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You know what I heard this week? I heard someone say they wouldn’t put their kid in hand-me-downs. Forrrreal. My brain does not compute. WHAT?! WHYYY? I just don’t get it.

Hand-me-downs are the best! THE BEST! When my oldest was a baby/toddler, we spent almost every weekend at various thrift stores. He would get a crap-ton of clothes at birthdays and Christmas (~6 months apart!), so we never splurged between. We looked for used items that fit his MY aesthetic. He didn’t give one single darn.

I’m happy to report my toddler is the same way. I saved a lot of Nathan’s old clothes and now Andrew gets to love them. Some of the items have got be twice or thrice handed down. No problemo!

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 23


little & big


swooony hair

The little guy’s shirt & pants were both handed down from his brother. The shirt was thrifted and has always been one of my favorites. His boots are from Marshall’s. We bought them a size too big and so they’ve lasted MONTHS (chunky socks in the winter) and have that sweet worn look, now.

He is still adamant about not cutting his hair. I’m still holding back. I foresee a disaster if I try to force him.

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