Gingham is perfect for Spring

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Tell me you love gingham! I found a piece of blue gingham fabric in a remnants bin at a Jo-Ann store that was closing. That means it was something like 75% off. Since Spring was fast approaching and I knew I wanted to make this guy a bow tie some day I immediately plopped it in my basket.

Fast forward to last week and a post in the Celebrate the Boy line-up. Specifically, this one on delia creates. Bingo! I used some scrap fabric to make a prototype and check my measurements. It came out OK, but I didn’t really dig the big triangle sides, so I made a completely rectangular one and voila! Both the boy and I LOVE it.

I want to make more!

Other shortcuts I took were to draw my pattern only twice on the fabric, then fold the piece in half and sew on the lines. I didn’t really want to cut it out four times and then pin and deal with tiny seam allowances. Call me lazy, if ya want, but I made two ties in less than half an hour, including time to wind a bobbin and thread my machine. If only I could get my littlest boy to wear it. He didn’t even let me tie it on his neck.

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