Christmas knitting detour

ganomy [2]I started gift #9 on Tuesday, but put it down on Wednesday (yesterday) to start a woolly hat for my four year old. His woollies have been passed down to his brother, so his ears are quite cold when we’re out. And that is just not acceptable.

I chose one of my all-time favorite hat patterns, Ganomy by Elizabeth Zimmermann. It’s found in the best $7 knitting book out there, Knitter’s Almanac. I’ve read it cover to cover, but I’ve only made a few items (mainly the babies’ things and hats). It’s a good read, with a bunch of classic patterns.

I used Paton’s Classic Wool in the “that’s blue” colorway. It matches Nate’s school colors and compliments his [brand new] jacket that’s a few shades of gray. I modified the pattern a bit, to compensate for the thinner yarn. I changed the cast-on to 98 stitches, stopping front increases at 4″, back increases at 6″, and then adjusting the decreases as necessary . Size US 8 needles. Less than two days. Success!

He didn’t really want to pose for me, this afternoon. He said he would “sleep through it.” It being my snapping pictures of him. He gave up and started playing with cars soon after.

Let sleeping gnomes lie.

365.337: let sleeping gnomes lie

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