The baby gets a silhouette!

This weekend, I finally set about making a painted fabric silhouette for Andrew. I made Nathan’s in late April 2008. He was almost 3. Considering Andrew is that same age, I thought I should get on the ball and make his.

I hung it up, yesterday:

93.365: we will become silhouettes

I used the same method I used to make the other: I stretched some fabric over a 12×12 canvas and stapled it on the back. Then, I printed the silhouette onto freezer paper, cut it out, and ironed it onto my fabric. I used acrylic paint and foam brush to paint around the stencil. Let it dry a bit, then peeled off the paper. I coated it all with some glossy mod-podge.

A few things:
–I still got air bubbles! Big boo to that, but you can hardly tell unless you’re right up on it (get off my wall!).
–The orange floral fabric is a little busy, so I’m going to have to outline the silhouette a bit to give it more definition. If I could do it again, I’d probably reverse it–iron down the outside of the stencil and paint inside the silhouette.

Do you have any silhouettes of you or family members?

I have a few more projects to share, this week. I can hardly wait! They include an embroidery project, a knitted pillow, and my adventures in gardening. Stay tuned!

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Have a great week, everyone!

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