A Month of Craft Photos: Completed!

Happy Leap Day, folks! I’m happy to announce that I have completed the Month of Craft Photos. I’m super proud I was able to stick to it and more or less follow all the daily prompts. You can see my blog posts using this link or you can browse my Flickr set here.

Thank you all so much for your motivation and enthusiasm with my photo posts!

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Crochet: Chevron Baby Blanket

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 29

Pattern: My go-to ripple blanket pattern
Yarn: Bernat Softee Baby in “Flannel” AND Loops & Threads Snuggly Wuggly in “Mint” and “Cool Baby” // both found at Michaels
Hook: 5mm (US H)

My beginning chain was 146 and it took about a week to complete. For some reason I didn’t carry my yarn up the side, so I had something like 34 ends to weave in when I was done. Grumble.




I’m kind of in love with the soft contrast of the aqua and mint. I’m usually all for BRIGHT & BOLD colors for baby blankets, but this….this pleases me.


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A Month of Craft Photos: Days 21-28

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 21
21; crafting companion (orig. #30)
this pillow sits on the top edge of the couch and the kitten likes to nap there almost every time I sit to knit.

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 22
22; contrast
a colorwork hat–diagonal shifting stripes. I was in that sort of mood for a few days. I learned– knitting with both of my hands makes them cramp up big time! I don’t usually get any hand cramping problems, but when I’m knitting with two colors, my left hand ends up sore for a few hours.

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 23
23; inspiration from clothes
fun, bold colors, patterns, teal, red, etc.

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 24
24; up close
I love lace. Orange lace? Even better.

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 25
25; when I craft
knitting in the morning; listening to dreams of the little ones while they munch on eggs and toast.

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 26
26; organization
really, this is just a shelf of yarn that will get used up soon. my stash is located in bins, but the yarn that will be used up soonish gets put on the shelf. I like looking at the colors–inspiration abound!

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 27
27; the wrong side
I finished the hat I was working on a few days ago. It’s a colorwork hat, so the wrong side is all sorts of lovely stripes of wool. I like the floating yarn!

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 28
28; simplicity
the crochet looks complicated. I bought the doily for a great price because it has a hole in it. Placed in an embroidery hoop, it’s a simple, yet beautiful, wall adornment.

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A Month of Craft Photos: Days 18-20

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 18
18; craft books

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 19
19; supplies
a knitter/crocheter’s most abundant source of supplies–the scrap yarn jar. I turned some of mine into a heart.

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 20
20; finishing

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A Month of Craft Photos: Days 15-17

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 15
15; a new skill

This isn’t new-new, but it is the newest skill I’ve learned. I started carving my own stamps, last year. This is my most used (with a regular dye ink pad). It gets stamped on the envelopes that carry printed copies of Lace Love all over the world! Can you see it? It’s a crochet pineapple. No, it’s a heart. No, it’s both. Ohhh-aahhhh.

Speaking of Lace Love, I have less than 15 copies left! If you would like one, please see the shop.

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 16
16; texture

The texture of mercerized cotton is pretty neat. And that color? Glorious. I contemplated converting the photo to black & white, to bring out the texture, but I couldn’t bear to part with that lovely morado.

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 17
17; last FO I used

After taking some photos of my hooks in an old Picante sauce jar, I realized I liked the shorter/fatter ones more. SO- I put my hooks into this old pimento jar! I have a lot of glass jars. They look so sweet with cozies, no?!

[See my other craft photos from this month.]

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