like birds of a feather, we stick together.

89.365: threenager

It’s been a few weeks since I shared photos of my littlest. With Nathan in kindergarten, Andrew and I spend a lot of quality time together. He’ll be three (3!) in less than 2 months and that blows my weee mind. He’s learned his colors and shapes and can count to five. I suppose we could start working on numbers more.

He never really entered a “terrible two” phase, but I do believe he is a strong-willed child. I have had to learn how to get around it and sort of “trick” him into thinking my ideas are his. I do this a lot when I want to get photos of him.

dejected toddler


He gets annoyed when I try to keep him in a certain spot for long and makes it perfectly clear with his facial expressions. It doesn’t help that he’s at the age of awkward smiles. SO, unless I get a candid photo of him in a good mood, all his smiley photos look totally forced. Ages 3-5: the awkward smile phase. He’ll grow out of it in a few years. Right now, he’s just too occupied with much more fun things than my silly camera.

the firetruck

Like the big firetruck! Look, I turned day into night.

Which leads me into a little bit about my newest camera accessory. Cactus wireless flash triggers! I received them in the mail, last week. A late birthday present from my wonderful husband. A whole new world of off-camera flash has opened up for me and I am excited, scared, inspired, excited, and scared some more! I’ve taken a few photos with them and I’m so disappointed. You mean I have to PRACTICE?! (sarcasm)

Let’s see where this leads me.

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