Gardening for the win!

This will probably not have any useful information. Just proud photos.
I grew edibles! effyeah!

another baby cucumber!
what is that? A CUCUMBER!

117.365: baby cucumber
I absolutely cannot wait til these are ready for picking. we LOVE cucumbers ’round these parts. my boys would probably eat these right off the plant!

baby bells!
baby bells! Ah! Nathan isn’t too keen on bell peppers, but Andrew like to snag some during dinner prep some nights.

My biggest plants: the jalapenos! I don’t even LIKE jalapenos, but the plants make me so happy! Me thinks there will be jalapeno poppers in our future.

las flores
There are also some flower growing about the backyard. Pinks and purples.

gratuitous flower closeup + textured bokeh shot
the gratuitous flower closeup with textured bokeh background.

Do you have a garden? If so, what are you growing? Fruits, veggies, flowers, succulents, all of the above? I have about 8 tomato plants growing, but only one has some tiny blooms right now. I’m excited to see them grow! Both my boys lovelovelove tomatoes.

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