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TWO coupon codes! Early birds get the worm.


I cannot believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I blame the weather. It’s just so…warm. Oh well, I suppose. The holidays come whether you’re ready or not.

To celebrate, I am offering TWO coupon codes this season. They will both be valid in the shop at different times. They are valid on everything, including the custom listings and brand new items!

If you find yourself waiting for guests or the only one not napping at 3pm, use the coupon code THANKSGIVING to get 30% off your entire purchase. That’s BIG. I do believe that’s the biggest discount I’ve ever given. I’m in a giving mood, so let’s roll with it.

If you can’t get your shopping on until Friday, no worries! You can save 25% ALL WEEKEND! Use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY, valid from Friday through Monday.





doily blanket: Glory

Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans and happy Thursday to the rest of ya. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be back next week with my Christmas card. I’m pretty excited about it. I actually have to buy a new craft tool for it. Ha! I love that.

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Shop: Wrist-warmers!


So, I originally made these for the pattern (coming soon to a CraftSanity near you!), but I really liked them and don’t need 8 different pairs. Maybe you need some? Check out the shop for more details! There is even a listing for you to develop a pair of your own. Just select the colors you’d like and I’ll be right on it! If you want a pair in colors not currently listed, just send me a message via Etsy or email.

Get 15% off your entire shop order using coupon code SUPER15. There are already some leather & crochet coin purses on sale, sooooo…

Here are some of the ones that ready to ship (click photo to see Etsy listing):







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Shop: cross-stitched polaroid

x-stitch: instant rainbow

New to the shop: Cross-stitched Rainbow Polaroid Pendant. I have a few more pendants to list, this week. I’ll post about those later. I just had to share these photos of my SX-70 wearing this one.

sx-70 jewelry

♥ ♥ ♥

p.s. When I took my camera out for these photos, I realized I have one shot left on my pack of PX 100! I’ve been thinking about what to shoot all day.

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Crochet & Leather: in the shop!

little purse

Say hello to the newest items in the shop. I am so in love with these tiny frames and the little crochet & leather bits. I’m dreaming up some new color combinations and planning my next trip to the leather store because their scrap bin is pretty sweet. For now, there are only four little purses available. Enjoy 15% off your order with the coupon code GOODSUMMER.




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