It’s December!

And it’s finally cold here in Houston! Hu-freakin’-zzah! I was getting kinda worried for a bit. Thought we’d have to dress the boys in shorts and sleeveless shirts for Christmas. That would definitely put a damper on any cute photos. Not like I’m super obsessed with holiday photos anyway. My camera slept in my diaper bag pretty much all of Thanksgiving. I took it out once to show my father-in-law and to snap this photo + a few others.

365.330: I'm thankful for...

Then away it went! I just didn’t feel like taking any photos indoors. I had seen (re: EATEN) enough food and really, that’s all anyone cares about on Thanksgiving anyway, right?

I finished up gift #8 on Friday. I have yet to start #9. I took a little hiatus from my needles to put together some Christmas cards. I was happy with the overall look of them despite the color being completely off on the prints (they came out way too warm). I suppose it’s my fault for being so impatient and choosing a 1-hour service instead of spending a little more and, y’know, waiting a week or so to get prints from an online service. Ohhh well. They’re in the mail already! I’ll post it later on this week. It epitomizes my children.

Gift #8 as wall-art:

365.331: Gift #8

My gift stack looks like THIS, now. 2 berets are stretched over embroidery hoops. The inside ring of a 10″ hoop is perfect for beret stretching! I need to make some 10″ circles to put them on when I give them away. I’m thinking maybe scrap cardboard or maybe some wire hangers.

3 comments to It’s December!

  • Hey now, I’m in Houston too. After living here a year, I finally know the true meaning of the word “hot.” This cool front is so nice. The only downside is that it’s making me manic to finish the granny square afghan I’m working on.

    Beautiful photo, and the berets are loverly.

  • I’m jelous of you chilly weather!! It’s still hot in Los Angeles!!!

    PS – I would’ve never though to use an embroidery hoop to block a beret. That’s brilliant and I’m totally making a mental note of it.

  • KellyNo Gravatar

    That beret looks amazing and it’s very intricate. Great job! Can you post the pattern (or link) on how to make this hat?

    Thanks in advance!

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