’m a novice and the patter is easy to follow. I just have to figure out how to not work those 9 stiches and I’ll be set

    • Veronica

      Thank you so much I tried to figure out how to do it and your tecnique is the simpliest to follow!!! Very good insructions!! Awsome teacher!!!!!

    • Megan

      Do you have a video tutorial for this anywhere? Or would you be willing to make one?

    • Oh my gosh, these are adorable! I will be making a pair of these for myself!

    • kim

      I have a small ladies foot about size uk 4 and i used worsted weight with a F Hook and it fits perfectly following these instructions!!


    • Laura Klinglesmith

      Love them. I found the pattern at 4:00 am and had a pair of slippers by 8:00 am!! Gonna make them for all the girls in my family!

    • Loredana

      They’re so lovely.

    • Kayla

      Thank you for this pattern! I thought it was very easy to understand and follow. I have made several slippers so far. I plan to be giving them as Christmas gifts this year! Thank you! Thank you!

    • Christin

      I agree with Kayla, this was very easy. And I love these slippers. I have made a few birthday and Christmas presents.

    • maryannw

      LOVE the slippers! I modified them too for a custom fit! Thanks for the pattern and inspiration!

    • Kiana

      Hello, I’m 14 and just started crocheting a few months ago. This pattern was very easy to follow and they were quick to make. I love this pattern so much. I even made it my own a little by adding a little tab at the back by my heel so I can kinda pull them on. It looks really cute i think. Anyways, thanks for the pattern I really enjoy it. :)

    • Ellen

      These are so adorable, I am going to attempt to make some!! Thank you so much for sharing your pattern. Cheers!

    • Hi Lisa! I love this pattern. Made a few for myself. Would you mind if I share this link on my blog next week at Tangled Happy is a crochet pattern collective. Also it would be great if I could use one of your photos from raverly. Would you mind? I really like the brown and orange ones with the yellow background. I’m sure everyone there would love them as well! You can email me at Hope to hear from you. Thank you for sharing this pattern. Happy New Year!

    • Thanks Lisa! They will post on Thursday. :)

    • Nikkole

      I think this is a wonderful Idea! This will be one of my next projects :) But I do have a question. I have a really small foot size, so will this pattern be a one size fits all or sized for the average person?

      Thanks for the idea! :D

    • Mari


      i was searching for this kind of slippers for a long time. i’m wearing a similar pair of them by my grandmother, but i couldn’t ask her how to make them, because she died last year.
      i think i will need some help because of the technical terms. english is a foreign language for me… but i’ll try.

      thank you very much!

    • thanks for sharing this pattern.
      i really adore these mary janes!! so lovely…

      i’m linking to your post. i hope you agree.

      greetings, doro.

    • CandaceM

      Thank you so much for sharing this pattern!! It is exactly what I was looking for! Love it!!

    • Marn

      Just finished mine and I also love this pattern! Thank you! This was my first project aside from a hat and scarves and I have to say it was a very easy pattern to follow and you are a great pattern writer! I appreciated the well taken photographs that accompanied the text instructions.

    • I am absolutely in love with these. Thank you so much for a wonderful pattern, and permission to sell! Love your blog :]

    • Thank you so much for this great pattern, I really enjoyed crocheting it!

    • Terri

      These are adorable I am gonna attemmpt to make a pair wish me luck.

    • Karen

      Today i made the Mary Jane’s for my daughter. (she is six)
      These are the first i ever made!
      Thanks to your great foto’s, they were inspiring.
      Now its time to make some more chrochting paterns!

      And my little girl is walking in the clouds!

      Thank you for sharing.

      Karen (From Holland)

    • Hi!! I am finishing my first pair of slippers!!. Thanks for sharing the pattern, it’s very easy to follow, the instructions are sooo clear!!
      Mine are purple with some grey stripes at the beginning, they are nice, I like them a lot!!

    • Abby

      The simplicity is simply lovely- I’ve adjusted the pattern to a bulky weight yarn, and sized it down to a little girls sz 2 for my daughter. Making sparkley chenille “Sarah Jane” (Dr. Who) slippers for her birthday… Like you, I’m not much of a pattern writer, and usually just wing it. I much appreciate having a base pattern to modify for her though, since it’s a lot easier to make a “surprise” when I don’t have to constantly size it!
      Thanks much :)

    • Denise

      I really need to learn to knit. These are so CUTE!!

    • ipanda

      how much do you sale your slippers for??

    • Christina

      To whom it may concern,
      How do you suggest I add a sole to this? Just for the simple things like taking my dogs outside to the chain. That or sweeping of my dusty, dirty porch in the summer? You can contact me at Please, send me an email. I would love some help on this one. I love it and wish it had a sole!


    • nicki



    • Lynne Laurin

      awesome pics and pattern…thanks for sharing.

    • Simply Sara

      Thanks so much for the Pattern. I am going to make these for my sister for her birthday. And a set for myself. I know you said we can sell them. I am just letting you know I MIGHT sell them at a craft show if that is okay!

    • Courtney

      Thanks so much. These slippers are so adorable and I love how much room for personalization and creativity there is. Your instructions were written quite nicely too! xx Courtney

    • Lelia aka Mammalupe

      Hi Lisa, I absolutely love these Mary Jane’s but they are too big. Please help! I’m not good at guaging and my feet are a size 7. What can I do to have these fit me?

      Thanks :)

    • Susan

      Hi! I found this pattern from the Ravelry site, and I wanted to stop in and say thank you for posting it. I have been searching for a pattern for MONTHS that I could tailor to fit my grandmother’s feet (she has health problems and her feet swell pretty bad). These are PERFECT, and she absolutely loves them! Even when her feet start to swell, they expand to fit, and don’t cut into her skin like store-bought slippers do. Thank you so much!!!

