Andy hates my knitting.

andy cries moreSince my last post, I started knitting a sweater for Andrew. All the while, I’m hoping it fits because the last 3 were outgrown very quickly and/or never fit (just 1; it was sad when I realized it). Today, I’m moving some stuff around and I happen upon the Noro BSJ (Baby Surprise Jacket, an Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern) I made almost a year ago. I made it in the summer and thought it would be perfect for Andrew’s first winter. Little did I know, my child would continue his monstrous growth spurts well into his first year. By the time winter came along, he was practically outgrowing his 18 month clothes (at 7 months!!). I put the sweater on him a maximum of 3 times and could barely get the buttons closed. When I picked it up, this afternoon, I immediately wanted to try it on him. He wasn’t in the best mood (tired as a result of waking up early from his nap), but I really wanted to see it in action one last time. And what do ya know, the sucker fit!

bsj closeupLike, perfectly fit. The sleeves are supposed to be short (I chose not to pick up the sleeve stitches to lengthen them). The buttons don’t look too stressed and only the bottom one pops open when he sits. Fabulous, huh? The only problem is he pretty much cried the entire time he wore it. Apparently, he HATES long sleeves! He kept tugging at them. He was also tired, so the tears were my fault. Next time I’ll be sure to have some treat for him while he has to endure wearing my hideous sweaters. I hope that since he’s walking (and climbing, and trying his darndest to run), he’ll slim down even further by the time cold weather approaches and will still fit into this. It’s so cute! I love this Noro Kureyon colorway. I made a top-down bonnet from it for my cousin’s first baby “back in the day.” I think it’ll always be my favorite.

365.216: cablesMoving on, let’s talk about the NEW sweater I’m working on. I decided to go with the Offset Wraplan (ravelery link). Instead of applique-ing something to the front, I decided to insert a cable pattern. I really loved the one on Knitty’s Trellis, so I used that. It looks pretty neat, so far. I took this photo yesterday, and today I’ve already reached a bit past the sleeve split. The reason so much work has been getting done on this is that I’ve been knitting past my bedtime. Instead of going to sleep when a normal (i.e. sane) mother-of-two would, I’ve been going to bed around 2am. I feel like a zombie most mornings, but the sluggishness is nothing my b-complex can’t take care of.

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    That yarn is awesome, I am gonna have to check that stuff out. Andy looks adorable even though he is a bit …well mad :) Love the colors, love the pictures, and love the sweater. Hope it fits this winter..too cute!!