Small Style: hand-me-downs

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You know what I heard this week? I heard someone say they wouldn’t put their kid in hand-me-downs. Forrrreal. My brain does not compute. WHAT?! WHYYY? I just don’t get it.

Hand-me-downs are the best! THE BEST! When my oldest was a baby/toddler, we spent almost every weekend at various thrift stores. He would get a crap-ton of clothes at birthdays and Christmas (~6 months apart!), so we never splurged between. We looked for used items that fit his MY aesthetic. He didn’t give one single darn.

I’m happy to report my toddler is the same way. I saved a lot of Nathan’s old clothes and now Andrew gets to love them. Some of the items have got be twice or thrice handed down. No problemo!

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 23


little & big


swooony hair

The little guy’s shirt & pants were both handed down from his brother. The shirt was thrifted and has always been one of my favorites. His boots are from Marshall’s. We bought them a size too big and so they’ve lasted MONTHS (chunky socks in the winter) and have that sweet worn look, now.

He is still adamant about not cutting his hair. I’m still holding back. I foresee a disaster if I try to force him.

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my boys

mr. roboto

We survived the 6 days without daddy! One of the perks of him being gone is he brings gifts! Andrew got this adorable robot hat. Now he can chant “I.AM.A.ROBOT.” and actually look like one. Nathan got a different more “grown up” hat and I got chocolate! Weee!

The week without daddy wasn’t tough at all. MY dad helped out a lot. My boys lovelovelove grandpa and I lovelovelove not having to walk in the rain to pick up the big kid from school. It was pretty great having him around.

serious kiddo
sheeeeesh. guh-rown.

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A Month of Craft Photos: Day 3 [An old FO]

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 3

According to Ravelry, I finished this blanket in 15 days of April 2008. That’s right before this guy was born. It was the only blanket I crocheted for him and of course it still makes its rotation around the house–in my bed, in his, in the living room, dining room, etc. It even went with us when we evacuated during Hurricane Ike. One of my favorite Andrew-baby photos is of him on top of it in a wagon while we were staying at Grandma’s during the evacuation. He was so deliciously chubby. See?

andy wagon



So, yes. This is a nearly 4 year-old FO. Both the blanket and the baby.

[See my other craft photos from this month.]

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Craft Night: Felt Camera

"1, 2, 3, CLICK!"

The night before last, My Girl Thursday and ♥elycia hosted Craft Night! I logged on while they were getting their camera and stream situated and proceeded to cut my pieces during the first few minutes. I followed along with them for about an hour and a half and then had to help with bedtime. I was able to pick up where I left off when I got back and finished all of the sewing that night. I stuffed my camera the next morning and presented it to Andrew.




He LOVES it. I took these photos this morning and you can see where the felt is already pilling. I used the craft-store stuff because that’s all I had on hand. I intended to make it all blue, but…ummmm I ran out. Ha! Oh well. I like the contrasting yellow sides and top/bottom.



Did you participate? Show me!

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A Tale of Little Tumbleweeds


After posting this photo on Twitter, the kind folks over at Tumbleweeds contacted me and asked if we would be interested in reviewing a pair of child-size sunglasses. Of course!


Upon opening the package, I was immediately struck by how tiny the glasses seemed. Surely, they would not fit my toddler’s giant noggin.

triptych: little sunnies

I called him over and was SO happy to be proven wrong.

They fit perfectly! Wearing his dad’s sunglasses, he constantly had to be poking them back over his little button nose. These were so nice and snug. Andrew was super excited, too! Anything he can wear that is like someone else’s in the family–he LOVES. He was so excited when both he and Nathan got similar jackets for Christmas.




These glasses provide the perfect touch of uniqueness while still letting him look like his dad. Plus, they’re super durable! He doesn’t quite yet know how to take them off without stretching them and the frames were just as snug after a few pops on and off.

Many, many thanks to Tumbleweeds for providing these little sunnies for my boy. He is so happy with them. We can’t wait for more sunny days! He’s already ordered me to keep them in my purse all the time. He went so far as to suggest I keep them with my camera. Smart boy!


Andrew’s wearing: Zebra wood sunglasses c/o Tumbleweeds, shirt from Threadless, cardigan from Danielle’s online yard sale, and no pants because that’s how he rolls on Sunday mornings.

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