It’s a doily! It’s a blanket! It’s a doily blanket!

Stack of Blankets

And now you can own one. I listed a few doily blankets in the shop, today! Could you believe I’ve crocheted 2 others that aren’t listed? The pattern has reached TV-crochet stage, so I can look up every few seconds and I don’t mess up catastrophically! HOORAY! Now, if only I could make my hands hook those stitches faster. I need robot hands. And maybe a robot brain.

I’m currently pattern-drafting again. I got doily blanket pattern #2 typed up and now I’m developing a different sort of doily-inspired project. Hello, evasive description! I promise to share when I get it just right. I think I want to combine all three of these patterns with a few smaller ones and create a little e-book. Doily Love. How does THAT sound?

I’ve got doilies on the brain so much I spelled the word “doily” TWICE in a single game of Words With Friends, the other day. Gah.

Let’s celebrate the entrance of the doily blankets to the world and the beginning of Fall with a special offer. Enter coupon code FALLTASTIC at checkout for 15% off your entire order! There’s some new hats in the shop, as well. I’ll be adding more in the coming days.:)

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