A Month of Craft Photos: Days 15-17

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 15
15; a new skill

This isn’t new-new, but it is the newest skill I’ve learned. I started carving my own stamps, last year. This is my most used (with a regular dye ink pad). It gets stamped on the envelopes that carry printed copies of Lace Love all over the world! Can you see it? It’s a crochet pineapple. No, it’s a heart. No, it’s both. Ohhh-aahhhh.

Speaking of Lace Love, I have less than 15 copies left! If you would like one, please see the shop.

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 16
16; texture

The texture of mercerized cotton is pretty neat. And that color? Glorious. I contemplated converting the photo to black & white, to bring out the texture, but I couldn’t bear to part with that lovely morado.

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 17
17; last FO I used

After taking some photos of my hooks in an old Picante sauce jar, I realized I liked the shorter/fatter ones more. SO- I put my hooks into this old pimento jar! I have a lot of glass jars. They look so sweet with cozies, no?!

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