Rusty mustard [scarf]

365.213: completed mustard scarfSomething amazing happened this morning: I put the finishing touches on my mustard scarf! Of course we aren’t having the ideal weather for scarves, so it’s been folded up and put away. I’m praying for an early Texas winter. I’m highly doubtful those prayers will be answered. I practically melted, standing next to the window to take that photo. It was just so awfully hot out, today! Nathan played at a park for like 15 minutes and his face was bright as a tomato after and he was thirsty as heck. You know things are bad when playing on a playground is like a punishment. Poor kid.


mustard scarf close-up
mustard scarf folded up [1]
I used size 15 needles and ONE SINGLE BALL of Southwest Trading Company’s KARAOKE yarn. just one! It took me just about a week to complete. I probably could have finished up faster, if I did more than 2-4 repeats a day. The stitch pattern is basic and memorable but looks really nice! It reminds me of the Lover’s/Solomon’s knot in crochet. In fact, since I’m a much faster hooker (ha!) than a knitter, I may just have to try that next time I want to make a lacy-ish scarf.

With that little project out of the way, I’m thinking of tackling something slightly larger. I can’t make up my mind regarding yarn choice for the February Lady sweater I want to knit, so I figured I should knit a sweater for Andrew. I’ve knit that kiddo 3 sweaters and he never wore one more than 3 times. He didn’t wear one of them AT ALL! I’m currently scouring Ravelry for inspiration. So far, all I have on my list is the Tomten pattern from Knitting Without Tears. I have a few skeins of cotton ease that might be good for it. We’ll see!

If you’re a crocheter with a toddler or a toddler to crochet for, I just posted my toddler slipper pattern to Ravelry. You can find it by clicking HERE or you can just see the pattern HERE on Hope you like it! It’s easily adaptable to various sizes–just crochet more or less rows!

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