    • Alison

      hi, I finally find this crochet slipper pattern and I wanted to crochet a pair for my friend who always feel she has cold feet. This is lovely pattern which I have been looking for for a long time. Thank you very much.

    • Deborah

      IMHO, it is an attractive slipper with a user-friendly pattern. (To make it non-slip, you might have success using either fabric paint or latex milk on the sole.) Great pattern. Thanks for publishing it.

    • iffets72

      its so nice and user-friendly slippers…i loved!!!!!!!!

    • I love your pattern and those Slippers are very comfy :)
      Just blogged my model of your pattern which I made about one year ago:
      My Mary Jane Slippers

    • jessica

      really like this have almost finished the first one.. i really needed some slippers.

    • Meredith

      I just joined Ravelry recently and I think this pattern is WONDERFUL! I can’t wait to start a pair The concept is simple and it makes such a wonderful item! Bravo, Miss Lisa!

    • Emily

      I have the stumble feature on my computer. I was randomly clicking the stumble button one day and came across this page… I have two pairs of shoes here at school. A pair of ugs.. and a pair of rubber rain boots… So I decided to crochet a pair of these that I can wear around the dorm. They are AMAZING!! I used a really soft yarn so they are silky soft little slippers with whimsical black and white argile buttons. All of my friends want a pair. Thank you!!!

    • colleen

      I would love it if i could find a childs pair of these like for a child age 4,5,6 i am going to try using small needle as see if that works but i am not good at making patterns. Thanks for this one i love it

    • Hi Lisa: My daughter found these slippers on She texted me your website address and asked me to make them for her. I love them I will be making them for her and everyone else I know. Thanks so much, great pattern.

    • Maria

      Hi…this pattern looks pretty simple…but do you have it in infant or toddler size? I was thinking i could just wing it…but wanted to check first?


    • sophie

      its a suppperb pattern and specially with every step shown in picture is brilliant the only thing i wanted to say is you say its DC but actually in your pic its TR i have done once with DC it didnt came out right but when i did it with the TR every thing went well.


    • Cati

      My daughter found these slippers not sure how, but linked it to my facebook page so I guess she is asking me to make them for her, and with her linking it so will a lot of other people. The pattern looks so easy can’t wait to try it…Starting with me first, I have a store bought pair and just love Mary Jane’s in all styles(shoes/slippers)… Thanks so much

    • Jeannie


      I have just made the first one of your lovely slippers. I liked it so much I am wearing one slipper while I make the other. :)

      Thank you so much for spending the time on posting the pattern and tutorial.


    • Elizabeth

      These are SO cute and I love your step-by-step tutorial. Thanks for sharing! And your photo are perfect, but I won’t steal them :0)

    • Just wanted to say thank you for this tutorial. I have made several of these over the last 9 months… everyone just loves them. Thanks for a great tutorial that was so easy to follow.

    • Bonjour,
      j’ai testé ton tutoriel pour faire ces jolies ballerines.
      Je ne parle pas bien anglais, et j’ai eu du mal à traduire tes explications,
      mais j’ai réussi à obtenir quelque chose de ressemblant.
      J’ai mis des photos sur mon blog.
      Merci pour ces explications.

    • Just wanted to say thanks for the great tutorial, especially the pictures. I am new to crochet, and I have wanted to make a pair of my own mary janes. This pattern was very simple to learn. I did need to make adjustments to your original pattern, though, because I have size 10 feet. I added an extra round at the toes, and 2 rows on the bottom section. This then changed my number of stitches when working the SC around the top in the contrasting color. Also, for the strap, since I didn’t have buttons to use, I just did a chain of 24 and SC back in the same space to create my loop, and when I got to the right spot on the opposite side, I added the loop to my stitches. Turned out great, and I’m about to work up the second one right now :)

    • Sally

      These are fab slippers. I am going to do the edging in white or black and add a thread of shirring elastic to my wool as I crochet. I wonder if it will keep the edges of the slipper a bit firmer? Anyone tried it?

    • Jeni

      Any chance there is just the pattern without the pictures anywhere? I want to print it off, (I am in bed from surgery and can’t have the computer by me all the time. I could probably wing it and just write it all down, but wanted to check first if anyone has it anywhere?

      PS I love this pattern, I have used it several times but I can’t remember it all to wing it.

    • Chrissy

      Thanks for posting this I’ve been looking for a pair of slippers that can be made fast but still look good and these are amazing, and so comfy too! I love the pattern! I made a pair this morning for my roommate and already have 6 more orders for the same ones!

    • michelle

      TOTALLY love these… they are the easiest ones ive made :)
      I had to delete one of the Increase rounds because they were getting a bit big lol
      LOVE THEM, and thanks!!!

    • Olenka, a brasilian miss

      ’till who doesn’t read English can do this ’cause this photos are so clear…

    • Fantastic pattern. Fantastic Instructions. I have posted the link on my blog because I’d recommend it to everyone. I’ve spent weeks looking for the right pattern and yours is the one! Thanks

    • Joanna

      Nice pattern! You have done great job!:) I’ve made one just a minute ago and cannot wait until tomorrow to make second one^^ Once more – great job!!

    • Nicole

      Dear Lisa,

      I just want to say thanks for posting this pattern.My fiances just found out that his grandma is dying and she wanted me recently to crochet her some socks and for some reason after about 20+ patterns I still can not crochet socks and I came across this pattern and remembered she loves Mary Jane shoes and asked her if she would mind if I croched these instead and she said she loved them even more than socks!!! And this pattern is SOOO easy to follow and by-the-way your directions were PERFECT!! So thanks so much for the pattern and I LOVE the pictures!! Please post more patterns if you have anymore. I would be so grateful!!

    • Emz

      thanks for this wonderful pattern. made a pair for my daughter and made a few fixes coz she’s only 3 years old and turned out like your baby slippers! Very pretty and easy… Im still workin on my new website and this will be my very first post!!!thanks!!!

