Crochet: Simple Mask


With October fast-approaching, I thought it was time to share this quick pattern.

Andrew, who’s 4, has decided he wants to be Darkwing Duck for Halloween, this year. Yes, the cartoon character from the early 90s. I can thank my husband for introducing that one to the boys. He’s dressed in a purple double-breasted blazer, a cape, mask, and hat (no pants because cartoon ducks don’t wear pants). I searched a few thrift stores for a purple blazer, but couldn’t find one. I DID find a white linen/cotton blazer to dye, though. I also picked up some purple fabric to make a cape and he has a gray fedora that will do just fine. I only needed to figure out the mask situation (and find him some white pants, because no way he’s going pantless).

I know I could make one out of the same purple fabric, but I got the idea in my head that he needed a mask made of yarn. I wasn’t near my computer when I made this grand decision, so I whipped one up just winging it. The results were pretty damn cute.

the masked kisser

I would have just called it a day after that first try, but I soon realized the elastic was in the wrong place. I made it sort of cat-eye shaped, so the elastic is attached at the top corners. Since the top sits on his eyebrows, whenever he emoted, the mask shifted. Big boo! I spent the evening thinking about how else to make it and the next morning I crocheted and frogged and crocheted and frogged and finally got a simple shape that was also simple to crochet (2 rounds!!). Make a bunch and hand them out at Halloween!

I’ve provided some photos to help aid in the construction. It might sound a little tricky, but after the first you’ll get ’em made in like 5 minutes, I bet!

You’ll need: worsted weight yarn (I used Vanna’s Choice), 5mm (H) hook, and some elastic.


Ch 21, slst into first ch to make a loop (left in above photograph).
Ch 23, slst into 21st ch from hook to make second loop (right).
This leaves you with 2 loops connected by 2 chains.


Ch 1, SC into next 2 chs, 30 SC into the loop. Shift them around so they’re evenly arranged around the loop. They’ll all fit!
SC into the back of the center 2 chs, 30 SC in next loop.


SC2tog across the center 2 sts, *[HDC in next 5 sts, DC in next 4 sts, HDC in next 5 sts] 2 DC in each of the next 2 sts, repeat from [ to ]*
SC2tog across center 2 sts; Rep from * to *, slst into first st. Finish off, weave in ends.


Cut an 11″ piece of elastic and attach each end to each side of your mask. I used 3/8″ black elastic. You can adjust the size to fit the head you’re making the mask for.

Put it on and enjoy! Feel free to adjust the pattern to fit your head. If the 30 stitches around the eye opening are too big or too small, change the size of the beginning chain loops! You’ll have to change the second row, too. To get the shape, I split the stitch count in half then added taller stitches to the top, bottom, and side.

sorry, I’m not as cute as my kid, but he hasn’t been feeling well, so I’m not going to force him to pose for me.


As with all things things that can be made for children, please supervise them when they’re playing. The mask can knock out their peripheral vision and they could bump into things! Show your little one how to adjust the mask to fit around their eyes. It took a while for me to get used to having it on my face. It was pretty annoying at first, but I wore it for a bit!

[Text-only version of the pattern may be viewed HERE.]

Here is my little one wearing a purple mask with his Darkwing Duck costume! The only adjustment I made to the mask was to assemble the eyeholes with a pipe cleaner instead of a crochet chain, then worked the pattern from “30 SC into the loop…” It makes the eyeholes easier for kids to keep…umm…open? It keeps them from shifting into their eyes!

darkwing andrew!

Darkwing Duck

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50 comments to Crochet: Simple Mask

  • Jessica NeedhamNo Gravatar

    Such a good idea! Very cute. <3

  • That is such a great idea–and so cute!!

  • awesome idea!! i wanna try this :)

  • Now that is just plain brilliant!

  • Saw this on pinterest and fell in love with it! So making it, so following you!

  • I love this!! Super cool!

  • I love the mask. I was having a hard time deciding what to wear while doling out candy this Halloween. I think you just solved my problem!

  • Oh, that’s so cute! I love the idea. xo

  • Oh my! this is awesome! My toddler will adore this! x

  • This is awesome! And your son is ADORABLE. Hope you won’t mind me linking this one up at Tangled Happy tomorrow. Thanks for sharing this fun pattern! :)

  • i can’t wait to try this. i’m going to make it the mid-month challenge for my crochet along :)

  • reneeNo Gravatar

    Oh you look cute inr the mask and so does the young en just found your site love it thanx so much am going too give it a try sort of a begin’er renee

  • MonicaNo Gravatar

    I love this!!!I have one question how do I attach the elastic? Do I sew it on or glue?

