Crochet: Sly Fox hat

Crochet: Bat Bow

Crochet: Glory, doily blanket

Crochet: Lily, doily blanket #5

Crochet: Rube, wrist-warmers

Crochet: Amigurumi Bunny Egg

Crochet: Cupcake Containers

Crochet: Georgia, doily blanket

Crochet: Simple Mask

Crochet: Lizzie slippers

Knit: Honey, DK slouch hat

Crochet: Mary Jane Slippers

Knit: Nell, slouch hat

Crochet: Willow, doily blanket

Knit: Terzetto, hat

Crochet: Simple Statement Wreath

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Shop: Wrist-warmers!


So, I originally made these for the pattern (coming soon to a CraftSanity near you!), but I really liked them and don’t need 8 different pairs. Maybe you need some? Check out the shop for more details! There is even a listing for you to develop a pair of your own. Just select the colors you’d like and I’ll be right on it! If you want a pair in colors not currently listed, just send me a message via Etsy or email.

Get 15% off your entire shop order using coupon code SUPER15. There are already some leather & crochet coin purses on sale, sooooo…

Here are some of the ones that ready to ship (click photo to see Etsy listing):







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7 comments to Shop: Wrist-warmers!

  • I love all the color combinations you have here. Really unique and fun!


  • These are fantastic! I’ve just been wanting to write a pattern for handwarmers, and now I have no reason not to. A quick question if you don’t mind – from whom (or where) do you get your inspiration to name your patterns? Such as Gloria, Willow, Anya, etc?


    LisaNo Gravatar Reply:

    All of the patterns in Lace Love (Willow, Anya, Darla, Fred, & Cordi) and Glory were named after characters in ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ (Fred is from ‘Angel’). I went through a few seasons while I was writing the patterns, so when it came time to name them, I just chose ones that became familiar!

    My last doily blanket (Georgia) and this pattern were named after characters in ‘Dead Like Me’. Can you tell what I do while I pattern draft? haha


    JessNo Gravatar Reply:

    That’s awesome, I can’t believe I didn’t spot the Buffy reference before! Love your patterns, Lisa :)


  • I love this colours, and love your blog, thank you for all!!!


  • Super cute, adore the bright colours


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