DMC colors

flossy love

How about some flossy love? I guess I’m kind of hung up on golds, olives, and teals. I lined up this floss, today, and realized they’re pretty similar to the G├╝termann colors. I can’t be the only one who enjoys this mash-up, right? They’re just so complimentary of each other.

Are there any color combos your brain just ends up defaulting to?

lensbaby closeup
the lensbaby close-up

5 comments to DMC colors

  • I love the photo. Great idea. Colors that I fall back on? I really like pinks, purples, oranges and burgundies mixed with deep olive greens. Sort of Moroccanish.

    • thank you, Ilene!
      Purple doesn’t get enough credit around these parts, I admit. I think it’s a great color to pack a punch of BOLD into anything! I should utilize it more.

  • Okay, you need to start making money doing product/commercial photography.
    The set up for this is amazing.

    • :)
      thanks! I decided I should start taking photos more purposefully than just snap-shotting so much. Don’t get me wrong, I love candids A LOT, but I also like the look and flow of order.

  • cbNo Gravatar

    love those colors too! i like orange teal and yellow and i always grab any shade of green floss to use for my bike embroidery…finally grabbed a red color for my new tandem bike :)