  • sarahNo Gravatar

    I just finished 2 of these for my boys for christmas. thank you for the pattern! :-)

  • This is so cute, i posted your link on in the recently added section.

    We have over 9,000 free crochet pattern links and are adding more every day


  • Love this mask! I’m going to be giving it a try for a project I’m working on. Thanks for sharing the pattern :)

  • amandaNo Gravatar

    great mask! i love this style, the clean look and simple lines. i wonder how hard it would be to change it up to make a sleep mask? i have 7 nieces who are teens that i think would like a cute comfy sleep mask for christmas in their stockings :)

  • […] found this mask while searching for patterns to go with my Ninja Turtles hats. It’s perfect for my purposes […]

  • BerniceNo Gravatar

    A small crocheted flower or or feather appliqué can be added to make it even more special.

  • SummerNo Gravatar

    Hi love this cute mask, I whipped one up last night and it was a little big on my girls. Did you use a slightly different pattern or do you know the adjustments you made for the black one pictured? I’d like to make some for a bunch of kiddos and am having a bit of difficulty making the adjustments on my own.

    • Hi!
      I don’t have any specific details for the black one. To make the mask smaller, you could try using a smaller hook. The plus side is the mask should hold its shape better if you use a G or F hook.

      Alternatively, you can make each loop smaller around the eyes. For instance, the original pattern calls for two 21-chain loops connected with 2 chains. You can adjust it to perhaps only 18-chain loops connected with only 1 chain. You won’t have to do the sc2tog in the center because there would only be one chain, but the rest should be easy enough to wing it.

      Cut a smaller piece of elastic to tighten it up around their heads.

  • LanieNo Gravatar

    This is so cute. Do you kill the yarn when finished or just leave as is? Would be softer as is I’m sure, but wondering if it holds its shape without. Will have to try I guess.

    • Hi! If you want to make it keep it’s shape longer, you could make the eye holes out of pipe cleaner (instead of the long chain loops) and then make the SCs around them! I did that for my son’s costume because he couldn’t keep them positioned right. It’s a good idea for kids. Adults can usually manage to keep them in place.

  • KatNo Gravatar

    Great tutorial – thank you so much! This was the first pattern I’ve ever actually followed. And my success with this has inspired me to try other projects too!

    I made two of these for an adult couples costume party this weekend. I had to play with the numbers to get the eyes right for adults, but I found that starting the loops with 25 stitches and then increasing to 30 and continuing as above made the eyes the right size for our big heads. :)

    I didn’t have pipe cleaners, but I used some 18g black jewelry wire that I had and that gave the masks an awesome structure. It was a little tricky getting the first round on the slippery wire, but they turned out perfect. Thank you again! We’re going to look adorable.

  • LindseyNo Gravatar

    Thanks for the great pattern! I extended the sides to make ties instead of using elastic – this will make my little man’s ninja turtle costume perfect! Thanks again.

  • Great idea! Love your blog too! New follower.

  • Awesome! Thanks for sharing with us! Now I have to go give it a try!

  • SarahNo Gravatar

    Love this. I plan on making this as a stocking stuffer!

  • Jen LNo Gravatar

    Great pattern! I crocheted ties by adding 41 chains, skip 1 and SC 40 back between the 2 DC2tog on the final round.

    My little Ninja Turtle lover is rocking his new mask.

  • YvonneNo Gravatar

    have to make it for my nephew he is always playing like a ninja

  • JoNo Gravatar

    Thanks for sharing the pattern and photos! Just made a black mask to go in little grandson’s Christmas stocking along with his batman toys. Now where’s the red yarn?…. I’ll make myself a ‘Robin’ mask and join in the fun!

  • LishaNo Gravatar

    Thank you for this post! I have been looking for a simple mask to attach to my version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle beanie I’ve been working on! I hope you are ok with me using the basic pattern and then I am going to add on to it so that I can stitch it to the beanie! This has been the easiest and BEST mask pattern I have found! Thank you SO MUCH again!

  • annaNo Gravatar

    hi made this to my son but i change the pattern just a little bit and made on the side where there is 2 dc i the same sc i made 45 chain and made 44 sc and then 2dc i same sc so i kan tie a knot in the back of the head

  • john mclaneNo Gravatar

    How can i make a call of duty ghosts mask?

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  • CNo Gravatar

    What I believe to be you first try (the black one pictured first) is super perfect for my uses. Is it possible for me to snag a copy of what you did there? I do plan to make some changes, but the shape is better for me than the orange one. Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

  • CNo Gravatar

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  • HarryNo Gravatar

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