    • Myrian Primera

      Just love the pattern. Can’t wait to make a pair. The buttons really make the slipper.
      Beautiful!!!! Thanks for posting.

    • kerry

      Oh wowo thanks for such a great pattern. love the colours on the ones you made and those buttons are gorgeous. Can’t wait to have a go
      Kerry x

    • Stephanie

      Thank you so much for this pattern. I also found it thru Ravelry and I LOVE it!!! I sat down this morning at work and on my down time have completed one pair and working on my second pair. Thanks again so much for sharing your knowledge and talent : )

    • Thanks for this pattern. I have made the first pair and love them!!

    • samantha

      I am lovin’ this step by step… I can’t wait to try them.

    • Hello from Germany, what lovely Janes. I love them !!
      Unfortunately is my English (Crochet-English) terrible, so i cant understand your pattern :-((
      Now my question, are we allowed to translate this pattern and put it in this forum?

      That would be great!!!!


    • Kelly Collins

      Stumbled upon this and it sure makes me want to learn to knit. It looks so complicated though. I’m afraid to try it. :)

    • Martine

      Hi Lisa,

      You are using Paton’s Classic wool for your beautiful pattern. My question is “Do they shrink because of the ‘wool’ in them?

      I think your pattern is a classic looking Mary Jane. Thanks so much for sharing your pattern. MArtine

    • Bee

      Just to thank you for your hard work in creating an easy to follow pattern. I had great fun making a pair and have linked your pattern instructions to my blog. bee x

    • debra

      Thank you so much for this great pattern. I found a pattern previously, but it was so complicated, I gave up. I just found your pattern on Ravelry and I am going home tonight to hanker down on the couch and make them. I am so excited! I’ll share my photos when I finish. Again, thanks a bunch!!!!

    • Julia

      Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful pattern! You really made it easy by showing the pictures!! =)
      P.S. I too will not share your pictures!

    • Woderful project! thanks for being so generous and sharing it! Have a nice weekend!

    • FeMi

      Hi! I would luv to try this pattern but I can’t even get started. Can you help me? I’m used to making chains then joining to make a circle. How do I do the 8 DC into a circle w/o doing the chains?

    • maliyag

      I love this pattern! Thank you for sharing! You are AWESOME!!

    • Carrie

      Thank you so much for sharing this pattern! I had so much fun making it!

    • Rebecca

      thank you so much for the pattern. I have altered it slightly and made a couple pairs for my 2 princesses already. The pattern is so easy to follow and the pictures are very helpful. My girls love them xx

    • Jackie

      I was just wondering where you get your buttons? They’re super cute!

    • Carrie

      May I print this pattern out to use when I’m away from the computer?

    • Darcy

      Is there a printer friendly verison of this?

    • Just saw these on WhipUp, and OMG are they adorable! I especially love the brown/orange combination pictured at the bottom. I live in a basement apartment so my feet need cozy slippers year-round. Can’t wait to give these a whirl!

    • I am so excited about this pattern! I found it from a long-over due session at the computer. I clicked on one link and a link from there to another place and so on until I finally ended up at this pattern. Its a fun little thing game I play to see where I end up in my time limit. And today that was you! I will be making these soon, you have renewed my interest in Crochet!

    • Van

      Thanks for the tutorial! I’ve been searching for one for awhile and yours is so easy to understand.

    • nallely


    • Hello… ^^
      Your Slipper are wonderful!
      I worked it.
      For my foot, I had to change however a few meshes.
      My Slipper looks a little differently.
      May I mean change, please, in my blog and with us in the forum, to publish?
      I place naturally also a left, from you, to it. ;O)
      Love of greetings, from Germany, *Manja*

    • Elizabeth

      Just curious, what size shoe do you wear? I’m size 12 in women’s so I’m trying to figure out just how many SC I should go with. Luckily, I only have one friend with the same size feet! :) These look like fun to make and I’m sure they’d be well received as gifts for Christmas this year! :) Thanks for the pattern!

    • Gina

      I’m just about to start this project, but then wondered about washing…. will these shrink a bit when I wash them? Should I make them a bit bigger and then wash to shrink to size? Let me know, thanks! I look forward to wearing them when done.

    • i am really anxious to try this pattern!

    • Stephanie

      Thank you so much for sharing this pattern! I’ve made one pair tonight for a little girl. Really didn’t have to change much, I made the toe cup up to row 4 then started on the rows of DC, 16 a row and did 9 rows in total. They turned out amazingly!! Making another pair for her cousin in the morning :)

    • valerie

      thank you for pattern i will make myself it this weekend :)

    • gennalou

      Your slippers are real pretty. I am going to try and make a pair. thanks for sharing the pattern.

    • Poni

      Thanks for sharing:) i just love making them and have already made several two for my self and my daughter.

    • Melody

      I like that you shared the pattern and you made several different styles.

    • Gina

      I really like it. Thanks for sharing the ideas and pattern. I wanted to something different that I never done before. Still learning how to crochet. Do you have a video that I can watch?

    • Nicole

      So I made these slippers and they are a size 5 if you use size 3 yarn. To make a size 1/2 six add 2 more rows. I am sure if you just add a size and a half for every 2 rows anyone can find a size that fits them. If anyone needs help with theirs please feel free to email me as I have made many many pairs. And thanks for the wonderful pattern Lisa!! Please add more if you can!!

    • Kaysie

      I just copied your pattern for MaryJane slippers. They look really cute. I was wondering if you could possible crochet over a thin piece of elastic around the top. Just thought I’d see what you thought. Will be checking your site often for more cute pattens. Thanks so much.

