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A new doily blanket pattern!

See, I’ve been quiet around these parts, but I’ve been keeping busy. Two kiddos in school equals twice as much homework and, even worse, TWICE AS MUCH LAUNDRY. Alas, sometimes I’ve gotta check out and just sit on the couch & crochet all day.

I finished this up a few weeks ago, but then it took me a while to write out the pattern and even longer for me to sit down and type it up. My process for pattern-making usually goes something like this: crochet while writing it out w/my favorite pencil, then type it up, crochet it again, checking pattern for typos, take photos, compose pattern + photos into pretty PDF file. I sort of did the same this time, except I stopped writing while crocheting about halfway through. REGRET set in immediately. I had to crochet it again by feeling out the stitches and wrote down what I was doing, changing things up a bit in the process. I got burnt out by that, so it took me a few days to sit down with it and type it up.

NOW. I had originally planned to release the pattern tomorrow, but I want a few more days with it. I’m going to go over the pattern a few times to check for typos and consistency in the directions and I’ll see if I can crochet another one this weekend. My mom’s birthday is coming up, so it’ll be the perfect gift!

I hope to see you back here sometime next week with more details plus tons more photos!

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