300 of 365

300.365: 300 days down!


Thursday was day 300 of the year and day 300 of my Project 365 of 2011! Are any of you doing a Project 365, this year? How exciting is it to get to 300??! I can’t believe there are only 65 days left of 2011. WOW. Let’s make them matter.

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In my spare time

mini-doily diptych

Since my husband went out town on business, this week, I’ve had a lot of alone time in the evenings after the littles go to bed. I’ve spent that time watching Mad Men (I’m on season 3 already! <3) and crocheting these miniature doilies. I added a simple pin to the back and so they can be placed anywhere. Above, I pinned it to a piece of lace hem tape and tied it around my head. Voila! Instant headband. I will be listing some mini doily pins tomorrow and through the weekend. I have a plethora of colors available! And since my stash of hem tape has grown a bit in the past few months, I think I'll be sending a piece along with every mini-doily for you to use however you like. Stay tuned!

prettying up

One of my favorite people graduates from college, tomorrow. I’m going to dress up for the occasion. I rarely wear dresses. I have only a few I like, so they get saved for special events. I think college graduation warrants getting prettied up. To get myself used to air touching my legs (ha!), I put on a dress, this morning. It’s a purple pinstripe button down (shirt?) dress. I paired it with my yellow flats and I was good to go. A day of pretty!

dress diptych

Well, it only lasted about 3 hours. My mom suggested we go thrifting and…well, I like to do that in comfort. That means my Keens. My raggedy, almost two-year old Keens are my most favorite shoes. They’re the most comfortable. I’ve waded through a flooded street in them! The insole could use a replacing and the tops could use a cleaning, but I still love them and wear them whenever I need to do a lot of walking. Needless to say–they would have clashed terribly with my dress. So, I changed and that was the end of my dress-wearing for the day. I drifted back into mommy-frumpiness. At least I was comfortable.

shoes & dress diptych

It was pretty while it lasted.

Tomorrow TODAY (~6.5 hrs), I embark on a road trip with my mom. To San Antonio. Jason bought me my first iPod, specifically for this road trip. It’s a used shuffle, found on craigslist, but it’s tiny and pretty and black!

I will probably only get to kiss my babies goodbye. I’ll say a prayer for daddy, who gets to do the morning routine by himself, and for Grandma Linda, who is having a sleepover with Andrew at her house tomorrow. I’m going to miss my boys and a good day of thrifting, but it will be so worth it. It’s a time to celebrate!

blog neglector!

That’s me! Hello!

Well, it’s Spring Break around these parts. My kidlet has been home all week and has gone buckwild. I have even conceded to *gasp!* video games on a weekday, some afternoons! He’s usually only allowed to play Friday evening & Saturday afternoons. Alas, I need a break from wrangling and the never-ending “mama. mommy. ma. mom. mom. mommy…” parade. Who knew those 3 hours he goes to school every weekday were so coveted? Not I.

Another excuse for my lack of blog posts is that house-hunting consumes about 95% of my internet-time. That endeavor is just FRUSTRATING, to say the least. I’m getting discouraged. Really, really! It’s a seemingly never-ending cycle of find a house we like, get more info, walk through it, hate it, look some more, find another house we like, get more info, walk through it, hate it….and so on! That is such a first-world problem, but GAH! Make it stop, already. I want it to be July. I want to have a patio and get sun burned in my own backyard. Thankyouverymuch.

I did get a chance to take my weekly self-portrait, today. Little victories.

2.2: ....And eyes big Love–crumbs,

10 little things about me…

10 things tag

I was tagged by Tia, of Christopher and Tia, to do a “7 things about yourself…” and was flattered anyone really wanted to know any random facts about me. I procrastinated bunches before committing. I had a list forming when Vanessa, of So Darn Happy, tagged me to do a “10 things about yourself…” meme! ah! So, I decided to just list 10 things instead of coming up with 17 even remotely interesting tidbits. These 10 are probably more than you wanted to know anyway…

1. I’m shy. Ridiculously so.
2. I cuss.
3. I bite my nails.
4. I clean my ears too much.
5. I don’t wear makeup.
6. I’ve had an engagement ring on my finger for over 5 years.
7. I’m an “extended” nurser. my nursling is 20 months old. My oldest weaned at 29 months (few months into pregnancy).
8. When I first started knitting, I thought it was so boring, and had nightmares about it. When I woke, it felt like I had slept DAYS. In reality, it’d be the middle of the night, many more hours til dawn. I was afraid to go back to sleep.
9. My heart bleeds, so I don’t wear it on my sleeve. Most of the time.
10. THIS is my mellow-song of the week. It’s a cover and I absolutely loathed it when I first heard it on sirius. I can’t get enough, now. And below you will find my dance-song of the week. It’s adorable. You’ll probably love it.

The image at the top of the post is an old vexel I made in Photoshop a couple of years ago. I just added a pink layer to it. Because it’s February and pink is necessary.