The Cafe Curtains

I put up a curtain rod over one of the windows in my breakfast room, about 9 months ago. It took me that long to make curtains. That’s about how long it takes to make a baby! After putting it up, I had to decide on a fabric. I chose one and then hated it. Fast forward a few months and I win a Waverly Fabric giveaway on sfgirlbybay!

143.365: the cafe curtains

When I received the fabric, I was in awe. My creative mind kind of just froze and the box sat next to my knitting basket since then. I would sneak peeks and wonder if I should make a pillow, an apron, or perhaps some sort of magical quilt. It wasn’t until a few days ago, when I was standing in this room thinking about how I “wished I had made those curtains before the birthday party” (this Saturday), that I realized this fabric would be PERFECT!

View from the kitchen.

I sewed them up, yesterday evening. The boys went to Grandma’s for a day of fun in the sun (and crawfish. ick) and I stayed behind to clean their room (it was HORRIBLE but now is LOVELY). I made 2 simple rectangles out of one yard of this print and hung them up with a rod and clips from Ikea. They came out the perfect cafe-style length.

I think I might pick up some bamboo valances for the top and get rid of the blinds.

Boy, oh, boy. This is some beautiful fabric. I am in love with this room, now. I just need to score the perfect chairs and I’d be all set! Next up in my sewing queue: a valance for my kitchen to replace the ugly dingy one that came with the house. Can you guess what fabric I’ll be using for that??

It starts with a Wave and ends with an -erly. :)

Spring wardrobe (for my camera)

Yeah! It’s that time of year, again. Time for a new camera strap cover! Last May, I made one using some fabric from a vintage pillow case. This year, I went bright.

86.365: spring clothes (for my camera)

I’ve had this fabric in my possession for years. I think it was one of the first fabrics I thrifted. I saw it hanging amongst some other boring pieces and knew it was special. SO special, I brought it home with me….and then neglected it. Until the other day! I wanted something new for my camera. I love my old strap cover, but I wanted something with some more color. I used the fabric as a backdrop in some photos and wanted to make *something* out of it. Camera strap it is!

Isn’t it wonderfully Springy?

camera strap for spring

Ooooh! Also–I had a long scrap that I ripped off of it to even out the edge and couldn’t bear to part with it, so I turned it into fabric tape using my Xyron sticker maker. Waste not, want not!

Gingham is perfect for Spring

83.365: lookin' sharp

Tell me you love gingham! I found a piece of blue gingham fabric in a remnants bin at a Jo-Ann store that was closing. That means it was something like 75% off. Since Spring was fast approaching and I knew I wanted to make this guy a bow tie some day I immediately plopped it in my basket.

Fast forward to last week and a post in the Celebrate the Boy line-up. Specifically, this one on delia creates. Bingo! I used some scrap fabric to make a prototype and check my measurements. It came out OK, but I didn’t really dig the big triangle sides, so I made a completely rectangular one and voila! Both the boy and I LOVE it.

I want to make more!

Other shortcuts I took were to draw my pattern only twice on the fabric, then fold the piece in half and sew on the lines. I didn’t really want to cut it out four times and then pin and deal with tiny seam allowances. Call me lazy, if ya want, but I made two ties in less than half an hour, including time to wind a bobbin and thread my machine. If only I could get my littlest boy to wear it. He didn’t even let me tie it on his neck.

Gütermann colors

Gutermann thread - 35mm

I’m not much of a seamstress, but I’m pretty obsessed with this thread, guys. The Gütermann display at my local Jo-Ann is just gorgeous. There’s another Jo-Ann, about half an hour away, that is closing (to make way for one of those amazing super-Jo-Ann stores!) and so they are liquidating inventory. Everything is on sale! So, while I didn’t have much money, I HAD to scoop up some of the pretty thread. Even if I don’t use it all, it’s really nice to look at, no?

I wanted to capture the scene in as many different ways as possible, while Andy slept in, this morning. First, with my regular camera and lens duo–Nikon D40 +35mm f/1.8. Next, with my Lensbaby 2.0 attached:

Gutermann - Lensbaby

Then I switched over to film and my Polaroid Spectra. This is my last exposure of softtone edge-cut film, from the Impossible Project:

Gutermann - Spectra

Lastly, with my Polaroid SX-70 and Impossible Project PX70 film. I’ll probably re-scan this later this evening or tomorrow morning, as the photo gets better as it develops more. I’m shooting for a 20-30 hour window from when I snapped the shot.

Gutermann - SX-70

Big sigh! It’s like candy to a crafter! I’m going to find a way to display these somewhere around my craft-desk. I have a lot of other thread that actually does get used and sits on my thread holder (I’m a novice at best, so thread lasts me a while), but this would probably end up in a drawer otherwise. I’m off to brainstorm!

Gutermann - nikon, wide

Pillow #4

new pillow for my couch

I’ve spent the past few weeks knitting a bunch. I do a lot of my knitting at the extremes of my day–late night after the littlest finally goes down or early morning, after a coffee and a kiss goodbye from both Jason and Nathan.

I’m working on berets. Actually, I’m working on a beret pattern. Because of this, I’ve frogged a few hats. I’m working in worsted weight yarn on about 120 stitches after the beret increase, sooo it’s pretty heartbreaking when I realize I’m headed in the wrong direction, design-wise. I’m hoping to have two different beret patterns done by the end of the month and a little handful of berets to put in my shop.

Because I cannot knit all the time–forcing the craft brings about feelings of loathing and I don’t want that–I tend to pick up little projects between knitting marathons. I finished this pillow on Saturday evening.

I found this pillow case at the thrift store for a quarter and have had it sitting on my desk for a while. I had a body pillow that I no longer needed (hello, if you’ve been pregnant, you know the absolute NECESSITY of a body pillow or two), so I decided to combine them.

I folded up the body pillow and strapped it with some elastic–just tie the ends–squeezed it into the case, chopped off the excess fabric, folded the ends inward, pinned, and hand-sewed it shut, pulling out the elastic before I finished. I did this late at night on Friday (the night I took my littlest to spend the weekend with grandma) and tufted the center on Saturday. Et voila! It’s thick enough to work as a floor cushion when one of the kiddos wants to draw at the coffee table.

chunky monkey pillow

It’s the fourth pillow I’ve made for my living room. I should probably line them all up on my little loveseat and take a group photo.

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