Fall is here! 5 free crochet patterns

Fall has arrived and I thought I’d re-share some of my favorite Fall patterns. All five of these patterns are FREE, so go nuts! Click the photos to get to the patterns.

Crochet: Simple Statement Wreath

The simplest wreath pattern out there.

Crochet: Fall Lace Garland

Ever notice how crochet pineapples kind of resemble leaves? Make a garland in your favorite fall colors!

Crochet: Simple Mask

Perfect for Halloween! These masks are really quick to whip up. Start making a bunch and pass them out at Halloween instead of candy.

Crochet: Bat Bow

Another sweet Halloween pattern. It’s not even October and I want it to be October 31st already.

Crochet: Rube wristwarmers

‘Rube’ is now FREE! Go make your hands cozy!

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7 comments to Fall is here! 5 free crochet patterns

  • Yay!! I love the wrist warmers and fun mask! Will definitely be trying. Thank you!

  • meryNo Gravatar

    Omg!!! i love all your patterns!!! i cannot wait to try them!!!

  • MicheleNo Gravatar

    Thank you for your fun free patterns, what a treat! < michele

  • Hi Lisa, almost finished your adorable fox pattern. Was so excited to take it to a show tomorrow. Had hopes of taking orders because of all the What Does the Fox Say hype, only to get to the end of your pattern which reads: personal use only. I’m so disappointed. May I take it to the show just to sell the one I made. I won’t put it on my blog or take orders without your permission. I looked at numerous patterns and have some I can make to look like a fox, but yours was the cutest because of the shelling and decreasing. Thank you!

  • nora gomezNo Gravatar

    I love your fox hat pattern. Can’t wait to crochet it. Thank you for sharing your talent!

  • susan sibertNo Gravatar

    how do I get the five free patterns?