    • Kathy

      Such a cute slipper pattern. My daughter-in-law will be getting them for Christmas. Thank you

    • renee

      thanks for this pattern! these slippers are so cute, so thanks for sharing. i’m just finishing up the first one and so far it fits everywhere except over the toes. it’s very wide over the toes and even with the decreases it’s not snug and somewhat climbing up over the top of the foot and coming together. (sorry this is very difficult to explain) i’ve already had to pull it all apart and retry it, please help? thanks so much! =)

    • mariah muncy

      hi I was just wondering if you sell these or if you knew of someone who sold these around the knoxville, tn area… thanks

    • Thank you so much for this pattern, it’s wonderful. Can I translte it into Hungarian on my blog? Of course, I link you in as well, I’d just like to help some beginner friends with the translation :)

    • Katie

      This is such an adorable pattern, that is easily modifiable to fit an adult or child. I have made a couple pairs already, the pair for my 4 year old granddaughter are absolutely darling! The pair that I’m presently working on, I am using a hdc stitch on the cup and sc on the bottom foot area. I basically followed your pattern, by stopping the hdc just as it covered my toes, and began the sc. So far, the basic style appears to be the same, just a difference in pattern created by the stitch. I would gladly post pictures of the slippers that I have made with this pattern (and my altered version), if I knew how to do so.

      Thank you so much for your genorosity in sharing your pattern.

    • Sarah

      Thank you so much for this pattern. This is the first day crocheting for me and it was super easy. This will be good Christmas presents this year.

    • lori

      I love thes!!!…going to try an make them in the morning…thank you…

    • Shannanagin Arts

      Thank you so much for sharing this pattern. I just tried my hand at one and it is the cutest thing EVER! I am already thinking of the colors I need to make a pair for every girl on my Christmas list.

    • applesauce

      I was able to follow your directions and i love the slippers. Thanks for sharing.

    • Elyse

      I absolutely love these! Sooo cute! do you think there is a way to make these by knitting? I know how to crochet, but I am much better at knitting!! Thanks!

    • Moa

      This is perfect! I have so much yarn i dont use so i can made slippers to the whole family!

    • jen

      seeing your slippers i decided it was time to learn how to crochet! now 3 pairs in, multiple hats and scarves i’m in love with crochet!! thank you so much :) i made a pair last night for my 4 year old daughter, size 10 toddler. the adjustments were minor but they fit her like a glove!! thank you again.

    • Heather

      Love these slippers! I just started crocheting a couple of months ago and I made a pair for myself! Thanks for a great pattern!

    • Thank you for sharing. I was a little nervous because I messed up. Thank you for stating that we should just improvise. It’s not as neat as yours but I’m going to try again but for my mom who is in the nursing home. Wish me luck.

    • farnoush

      I just made one and LOVE it !!!!!!!
      thank you ever so much for sharing this.

    • merci beaucoup,
      j’ai utilisé le traducteur sur votre blog pour le tuto,
      elle sont absolument superbe

    • Katie

      Thank you for this lovely pattern! I have now made one slipper so fr and I loooooove it! I used Patons Classic Wool in Plum Heather and Lined it with Grey.

      I have tiny feet (size 5/5.5) and they are narrow. I adjusted the pattern slightly by using a G hook and only did up to and including round three and continued from there. I believe I did 14 rows for the length of the foot, after the toe part, but I have fairly short toes and a longer foot. It’s easy to just measure your foot as you go. These would probably fit someone up to a size 6.5 foot as there is decent stretch.

      The last change that I made was I only did one row of single crochet in my primary colour with the decreasing and then did a single crochet in my secondary colour without decreasing. It fits wonderfully!

    • Michal

      In row 13 what do you mean by “DC 3 tog”? And how do I do that? I’m working on sizing this down for my 3 year old, but I can’t figure out how you gethered the heel there in row 13. Thanks!

    • Cindy

      This was my first project that wasn’t a rectangle!!! Love the end product. Next time I might even make it without the button and loop.

    • Thank you so much for sharing this pattern with me. I love them I did one pair earlier that were just straight Mary Jane style but these were so much cuter and easier to do. I am making more than one pair for me and my daughter wants them too. Thanks again.

    • Hey there! Could you please tell me what does this mean?

      “Work 2 rounds even. By this time, the little “cup” should fit over your toes, like so”

      Do I have to repeat round 4 twice?

    • Jeanette

      Thank you so much for providing this wonderfully made slipper pattern as I have been searching for one with easy to follow instructions. I can’t wait to get started. I am making size 8-10.

    • Theresa

      I REALLY want to add this pattern to my Pinterest board so 1) I don’t lose it in my bookmarks folder and to share with my other crochet friends. Would that be ok? Thanks for sharing your lovely work and I can’t wait to make myself a pair of slippers for myself and my sisters!

    • Anna

      LOVE these and so simple…I wish I had thought of them! Thanks for sharing

    • Megan

      Thank you so much for sharing this pattern and tutorial! I will be using your pattern to make slippers throughout the year for gifts next Christmas!

    • cher

      thank you for the pattern, I just bought a paid similar to this at target and thought what fun to try and make and now I have a pattern, thanks again

    • Dan

      I REALLY wanna try this BUT I haven’t crocheted in a while and I don’t know how to start the 8 DC in the loop… can you help me? I know how to DC, just not how you got in the loop…

    • Dana

      one more question… when it says 8 DC in the loop… does that include the “chain 2” I need to make the first DC? I ended up with more than I should have my first try. (Luckily it goes so fast I don’t mind starting over) but I’m kinda stuck… cause when it says to do 2 DC in the first loop (after the chain 2) I thought the chain 2 was supposed to replace the FIRST DC in that loop… is that right? Or will their be 3 little chain thingys the first time…

    • Dana

      Ok LAST question… I promise… can someone help me understand how she does the strap? I just did a chain of about 20 or so… and it worked… just not sure I like it as much as what she has…

    • Jeanette

      I have been crocheting for years and I’ve made 3 pr of these slippers so far but every time I begin, I have problems with the circle. I just tried the tutorial from the website I recommended you and it works. Use DC instead of SC. Good luck.

