Knitting: triangles beanie

I said I would put this up last week, but I got so sidetracked by the holiday and other stuff.

new knit

The shape of the week for my toddler and I (almost 2 weeks ago, now) was triangles. I couldn’t get them out of my head! And now Andrew can point them out, pretty much without hesitation. Huzzah!

Anyway, I recently bought a little moleskine from the one and only Punk Rawk Purl filled with grid paper. What started as a doodle one bored evening turned into me scribbling little knitting notes. Before long, I had a rough pattern!

I started knitting it and figured out the crown shaping and really…well, I fell in love with it! I finished it during my garage sale and made the boy wear it for a bit. It fits like a snug beanie on him, but it really fit my little boys’ noggins perfectly!

toddler in a hat

The glorious thing is that the pattern is pretty easily enlarged (or shrunken) by adding (or subtracting) pattern repeats. Yeah! I already knit it again with slightly heavier yarn and it came out just a smidge larger, so no tweaking was really necessary. I love when that happens!

I’ve been knitting for ummm 4ish years and this is my very first knitting pattern. It’s super simple and I haven’t really searched Ravelry for anything similar, so if YOU know of a pattern that looks like this, do let me know! If you’re interested in knitting one of your own, leave a comment or shoot me an email! I’ll send you the pattern and you can tell me what you think/if it makes any sense and I’ll see if I can get it blog-ready.

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