Crochet: Hombre Scarf


Long time no blog! To make up for it, I thought I would share this sweet project. A friend of mine (the real hombre of the mojo wire) mentioned wanting a scarf for Christmas and since I never get to make actual scarves, I accepted that challenge. He received it yesterday, so I get to share photos and the pattern, today.

I started it in the car on the way to an out-of-town Christmas party and finished it later that night, at home. It was perfect for chatting in the car and then subsequently for working in front of the TV. I strongly encourage you to make one, if you are in need of a last-minute gift! For the guy and/or lady in your life. Really, I can see it in magenta and mustard for a girl (me!). Jeez, I really wish it weren’t 75 degrees out, today.

2 skeins Patons Classic Wool in 2 different colors (medium weight 100% wool, 3.5oz/210 yd per skein)
6 mm (US J) hook

Measures approximately 6″ x 80″, but the woven stitch makes it very stretchy

Ch 26
Row 1: SC in 4th ch from hook, *Ch 1, skip 1 ch, SC in next ch; rep from * to end. Ch 3, turn.
Row 2: SC in first ch-1 sp, *Ch 1, SC in next ch-1 sp; rep from * to end, making last SC in the beginning ch-3 of previous row. Ch 3, turn.

Repeat row 2 for pattern. Omit the last Ch-3 on the last row. Finish off, weave in ends.
Color scheme: I used Color #1 for 140 rows, then I switched between Color 1 and Color 2 for 6 rows, and ended with Color 2 for 140 more rows.




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Rusty mustard [scarf]

365.213: completed mustard scarfSomething amazing happened this morning: I put the finishing touches on my mustard scarf! Of course we aren’t having the ideal weather for scarves, so it’s been folded up and put away. I’m praying for an early Texas winter. I’m highly doubtful those prayers will be answered. I practically melted, standing next to the window to take that photo. It was just so awfully hot out, today! Nathan played at a park for like 15 minutes and his face was bright as a tomato after and he was thirsty as heck. You know things are bad when playing on a playground is like a punishment. Poor kid.


mustard scarf close-up
mustard scarf folded up [1]
I used size 15 needles and ONE SINGLE BALL of Southwest Trading Company’s KARAOKE yarn. just one! It took me just about a week to complete. I probably could have finished up faster, if I did more than 2-4 repeats a day. The stitch pattern is basic and memorable but looks really nice! It reminds me of the Lover’s/Solomon’s knot in crochet. In fact, since I’m a much faster hooker (ha!) than a knitter, I may just have to try that next time I want to make a lacy-ish scarf.

With that little project out of the way, I’m thinking of tackling something slightly larger. I can’t make up my mind regarding yarn choice for the February Lady sweater I want to knit, so I figured I should knit a sweater for Andrew. I’ve knit that kiddo 3 sweaters and he never wore one more than 3 times. He didn’t wear one of them AT ALL! I’m currently scouring Ravelry for inspiration. So far, all I have on my list is the Tomten pattern from Knitting Without Tears. I have a few skeins of cotton ease that might be good for it. We’ll see!

If you’re a crocheter with a toddler or a toddler to crochet for, I just posted my toddler slipper pattern to Ravelry. You can find it by clicking HERE or you can just see the pattern HERE on Hope you like it! It’s easily adaptable to various sizes–just crochet more or less rows!

I made progress.

365.210: progress madeSo, it’s hard to knit during naptime when your child refuses to nap. Who would have known?! Anyway, I [thought I] discovered the trick to getting him away from the yarn and needles I am using–give him his own. I found the biggest needle I have and let him hold it. He was in awe at first–shiny! kinda cold! bluuue!–and I knit a bit. Then, he gnawed on the end for about a minute (it’s a little bendy) and I knit some more. Finally, he went wild and started using it like a drumstick, banging it on things like the carpet, a hot wheels car, a pillow, etc. Things were going good and I got to knit for a solid little while. Then…then, he walked over to me, quite adorably, and SMACKED THE HECK OUT OF ME WITH THE HUGEASS KNITTING NEEDLE. I yelped and he of course thought it was hilarious and proceeded to hit me again and again and again until I was off the floor and standing by my craft table. Time for another idea, me thinks.

I got some knitting done, though! I presume I’m about 40-50% done with this. I would know for certain, if I could locate my tape measure. Nathan (4 years old now!) has a habit of commandeering it for play.

Jason (husband. remember him?) will be going on his bi-annual Las Vegas business trip at the end of next month. About a week after the ex-toddler starts pre-K. These two huge events have prompted me to pick out my next major knitting project. I’m finally…FINALLY!…going to knit myself a sweater. I’m about 90% certain I’m going to knit a February Lady Sweater. It’s based on a Zimmermann pattern from my favorite knitting book ever (Knitter’s Almanac). How cool does it look? Very.

The attack puppy:
needle keeper

knitting & the toddler

It has become increasingly more difficult to be crafty with my baby around. He’s not really a baby anymore, but rather a toddler–and a grabby one at that! It doesn’t help that everything he gets his chubby little hands on goes straight to his mouth. This includes, but is not limited to: crochet hooks, knitting needles (!), wool (i.e. FELT-ABLE) yarn, books, and printouts. Pretty much anytime I want to make something he has to be asleep or otherwise pre-occupied with more toddler-suitable playthings.

I started knitting a Mustard scarf (ravelry link) on Sunday and was only able to knit ONE repeat (that’s 4 rows, guys! on only 26 stitches! arg!) and then the same thing happened the next day–only one repeat! Andrew would drop whatever was in his hands and toddle to me as quickly as he could. He’d kinda swat at my needles & chuckle and once he even attempted to put his mouth over the end of one…WHILE I WAS KNITTING! Now that’s dedication! Anyway, what I’m getting at is this: there is a severe lack of knitting-productivity around here. I can get away with crocheting because I can sort of hide the hook in my fist, but I’ve had my fill of cupcakes, for now. So, I’m hereby dedicating all nap times to knitting! Well, at least the ones that don’t consist of tidying up or other “more important” (psssh) tasks. I leave you with a photo of my mustard scarf’s humble beginning:

365.208: in progress

and he who may be the reason I never finish:

365.209: andy