    • risdayani

      thats very awsome tq

    • Dana

      Can someone send me the “pattern” for a 4 year old? My 4 year old saw me make some of these for her Grammy and now she REALLY wants a matching pair! :)




    • lynn

      thanks so much for your pattern sharing! i found it last night and made one slipper so far. i do have a question i see others asked, but i don’t see a reply from you-the front top of mine turned out sort of bulky, not flat and fitted like yours-any advice on how to fix that? i have a size 8 foot-i didn’t alter the front and only added an extra row in the back and they fit well except for the top. thanks so much! (love your blog, btw)

    • Jan Bryant

      Lve these slippers. Nice and comfy…but I only had to crochet 10 rows for the sole. Guess I crochet a little looser. Just took me an hour and a half. I will be making them for my guests coming to visit soon.

    • Allison

      Thank you thank you thank you for posting this pattern! So excited to try it out! Sending so much love your way! Thank you again!

    • Rae

      Awesome!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!

    • Betty Jo Petty

      I cannot get it to print. sad.

      it sent me to my own pictures or something. Link.

      cute, my mother-in-law made some like these, not Mary Jane, but full houseshoes.

      she made beautiful baby sweater sets. I wasn’t smart enough to have her teach me, although I did make some of my own version of the shoes. years ago. guess I can try again. My favorite shoes are the Mary Jane style. good work!!!

    • Angela

      These are so cute, Great job. Thanks for sharing.

    • Biseh

      These are adorable!! Thank you for sharing.

    • Hayley

      I absolutely love these, and the colors you chose for your examples are just my style, so thanks for that. I’m working on a pair of hot pink and purple ones for my 5yo and if they turn out well, I’ll be making white and silver fairy slippers next. These are so quick to make once you’ve made a pair. I think they took me all of 2 hours to make the first time and now, if I have no interruptions, I can knock out a pair in about an hour.

    • Melanie de Boer

      RE: your Mary Jane slippers (SO CUTE): if you’re giving them as a gift, I imagine that you can make a small adjustment to the top strands that hook over the button (does this have a name?). You could put stitched loops in them so you could adjust the tightness of the strands hooking over the button. I have very narrow feet so I’m always thinking of a way to make these stay on my feet. I know I’m not explaining myself well – which I could attach a picture.

    • sharon

      I love these and love how you show how to make them ty..


      I love it! And the photos alongside of instructions – right on – make it so easy to follow!
      I must get back to crocheting, these are going to make adorable little gifts.
      Thank you so very much for posting this pattern, I appreciate the time you have put into it! Bj

    • Denise Ray

      I had never crocheted before, this was my first project. These slippers came out great! I’ve done three pairs (to practice) and am now trying a pair adjusting the size. For a beginner, your instructions (and definitely the wonderful photos)were easy to follow. These are so cute, thanks for the free pattern and helpful instructions!

    • Milly Molly mandy

      Lovely clear pattern with the photo’s, I’ll certainly give it a try after I finish my current project!
      Shame you had to put de note at the top of the pattern… I would assume that goes without saying too :s!

    • Dana

      These were quick and easy! I had to make them a little smaller, I think I crochet pretty loosely though.
      Thanks so much!
      A link to my finished product:!/photo.php?fbid=819593656093&set=a.595408924093.2125097.51208870&type=1&theater&notif_t=like

    • Sam

      I love these! The pattern is so simple and fun to make!

    • Cecilia

      you are the best… my grandma did those slippers,,, but never learn how to do it… I love crochet now and I am self tought,,, thank so much for sharing your knowledge with me….

    • Brenda Marie

      I tested your pattern. Your instructions were very easy to follow (love the pictorial step-by-steps). They came out a BIT big for me. I’d go down a hook size (or 2) to get my fit, but otherwise a very nice pattern. Thank you for sharing it!

    • These are super cute! I will have to post the link on my blog and work on a pair for some pics. You inspire me! :) Never tried to do slippers before. Do you think regular acrylic yarn is okay to use?

    • Thank you so much for this free pattern! I made two pair last night. One for my daughter and one for me! They turned out so cute and it was such a joy to follow these instructions. SO easy and such wonderful pictures! Thank you for all your hard work! I wish I could donate something, but alas, I’m on a super tight budget! :(

    • Studio Beis

      Thanks so much for the great pattern!!! I made a pair today and just love them.

    • Heather

      Wow thanks for the pattern my first crochet pattern !!!!! Great photo tutorial :)))

    • This is so cute I can not wait to make them for my sick cousin! thank you for making it available.

    • i will be sharing this content with my friends for sure.

    • TJ

      How do you do that first circle? I can’t seem to figure it out.

    • isabelle barnes berutto

      This is fantasic! I love it :)
      How may I friend your page?

    • Emily

      Thank you so much for sharing this with us all! I had no trouble following your pattern, and the slippers are so cute! I have a lot of spring birthdays to make gifts for, and this has covered two sister-in-laws, my mom, my daughter, and even my husband, who asked for a pair “not so girly”. For him I omitted the contrast color and the strap and added two extra rows for tightness. Thanks again!

    • Rose Mary Ortiz

      I love the slippers that you show here and am wondering if you sell them. I have a disabled mother whose foot droped and this is the only type of shoe I can put on her. Unfortunately I don’t know how to knit.
      Do you sell these ?

    • sara

      You are amazing! Such a wonderful site!!!

    • Veronica

      Thank you, the pattern is clear and the slippers are simply faboulos!

    • beingjennifer

      This is such a cute pattern! Thank you for sharing it! I shared on Facebook, so I hope you get some visits from that.

