Touch of Spring

54.365: potted

Who’s ready for Spring?! As much as I love winter and not sweating my bum off all day everyday, I cannot wait for flowers and plants and COLOR everywhere. I bought some new baby succulents a little while ago, when my husband was out of town. I also acquired 3 fruit trees for our backyard! They’re babies and probably won’t bear fruit for a while, but I’m excited at the prospect. AND for the shade. Summers are rough around here.


49.365: new succulents

51.365: kalanchoe love

50.365: little lemon tree

black prince echeverias

52.365: overflowing princes

Remember my little Black Prince echeverias?? They’re so big now! They’ve outgrown their little planter (DIY here) and need a new one. Maybe I’ll work on that, this week.

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D.I.Y. (quick!): painted lace planter


I thought I would share a little series of quick D.I.Y. projects. I know sometimes we don’t have a lot of time to get crafty, so I hope to provide a few little bits of inspiration to help you get something done quick. First up is a painted pot, inspired by lacey scallops.


-clay pot
-1″ circle stickers (I made mine with my Xyron 150, but you can find circle labels at office supply stores)
-paint brush
-wooden skewer or thin paint brush (not shown)


1. Place stickers along the rim of the planter, very slightly overlapped. I fit 14 on my 4.5″ pot.
2. Paint! I suggest about 3 thin coats. Let the pot dry for 2-3 minutes between coats. Optionally, you can also paint about an inch of the inside.


3. Remove the stickers before the final coat dries completely.
4. Use a wooden skewer or thin paintbrush to add 3 little dots on each scallop.

Let your pot dry, then fill it with your favorite little plant. I chose some of my ‘Black Prince’ echeverias. The most beautiful succulent around!



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Color Week: GREEN

green amineko



green kalachoe


green fuzz

just GREEN


green washi

SO many shades of green! I love it.

I almost didn’t take these photos. I have been cleaning house all day, preparing for the party on Saturday, and didn’t think I’d make time, but I DID IT. I forced myself to take a break and went outside for some fresh air. Thank goodness. It re-energized me and I think I’ll be able to get through all the laundry, tonight. I also need to finish cleaning the kitchen and then do a quick scrub down of the bathroom. Tomorrow I finish up de-cluttering the living room, dining room, and breakfast room, and then I can put together some party bags, fill the pinata, make some pretzel sticks, get started on the cupcakes, and fix any food that can be done the day before. HIS FRIENDS BETTER SHOW UP. I need lot of people to come so that I will not have done this all in vain!

Color Month: MAGENTA

magenta rose

hard & soft



violet is magenta

This week is simultaneously Color Month and Color Week! Double the fun! While I had a few different orange things to photograph, I only have magenta flowers. I need more magenta, guys!


So many blooms!




Though I favor cold weather (ESPECIALLY when our air conditioner has been out), my camera and I are happy for the return of Spring. All the color, all the flowers, letting my kids sit in a pool all day, [trying to] garden etc, etc, etc. Tomorrow Spring will officially be here. And our a/c will most likely be fixed (replaced!) by the end of the weekend. Say a little prayer or wish a little wish for it.