knitting & the toddler

It has become increasingly more difficult to be crafty with my baby around. He’s not really a baby anymore, but rather a toddler–and a grabby one at that! It doesn’t help that everything he gets his chubby little hands on goes straight to his mouth. This includes, but is not limited to: crochet hooks, knitting needles (!), wool (i.e. FELT-ABLE) yarn, books, and printouts. Pretty much anytime I want to make something he has to be asleep or otherwise pre-occupied with more toddler-suitable playthings.

I started knitting a Mustard scarf (ravelry link) on Sunday and was only able to knit ONE repeat (that’s 4 rows, guys! on only 26 stitches! arg!) and then the same thing happened the next day–only one repeat! Andrew would drop whatever was in his hands and toddle to me as quickly as he could. He’d kinda swat at my needles & chuckle and once he even attempted to put his mouth over the end of one…WHILE I WAS KNITTING! Now that’s dedication! Anyway, what I’m getting at is this: there is a severe lack of knitting-productivity around here. I can get away with crocheting because I can sort of hide the hook in my fist, but I’ve had my fill of cupcakes, for now. So, I’m hereby dedicating all nap times to knitting! Well, at least the ones that don’t consist of tidying up or other “more important” (psssh) tasks. I leave you with a photo of my mustard scarf’s humble beginning:

365.208: in progress

and he who may be the reason I never finish:

365.209: andy

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