    • MaryBeth Scott

      Hi Lisa!
      Thank You Sooo Much for making this pattern availabile for free!! I am disabled
      and my Hubby does not have a job at this
      time. I can hardly wait to make these
      slippers, they are Beautiful!! I will be
      happy to donate some moola when Hubby gets
      back to work and things get back to normal
      around here. Hugs, MaryBeth

    • margie

      I was looking for this for so long…now I can start my mothers day project. Thank you so much. I love them!

    • I love these slippers!! Great tut, just one question though. Im following your pattern and I noticed they are a bit wide, how can I make them fit snug? I just started crocheting so I’m not too sure how I’d go about doing it.

    • Sarah

      So I know I’ve already commented on these before, but I must reiterate how AWESOME they are! My boyfriend and I have two cats, and we recently moved into a “fixer-upper” house. We’re still working on sprucing the place up, and no matter how much we clean, there seems to be a combination of dust and cat hair EVERYWHERE. It’s been kind of chilly so I always wear socks around the house, and then they get dusty, and the dirt gets tracked into our bed. I recently found a huge bag of these slippers I made over a year ago, and they are absolutely perfect to wear around the house over my socks! All I have to do is take them off before I go to bed, and my socks and bed stay nice and clean. The awesome thing about these slippers is that if you use the right kind of yarn, they’re machine washable. And they’re super adorable and not all frumpy like conventional house slippers. I’m glad I made a bunch of pairs so I can match them with my outfits! Thank you again for this awesome pattern! :-)

    • margie

      Hi Mary,
      I’m trying to transalate your instruction to my mother that speak spanish. I need to transalate the meaning of “DC” I’m not sure if is doble count! Well can you help me. Thank you!


    • Naomi

      My friend asked me to make these for her. What size foot do they fit with the instructions as is? Thanks for posting this!

    • Kris

      I just finished making a pair of these. Love them! I had to stop at row 17. I must not crochet quite as tight. They were very easy and quick! Thanks for sharing your pattern.

    • I made these slippers- so cute and easy to make!!

    • Marie

      Thank you so much, I’ve been looking g for an easy mary jane pattern, and just fall in love with yours, I’ve made one pair for my mother and one for me, my husband is wondering if there’s a more manly design, talk about been jealous!!! Again, thank you!!!

    • Hi – I’ve pinned these to Pinterest but the image has your name on it and links back to your site when you click the image.

    • fatz

      Hiya, I just learnt how to crochet and i always wanted to crochet slippers like you made.

      I need help, basically I want to know do they fit all sizes? i am a size 4 (uk size).

      and I don’t understand what you mean by some abbreviations such as:-

      What is a tog? and do you have a youtube vid tutorial for this slipper?

      anyway please HELP!!!! i would love to share my finishing work with you

      Replay real soon coz I can’t wait to make it :D

    • débora r. martins

      wonderful, I loved…congratulations…hugs!!

    • judy schram

      I would like to know where I can find these slippers to buy for my Mom whose in medcare facility. Her feet swell so bad it’s hard to find other slippers that will fit her

    • this is a test comment.

    • Hey Lisa, thank you for your pattern and for your picture tutorial. I am a visual person so I appreciate your step by step photo instructions!! I posted the result of this project on my website and yes, I put your website link on my website as well. Thanks again~

    • Sharon

      Thank you for this pattern. Much appreciated.

    • nancy

      Hello, I am a learner in crochet and have done a few things that are considered difficult. This is the first time that I’ve been to your blog and you are an absolute genius making these slippers. I have tried making slippers in the past for my lil girl but failed (I dont quite understand instructions unless it has pictures, diagrams, or its a video )but I will definatly make some for both my toddlers, myself and my hubby. Thank you so much for these :)

    • Diane

      I just finished making a pair of your Mary Jane slippers for my 7 yr old daughter. I used scraps– grey and pink– and it turned out SO cute. I am always looking for quick things to make while waiting– dr’s offices, out in front of the school etc. This was perfect, thank you for making such cute patterns available and some even free!
      Thank you for taking the time to help others not waste their time.
      :) Diane

    • Denita TwoDragons

      I’ve made two pairs of these slippers and OH MY GOODNESS they have been the GREATEST presents!! They’re comfy, classy, easy as pie to work up, and you can make a lovely pair in just a couple of hours. Thanks for guaranteeing that every member of my family has a lovingly handmade gift this Christmas! :-)

      One question, though…do you have any suggestions on how to convert this for smaller or larger feet? The instructions you posted are the perfect size for a woman’s foot size 8-9, but I’d love to make a “masculinized” version for my husband and some smaller ones for kiddos. (Unless of course you posted the instructions and my pea brain just didn’t see them, LOL…)

      Thanks again for a great project! :-D
      –Denita in Texas

    • Tracey

      Thankyou for sharing your slipper pattern! I have had a lovely afternoon making them up and as I am new to crocheting I found your tutorial very easy to follow and I have now completed my first project.
      Tracey X.

    • Jahaira

      Gracias por compartir este patrón! Estoy iniciando mis proyectos en crochet y me resultó muy lindo realizar estas bellas pantuflas!!! Gracias

    • Lisa Wilcox

      Hello, These slippers are adorable. One question for you: “ch 2 between each round, DO NOT include this in my DC count for each round?” Is that correct?

      Thank you in advanced for your help.

    • These slippers are lovely, I can’t wait to make a pair for me…
      Thank you so much for sharing the pattern, you’re so kind!

    • Sorry, I just realised I made a mistake on my Website address, this is the good one

    • Ann Fox

      I love the pattern! What size shoe are these for?

    • Jade

      I was wondering, do you start your slipper pattern with a chain or a magic circle?

    • Jade

      also when working on the round part of slipper is it possible to use a continous round? or do you have to slip stitch and chain up?

