Valentine’s Day Hot/Cold Rice Pack

diy heart hot or cold rice pack

When thinking of a little something-something for my kids to gift to their teachers on Valentine’s Day, I only knew I wanted to incorporate a granny square in there. I don’t know why, I guess they were on my mind!

I scoured Ravelry for a granny square HEART (there are a lot, by the way) and fell in love with THIS pattern. It’s super easy and I made 2 in less than half an hour. I used Sugar & Cream cotton and a 6mm (J) hook. I omitted the picot edge and instead made a solid crochet round. I whip-stitched two hearts together from about the third DC-group from the corner to the exact spot on the opposite side. You’re leaving a space to put the rice pack in.

I waited until I got the hearts sewn to make the rice packs. I found something circular that was about the right size (a CD?) to use as my pattern and then I just traced it on the back of some pretty fabric. Sew two layers together, leaving an inch open, funnel in some rice, then whip-stitch the hole.

I’m going to include a little card with some general rice pack instructions.

Are you getting your Valentine craft on? It’s one of my favorite times to be crafty. I love hearts!

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2 comments to Valentine’s Day Hot/Cold Rice Pack

  • I’ve been busy making hearts too – I have so many I’m not at all sure what to do with them all … a small token for my kiddos teachers is great idea – why didn’t I think of that before! Thank you!

  • these are gorgeous… we are making wooden heart door hangers and crocheting onto the wire hanger.