Checking in!


So, my husband just won the “best birthday present ever” award. Once I got it out and set up, my first thought was, “I should blog this.” REALLY. I have been so bad at blogging, it isn’t even funny. I still knit and crochet and make stuff, but I don’t reach for my camera like I used to. I don’t know if I’ve fallen out of love with blogging or photography or both. I want to get back into regularly sharing, though. I wrote 7 posts for the Craftsy blog, last month! 7! I will make a massive Craftsy link-up in a bit. Today, I just want to sigh and ooooogle at this baby.


WHAT A BEAST!! I am in love. I sew a few times a year on a second-hand machine my aunt gave me 7 years ago. I’ve made a few sock monkeys and bibs and blankets, but I never got to experience opening my own brand new machine. The one my aunt gave me just up and broke in the middle of a project (I troubleshooted and tried to fix it myself, but I think it needs a pro to look at it), so my husband told me not to worry about it and a week later, this was sitting on my door step. Kind of funny that it was sent with just a shipping label on the box, so there was no way it could be a true surprise for my birthday. ha! My mom gave me the desk it’s sitting on. A totally crafty birthday! I’m hitting up the fabric store, this evening, for some bits to make a quilt.

I hope a lot of you have stuck around to hear my crafty adventures. I love sharing and hopefully you can keep me accountable and I won’t end up with a half-made quilt that sits on my desk for a year.

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  • This is such a beautiful machine, Lisa! I love that it looks like the old Singer machines.
    Happy belated birthday!

  • that looks like one badass sewing machine! happy birthday!

  • Happy birthday! I have the Singer One Plus (similar but white) and it’s a great machine! I just love mine. I’m making a new purse and wallet for myself today, in fact. Enjoy your new machine! BTW, you should name it. Mine’s name is Sewphia. :)

  • Oh good job, Jason.

  • Well this is a beauty! Hope you had a fab birthday. Say no to blog guilt and just enjoy it! :) x

  • HusbandNo Gravatar

    Tips for other husbands trying to win best gift award:
    1. Wait for her to tell you what she wants.
    2. When you go to buy it, ask her if it’s really what she wants.
    3. Buy it
    Note: She may act like she doesn’t want it when you are getting ready to buy it, noting the price, or considering other options, but that is a judgement call you just have to make.
    4. Repeat every year.