    • Kim

      I made myself a pair of these & love them. Thanks for a great pattern…I plan to make more as gifts. Which brings me to my question….how would you adjust the size to fit kids? Thank you!

    • Daisy

      Thanks for posting this pastern it was easy and fun, just what I was looking for.

    • Kristan

      THANK YOU!! I have been trying for a good portion of the night to learn how to do this..I have tried another pattern and it came out horrid..Glad I only attempted one slipper..Your photos and easy directions helped me. I am new to crochet and never attempted this before, so that is a huge thing for me. I may have to use a smaller hook thou, my slipper so far seems big. Thank you so much, you are amazing! No more anxiety here! Hugs.

    • Cindy

      Thank you!! Is there any way that you can make these “slip-free”? I though I saw a spray somewhere that added a rubbery coating for the sole..have you tried anything?
      I just LOVE your color and button!

    • Bev

      Thank you very much for the pattern, I’ve been looking for it since I seen it a few weeks ago and didn’t get it pinned, I thought I could always get back to it, not true.

    • Carmen Rodriguez Abreu

      Iam from Puerto Rico. I’m trying to make sandals in crochet, and I found this model in your Website.
      May I copy this? Also, I want know where I can found templates of rubber perforated sandals to make crochet.
      Sometimes, I read about silk thread to make crochet and cotton thread to make macrame and I don’t know what is it? Will you please help me?
      I’ll be always grateful for your help.

    • vera

      those slippers are definitely super cute… I’ll make them for sure!!
      thanks alot for the pattern :-)

    • eman

      thangs its veeeeeeereeeeeeeeeeeeey nicccccccce wow wow

      goode luck

    • Martha

      These have to b some of the sweetest shoes ever! My dtr in law fell in love with them. Thanks so much

    • What a great, simple Mary Jane pattern! Thank you for posting it, and double thank you for the PDF download.

    • Heather

      I just did one slipper to see how it would turn out (i haven’t found very many i like) and I LOVE IT!! im such a crocheter and looking for different patterns to do, for me and my family of 6. this is perfect!! THANKS SO MUCH :) YOUR WONDERFUL 8)

    • Leslee

      I just wanted you to know, that because some pinned on Pinterest a picture of your Mary Jane slipper..I repinned and followed the link to your site here..I was delighted to see you are sharing the pattern but wanted you to know that people are finding through this great outlet. I also shared your link with my crafting group. My heartfelt thanks for sharing as it will provide a way for me to make these for donations.

    • sarah

      I want to make these for my mom.

    • Beautiful and delicate, yet so simple. These will definitely become gifts.

    • Hi Mary Jane, I want to thank you for this tutorial. I could make a pair of these slippers for me, without any difficulty. I’ve uploaded the photo of the slippers that I made following your tutorial on my blog( ) and I want you to know that there’s a direct link to this page for those interested. Thanks again, Marisa

    • Linda

      Hi! I was wondering where you found the awesome crochet hook in your photos. I have problems with my hands and wrists going numb when I crochet and I wonder if a crochet hook like this would help. Thanks!

    • I have tried these directions over and over.. can’t make them work out right. My problem comes at round 2 – 4. So I’m not sure what I am doing wrong. I’m sure it’s something I’m doing .. b/c your directions are very clear. One question.. do you count the ch 2 as the first dc in each round? Although usually it’s a ch 3 that’s counted as the first dc. Maybe that’s what I’m doing wrong? Any help you might be able to give me would be appreciated! I think these slippers are adorable and my feet are always cold! Even in the summer! Thanks so much!

    • Stephanie

      I’m also having trouble getting the slipper to start cupping around my toes. I follow the instructions clearly and come out with the exact number of DC that is listed with each row. I’m using an H hook and yarn that looks similar. I have no Idea what worsted weight yarn is and if that’s causing my problem. Any one have any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong??

    • gina

      you are awesome!!! i’ve been teaching myself amigurumi and I have an obsession with slippers and socks so i’ve been trying to follow countless other patterns but yours clicked and i’m soooooo happy now thank you soooo much!

    • Stephanie

      Wow! This is an amazing post. Thank you for the pattern and the pictures! This will definitely help me! I can’t wait to make a pair of these! :D

    • Sandra-lee

      I wish you could be beside me and show me!! They are awesome!!!

    • HeatherA

      What size shoes do you wear? Maybe that’s been asked, I will read through the comments when I have access (after I post this, I believe) Making a pair for my MIL who is in another state and I’m not sure how to adjust for size since I don’t know the original. Last year I used this pattern to make a pair for my 2 year old daughter they were perfect – thanks so much for your generosity in sharing your pattern!

    • Rochelle

      Tried this and loved it! Best pattern I’ve found for these slippers. thanks so much for sharing.

    • Conni

      Just made these slippers! So easy and quick to work up! I love the pattern! Thanks!

    • angela walsh

      I just love your crochet slipper .Thank you

    • Thank you for posting this. It is so kind of you to share your pattern for free! These are just lovely. My mom is visiting for a couple of days, and she and I are going to attempt to make these. Thanks again!

    • LadyCallie

      You need to do two rounds of DC. :)

    • Dolly

      I meant to post a picture. Here it is thanks so much!

    • :)

      i think you have to start with the ‘magic loop’ thing:)

    • Parabéns pelos seus lindos trabalhos.

      Obrigado por partilhar estes lindos sapatinhos .

      Posso adicionar o seu blog ao meu ????


    • Renetta

      Hi, I saw once that someone used s shelf liner or cabinet liner and sowed it the bottom of the slipper so there would be cushion and grip on the floor. You can find it in the house ware section. Hope that helps.

    • Nettie

      You can buy these hooks at I have some they run you about $6.50 not to bad.. But they take a little to get used to them the needle does not weem long enough.. But better on the hands I think..

