embroidery: Easter eggs and pineapples

easter eggs & pineapples

I wanted to embroidery a doily. Then I thought about how delicate crocheting a doily is and how embroidering one would probably make me mad. SO, I stretched this lovely doily (that I had 3 of!) over some vintage fabric in an embroidery hoop and started embroidering on it.

95.365: burst

I just free-formed it, I guess. I used the openings in the lace to determine my pattern. I only used the back-stitch and ended up with something that sort of resembles a traditional crocheted chevron pattern.


Can you see it?? The chevrons/ripples/whatever? The pattern also kind of resembles an Easter egg, no? Like if you view it from the top? Please tell me I’m not hallucinating that effect!

I finished it off with a vintage button, that was part of a set I bought at an antique store a couple years ago.


It’s all nestled in a cherry-stained embroidery hoop.

Making this was totally relaxing. Following the doily pattern was stimulating, but easy. If you have a doily hanging about that is nice, but with no real purpose, I suggest doing this! The effect is nice and you can leave your favorite parts (in my case, the pineapples!) alone.

What do you think? Does it do the doily justice?

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