Picture the Holidays: Week 1

December 1
Day 1: Holding on to gratitude.

December 2
Day 2: Re-framing the season.

337.365: December 3
Day 3: All you need is love.

338.365: December 4
Day 4: The key [to my peace of mind].

339.365: December 5
Day 5: The view from here.

340.365: December 6
Day 6: Every little thing.

December 7
Day 7: Expressing myself.

I am once again getting amazing photography prompts via email every morning from Tracey Clark via Paper Coterie. I am ever so thankful because my Project 365 was starting to feel very tiresome. I guess the end of the year is just draining a lot of my creativity and so photography got put on the back burner. I’m happy to start feeling excited about it again!

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