    • that should say “now” not “not” – is that obvious? :)

    • M.

      i had the same thing happen to me and i wear a 8.5 -9 shoe,,i went all the way down to a size E hook and changed the amount of stitches to fit my foot,,(,,i kept putting it on my foot as i went along,,),,i think it has to do with how loose or tight you crochet,,we must be loose-ies,,lol,,hope that helps,,,,

    • Sarah

      Happened to me too. I have small feet so I adjusted as much as I can. The only thing that I found a trouble with was the “toe cup” comes almost to my ancle!

      None the less, great pattern! Thanks for sharing. I have had a ton of fun making them

    • Courtney

      If the slipper came out too large then it’s the size of the yarn, hook, and/or how loosely (or tightly) you crochet. Just adjust the number of stitches! xx

    • Abby

      This has got to be *the* most straight forward pattern I have yet to find. You should do great, and I’m sure they’ll be beautiful. The wonderful thing about Crocheting or Knitting is that your project is never ruined. You can simply unravel, and start over.

    • Hi, Sophie! I think in other countries the stitches are different. I made my slippers with a a double crochet like this–

      I am aware that it is called a treble crochet in the UK and probably elsewhere. Thanks for the input!

    • Rebecca

      hi, I made these for my 2 daughters, I just changed it slightly. I did one less row of increasing and then when I got to the middle part of the shoe I did 9 rows of 17st (the 9th being the one with the dec in the middle) My girls are 3 and 5 and they both fit the same size because they stretch quite a bit. Hope this helps you for a toddler size. I haven’t yet tried it for an infant size but I guess I would do 1 less row of increasing at the beginning again.
      Beck xx

    • Rebecca

      Hi, I just commented on a post a couple posts down how I made a pair for my daughters who are 3 and 5.
      Beck xx

    • Rebecca

      Hi I just commented on a post a couple posts down about how I made a pair each for my daughters 3 and 5 years old.
      Beck xx

    • Carrie

      It’s called a magic ring and it takes pratice to get it. Try Youtube to watch a vedio of it. Good luck!

    • Lisa G.

      You could just copy the page into Word or some other work processing program and then just delete the pics and adjust the type before printing. :)

    • Hi Stephanie – I am curious to know what size shoe your little girl wears. I’m getting ready to make these slippers for my granddaughters and they wear a size 4 shoe. I’m anxious to hear back from you. Thanks!

    • Nicole

      I made a pair for a family member and it depends on what yarn you use. If you tell me the yarn and the brand I can tell you if it will shrink.

    • Nicole

      So I made these slippers and they are a size 5 if you use size 3 yarn. To make a size six 1/2 add 2 more rows. I am sure if you just add a size and a half for every 2 rows anyone can find a size that fits them. For you I suggest adding 8 additional rows and then try it on your foot that only comes out to a size 10 but if you use a size four yarn I’m not so sure. Mainly (regardless of the yarn size) just crochet till you can close it around your heel and rip out the last row to add the dc3tog. I hope this helps you!!

    • Donna

      I’m having exactly the same problem at the toe area. Did you manage to get it sorted?

    • Corrie

      can you share what adjustments you made? I want to make a pair for my 3 yr old who wears the same size as your daughter.

    • Michal

      Thanks for the help! They worked out great! My daughter wears about a size 6, so I needed to size it down a lot. Here’s what I did-

      I started the ring with only 6 stitches instead of 8, then increased as directed in the next 3 rounds. I skipped round six to keep it shorter. On the turned rows I did 18 dc for 9 rows. Then gethered the heel by dec 4 dc instead of 3 (since I had an even number of stitches). I then did only 2 rounds of sc around the top (just skipped the contrasting color round), and for the strap across the front I just sl st a chain of 5 across the top. I’ll try to attach a picture after I give them to her tomorrow.

    • Jam

      Hi Elizabeth,

      I wear a size 11 and I added one row to the front and one row to the back. It fit like a glove. I did make it a little smaller. I know it will give as I wear them.

    • Dana

      did you ever find an answer? I have the same question…

    • Cindie

      I have the same questions on a couple of these instructions….but let me say 1st that this is the first pattern that I have been able to follow and complete without any trouble (other than verifying the 2 questions)! 1st..what is work 2 rounds even? and 2nd…3dc tog? Your directions are awesome and Thank You so much for the pattern!

    • Hi! I’m replying to your questions via email. [from]

    • Hi, Dana!
      Have you checked out the toddler slipper pattern?
      They’re made similarly, but for smaller feet. You can adjust it to make it Mary Jane style by omitting one of the round on the toe and adding an extra round on the sole. Then, you can add a strap the same way it gets added in the adult MJ slipper pattern.

      Hope this helps!

    • Hi!
      I don’t have a knit pattern for mary jane slippers, but you can find a
      really great one here–

      Thanks for visiting!

    • Emily

      When you do a start stitch, instead of pulling it tight, you leave it open. you build the stitches on on it. You can use the circle at the start of this youtube video I found. Just sub the 12 DC with the 8 needed.

      copy and paste into browser.

      NOTE: I did NOT make this video. It was just how I learned.

    • I think it’s necessary because the pattern is in a double crochet. It
      makes the rows look more even when you slst and chain up.

    • Hi! They are Clover soft-touch crochet hooks. I bought them at Michael’s, I believe. A long time ago! You can probably find a set online, or maybe check out your local craft stores. I hope they help!

    • Since it’s a ch 2 at the beginning, we do not count it! Rounds 2-4 have you increasing by 8 evenly around. I hope that helps you!

    • RK Logos

      I just finished making a pair of your Mary Jane slippers for my 7 yr old daughter. I used scraps– grey and pink– and it turned out SO cute. I am always looking for quick things to make while waiting– dr’s offices, out in front of the school etc. This was perfect, thank you for making such cute patterns available and some even free!
      Thank you for taking the time to help others not waste their time.

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