Last Day of Winter Break

07.365: at play

January 7, 2013. My kids’ 3-week vacation ends. We spent a chilly hour at the park.

I took photos with my Nikon 1 (affixed with the 18.5mm f/1.8 lens). I am in love with this little camera. I still adore my D7000, but this baby is just so handy! I also don’t feel like such a weirdo when I bring it out. The giant DSLR makes me feel like I’m screaming, “LOOK AT ME! I have a camera! I take photos! Ask me to take your photo!” when I bring it out. I need to work on my confidence.

Anyway. I love this camera and it helps me capture special moments with my boys. I didn’t even notice I was taking photos of each of them doing the same thing (sorta) while we were there.

They did some:



balancing, and of course–

sliding! Fast slides are the best.

It was pretty great. They’re back at school and, I gotta say, I miss these faces.

hanging out

seven years and seven months

Picture the Holidays: Week 1

December 1
Day 1: Holding on to gratitude.

December 2
Day 2: Re-framing the season.

337.365: December 3
Day 3: All you need is love.

338.365: December 4
Day 4: The key [to my peace of mind].

339.365: December 5
Day 5: The view from here.

340.365: December 6
Day 6: Every little thing.

December 7
Day 7: Expressing myself.

I am once again getting amazing photography prompts via email every morning from Tracey Clark via Paper Coterie. I am ever so thankful because my Project 365 was starting to feel very tiresome. I guess the end of the year is just draining a lot of my creativity and so photography got put on the back burner. I’m happy to start feeling excited about it again!

Day 24: Something that means a lot to me

327.365: knitting on the road

Aside from the obvious–family, friends, etc.–something that means a lot to me is my ability to create. I love to knit and crochet and make things with my hands. It means a lot that I can make things with a simple piece of string!

This was my shot for Project 365 on Thanksgiving day. It is usually a day for family. I bring along my camera with the best intentions of getting lovely shots of people enjoying each other, but then I end up being one of those people and my camera stays safely tucked in my bag. I only remember it when we’re already on our way across town to visit even more family. I know the same thing is going to happen–I’ll get lost in conversations and chasing littles around and my camera will stay in its place–so I take a photo of what I do between meals. Knitting.

So Fawned 30 Days Hath November

300 of 365

300.365: 300 days down!


Thursday was day 300 of the year and day 300 of my Project 365 of 2011! Are any of you doing a Project 365, this year? How exciting is it to get to 300??! I can’t believe there are only 65 days left of 2011. WOW. Let’s make them matter.

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Thrift Score of the Weekend

288.365: the thrifted basket

A pretty pretty golden yellow waste bin for my yarn. I immediately came home, lined it with some fabric, and filled it with balls of yarn.