Advertise/Sponsor Goodknits!


Good day, friends!

I’ve been mulling over this decision for a while and I’ve decided I should do a trial run for advertisers/sponsors. I am only going to accept a limited number, but it will be completely affordable and you will get an ad in my sidebar (right below my main menu and above my own shop button) and the opportunity to guest-post on the blog.

Traffic has been steadily increasing the past few months (happily hanging above 20,000 unique visits and over 30,000 page loads per month). I had two patterns published in the current (Fall) issue of CraftSanity Magazine and will have another in the Winter issue. The blog was also mentioned in the current (October) issue of Let’s Knit. November will be an exciting month for Goodknits because of the release of my first pattern booklet–Lace Love.

Most of my readers are interested in craft-related (knitting, crochet, and general DIY) products and blogs. If you have a blog or product and are seeking new readership/customers, please consider an ad on the Goodknits blog!

Currently, all sponsors will have the same size ad and they will be rotated mid-month.

$15 will get you the ad space, part of the group introduction, and a post all you own (this is optional, but it can be a giveaway, DIY, more in-depth look at YOU/your business, or just something you want to share)

Space is limited, so if you are interested, please send me an email-

If this trial goes well, perhaps we can expand this opportunity to include smaller and larger ads with different features for the blog. If it doesn’t, then I promise to never ask again. ;)

Thank you so much for reading. Happy Wednesday!