knitting: the pickle pillow

96.365: the pickle pillow

I made this enormous bolster pillow and the kids immediately started calling it “the pickle pillow.” It doesn’t really fit on the love seat (I needs a couch, yo), so the boys use it as a head rest when they’re laying in front of the tube watching episodes of Inspector Gadget. It’s their new favorite TV show. It’s 22 minutes, so they get to watch one episode unless they’re sick and quarantined to the living room.

I love garter stitch

fat garter stitch

TWO strands of Lion Brand Wool-ease Thick & Quick in lemongrass (which was ON CLEARANCE at my local Michael’s last week for $3.99/ball)
Size US19 needles.
35 (or 36? something like that) stitches and approximately 22 garter ridges (44 knit rows).
Seam the BO to the CO, then cinch one end shut.
Fold a towel in half (short end to short end), then roll it up and wrap it with a few layers of quilt batting.
I made an inside case with some green fabric so the guts wouldn’t be so obvious through the stretched stitches.

Stuff it! Close the other end.

I LOVE garter stitch. It’s so easy and textural and……yeah! it’s awesome. <3

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