DMC colors

flossy love

How about some flossy love? I guess I’m kind of hung up on golds, olives, and teals. I lined up this floss, today, and realized they’re pretty similar to the Gütermann colors. I can’t be the only one who enjoys this mash-up, right? They’re just so complimentary of each other.

Are there any color combos your brain just ends up defaulting to?

lensbaby closeup
the lensbaby close-up

Gütermann colors

Gutermann thread - 35mm

I’m not much of a seamstress, but I’m pretty obsessed with this thread, guys. The Gütermann display at my local Jo-Ann is just gorgeous. There’s another Jo-Ann, about half an hour away, that is closing (to make way for one of those amazing super-Jo-Ann stores!) and so they are liquidating inventory. Everything is on sale! So, while I didn’t have much money, I HAD to scoop up some of the pretty thread. Even if I don’t use it all, it’s really nice to look at, no?

I wanted to capture the scene in as many different ways as possible, while Andy slept in, this morning. First, with my regular camera and lens duo–Nikon D40 +35mm f/1.8. Next, with my Lensbaby 2.0 attached:

Gutermann - Lensbaby

Then I switched over to film and my Polaroid Spectra. This is my last exposure of softtone edge-cut film, from the Impossible Project:

Gutermann - Spectra

Lastly, with my Polaroid SX-70 and Impossible Project PX70 film. I’ll probably re-scan this later this evening or tomorrow morning, as the photo gets better as it develops more. I’m shooting for a 20-30 hour window from when I snapped the shot.

Gutermann - SX-70

Big sigh! It’s like candy to a crafter! I’m going to find a way to display these somewhere around my craft-desk. I have a lot of other thread that actually does get used and sits on my thread holder (I’m a novice at best, so thread lasts me a while), but this would probably end up in a drawer otherwise. I’m off to brainstorm!

Gutermann - nikon, wide