Custom doily blanket for the holidays

Stack of Blankets

Hello, friends!
I just wanted to pop in and let you know today is the last day to snag a custom doily blanket if you want it on time for Christmas. I limited the number of blankets to three, but I sped through two at lightning fast speed and so I added another. Two listings remain in the shop, HERE and HERE. If you are in the US, these are guaranteed to arrive to you before Christmas if you order today, maybe tomorrow. After this weekend, I can’t guarantee Christmas arrival, but I will do my best!

doilies & love

The August Break 04


287.365: the blanket kid diptych

So snuggable.

If you want to make your own:
PRINTED copy of Lace Love HERE (PDF included and will be emailed to you ASAP)
PDF-ONLY can be purchased HERE

Have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be back on Monday with a fun giveaway!

Christmas: layered doily tree skirt


I was sitting in my knitting chair (tell me you have a designated knitting spot!) thinking about how I should make a tiny tree skirt for my tiny tabletop tree. I sighed when I realized that December was pretty much already here and I’d have to settle with a quick felt skirt. Nothing against felt, I just don’t have any of the GOOD stuff around and would have to use craft store felt, which is just plastic-y and gross.

I decided to forget about it and arrange one of my new shelves full of yarn. Upon combing through a few bags (tell me you sometimes store your yarn in plastic bags), I found a little stash of doilies. LIGHT!BULB!ON!

I took the base off my tree and threaded the metal tube through a few of the doilies and voila! A pretty lace tree skirt. No sewing, no gluing, no cutting, no nothing. It took me less than a minute to put together.






I like the messy mound of doily snow. I think it’s perfect for this tree full of little doily ornaments


little doily ornament

Now I need a bunch of tiny presents to put under it. I already ordered my husband’s gift off Etsy. It will be the first. I’m finally finishing up my toddler’s socks and I’ll wrap those up for the tree, too. I need the perfect little gift for my 6 year old, though. Hmmmm. He’s already getting a ton of random crap (I know, I know), so I need something meaningful.

Day 11: something I’ve been craving

314.365: the doilyflakes

I’ve been craving Christmas like no one’s business.

Patterns for this bundle of “doily flakes” will be released next week.

So Fawned 30 Days Hath November

Goodknits Giveaway on The Dainty Squid!


Hello, friends!
I wanted to make sure you all know there’s a Goodknits giveaway for a DOILY BLANKET going on riiiight now, on The Dainty Squid blog! There are many way to enter, so go check out the post and try to win.

It’s a doily! It’s a blanket! It’s a doily blanket!

Stack of Blankets

And now you can own one. I listed a few doily blankets in the shop, today! Could you believe I’ve crocheted 2 others that aren’t listed? The pattern has reached TV-crochet stage, so I can look up every few seconds and I don’t mess up catastrophically! HOORAY! Now, if only I could make my hands hook those stitches faster. I need robot hands. And maybe a robot brain.

I’m currently pattern-drafting again. I got doily blanket pattern #2 typed up and now I’m developing a different sort of doily-inspired project. Hello, evasive description! I promise to share when I get it just right. I think I want to combine all three of these patterns with a few smaller ones and create a little e-book. Doily Love. How does THAT sound?

I’ve got doilies on the brain so much I spelled the word “doily” TWICE in a single game of Words With Friends, the other day. Gah.

Let’s celebrate the entrance of the doily blankets to the world and the beginning of Fall with a special offer. Enter coupon code FALLTASTIC at checkout for 15% off your entire order! There’s some new hats in the shop, as well. I’ll be adding more in the coming days.:)