A Month of Craft Photos: Days 21-28

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 21
21; crafting companion (orig. #30)
this pillow sits on the top edge of the couch and the kitten likes to nap there almost every time I sit to knit.

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 22
22; contrast
a colorwork hat–diagonal shifting stripes. I was in that sort of mood for a few days. I learned– knitting with both of my hands makes them cramp up big time! I don’t usually get any hand cramping problems, but when I’m knitting with two colors, my left hand ends up sore for a few hours.

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 23
23; inspiration from clothes
fun, bold colors, patterns, teal, red, etc.

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 24
24; up close
I love lace. Orange lace? Even better.

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 25
25; when I craft
knitting in the morning; listening to dreams of the little ones while they munch on eggs and toast.

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 26
26; organization
really, this is just a shelf of yarn that will get used up soon. my stash is located in bins, but the yarn that will be used up soonish gets put on the shelf. I like looking at the colors–inspiration abound!

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 27
27; the wrong side
I finished the hat I was working on a few days ago. It’s a colorwork hat, so the wrong side is all sorts of lovely stripes of wool. I like the floating yarn!

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 28
28; simplicity
the crochet looks complicated. I bought the doily for a great price because it has a hole in it. Placed in an embroidery hoop, it’s a simple, yet beautiful, wall adornment.

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10 comments to A Month of Craft Photos: Days 21-28

  • beautiful shots! your home looks so cozy.

  • AnheloNo Gravatar

    I love your photography Lisa. And those kitten paws!!!!

  • Verry nice ,congreatulation.Marie-Claire

  • I love the orange lace image – really good job!

  • These are dreamy!! :) They make me miss crafting oh-so-badly! *Love* the yellows and oranges you have there, waiting to be used up…

  • this post is so inspiring! I’m going to take a stab here, maybe the reason your left hand is so sore after knitting with two colours, is because with one colour knitting, you don’t use it much? when i first started knitting, my right hand would hurt. maybe you’re strengthening your left?
    i could be totally wrong, lol
    i love the way your yarn looks. i have most of my stuff in bins because we’re moving soon. once we’re all settled in, i’m planning on having a bookshelf with the yarns I use regularly easily in reach. i feel like it will make me more productive.
    that doily is darling
    Knit, Nicole, Knit!

    • Well, I’m a continental knitter (and I crochet), so I usually do have the yarn over my left finger. That’s why it surprises me that it cramps up so badly! It FEELS like it’s the same movement, but I guess I’m doing something different.

      I definitely feel more productive when I can see the yarn I’m using up. If there are gaps in the yarn I have on the shelf, I know I’m doing something!

  • perfect (as always!) i love that doily.