Giveaway: YARN! edition



Hello, friends! If you hadn’t heard, my lovely little Dory pattern is in the current issue of Craftsanity! I made a few adjustments* to my original pattern to make it more Spring-friendly. In celebration of SPRING and all things yarny, I’m having this little giveaway!


To convert my Dory into something one could wear during Spring, I scoured Ravelry for yarn inspiration. There is SO.MUCH.YARN. out there.

I happened upon Bamboo Cotton (worsted) by Three Irish Girls and was smitten by some of the colors. It was a little pricey, but I bought two skeins from someone’s stash in the beautiful Sweetmint colorway. I knew I would love the color, but what won me over completely was the softness. Ohhhhh my goodness–it is SOFT. I wound up my skein immediately and got started. Soon enough, I had a lovely Spring shawl and only 9 yards left! Perfect!

Unfortunately, the Bamboo Cotton is discontinued, so I went on the hunt for something more widely available. I landed on Cascade Ultra Pima. It is equally as soft and available in a multitude of bright colors. It took a whole skein plus a few yards of the next, but I figured out a few adjustments** to the last border row to make it a one-skein project.


And now, the giveaway! I have a skein of Bamboo Cotton and a skein of Ultra Pima, so that means TWO winners! The first winner will select which they want and the second will get the other yarn. They’re both gorgeous, so there aren’t any losers here. Both winners will also receive a printed copy of Craftsanity! If you aren’t a crocheter and have zero interest in my Dory pattern, do not fret–there are knitting patterns in this issue (and all others), too! There’s something for everyone, so this giveaway is open to knitters and crocheters alike.

To enter, just leave a comment below letting me know what projects are on your to-do list this Spring!

Giveaway ends this Friday, March 30, at 11:59pm CST. I’ll announce the winner shortly after! CLOSED!!!


*My changes include using either of the two Spring yarns above + a 6mm hook and crocheting fewer of the main body repeat. It’s still the same size as the original, just lighter because of the yarn and gauge.

**Make a slst between each scallop instead of a sc.

Goodknits in CraftSanity Issue 5!


Hello, friends! I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend. I wanted to let you all know I have a blanket pattern in the upcoming issue of CraftSanity!


Hexagon lace. This one is a bit different from the doily inspired patterns I’ve been releasing lately, but it’s still absolutely darling. I had the vision of a coverlet for my bed, but with my kiddos liking to mess my bed up all the time, I decided to make something a little smaller.


In Issue 5 of CraftSanity, you will find the Hexagon Lace pattern along with directions for adding a lace border. You can make the blanket as big as you’d like by adding more hexagons. I believe the edge pattern is intuitive enough for you to be able to apply it to a larger blanket with few, if any, adjustments. As always, I will be here if you have any problems!

The issue is available, right now! Issue 5 is “packed with projects ranging from holiday ornaments to sewn project bags, Tunisian crochet, baking, weaving, embroidery and more.” It sounds pretty amazing!

Goodknits in Craftsanity Magazine

doilies & love

Hello, friends!

I just wanted to inform you that the doily blanket pattern I have been teasing you with will finally be available next week in the Fall 2011 issue of Craftsanity Magazine! You’ll also find my Mary Jane slipper pattern inside and a Q&A with your’s truly. How exciting is that? My patterns are among the 20 patterns, tutorials, and recipes in this issue. Read more about it and pre-order your print copy here. If you’d rather view it on your computer, a PDF version will be available next week, so subscribe to the Craftsanity blog to stay posted.

I am so super excited to finally get this pattern out there. I have made SEVEN of these blankets already and to be honest, it’s a pretty interesting pattern. You crochet with worsted weight yarn, so it’s only 25 rounds and you’re able to see your stitches. It is a doily pattern, though, so on the first go I recommend paying attention and counting stitches. However, you quickly get the hang of it and your mind begins to anticipate the pattern. It’s fun and the piece you are left with is beautiful. I hope I get to see a lot of blankets made from this!

If you aren’t crochet savvy or don’t have the time, I will be putting a few blankets up for purchase on the 26th and there will be two different giveaways in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!