The book character parade was all sorts of adorable. My kids looked like THIS before school. My heart went all mushy for my baby in overalls. I wish he could wear them all the time. For trick or treating, Waldo turned into some sort of zombie thing and the little mouse transformed into Darkwing Andrew. I didn’t get around to finding a duck bill, so we sort of nixed the duck part. He still looked pretty darn cute.



[You can see past Halloween photos HERE]

While they went trick or treating, I sat around and handed out candy. I got only a handful of trick or treaters before 7:30. The big groups started coming after 8, which is when I went in to get the boys ready for bed. Jason handed out the rest of the bucket and that was that.

Helloooo, November.

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  • Bari JoNo Gravatar

    Cute costumes! I wanted to tell you I am working on Georgia! And loving it! I am using the Vanna’s Choice this time around and you are right – it is really squishy and I like working with it! I wish it had the sheen that the Simply Soft does also- but I really like the squishier fullness this yarn has for the doily afghans. I have done Willow and Glory and now this is #3. Thanks for the fun patterns – I am really enjoying working with my hands and understanding the patterns! A first for me! ;O) I am getting ready for Christmas and so excited I am getting things done early! :O)