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That’s me! Hello!

Well, it’s Spring Break around these parts. My kidlet has been home all week and has gone buckwild. I have even conceded to *gasp!* video games on a weekday, some afternoons! He’s usually only allowed to play Friday evening & Saturday afternoons. Alas, I need a break from wrangling and the never-ending “mama. mommy. ma. mom. mom. mommy…” parade. Who knew those 3 hours he goes to school every weekday were so coveted? Not I.

Another excuse for my lack of blog posts is that house-hunting consumes about 95% of my internet-time. That endeavor is just FRUSTRATING, to say the least. I’m getting discouraged. Really, really! It’s a seemingly never-ending cycle of find a house we like, get more info, walk through it, hate it, look some more, find another house we like, get more info, walk through it, hate it….and so on! That is such a first-world problem, but GAH! Make it stop, already. I want it to be July. I want to have a patio and get sun burned in my own backyard. Thankyouverymuch.

I did get a chance to take my weekly self-portrait, today. Little victories.

2.2: ....And eyes big Love–crumbs,

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