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I was tagged by Tia, of Christopher and Tia, to do a “7 things about yourself…” and was flattered anyone really wanted to know any random facts about me. I procrastinated bunches before committing. I had a list forming when Vanessa, of So Darn Happy, tagged me to do a “10 things about yourself…” meme! ah! So, I decided to just list 10 things instead of coming up with 17 even remotely interesting tidbits. These 10 are probably more than you wanted to know anyway…

1. I’m shy. Ridiculously so.
2. I cuss.
3. I bite my nails.
4. I clean my ears too much.
5. I don’t wear makeup.
6. I’ve had an engagement ring on my finger for over 5 years.
7. I’m an “extended” nurser. my nursling is 20 months old. My oldest weaned at 29 months (few months into pregnancy).
8. When I first started knitting, I thought it was so boring, and had nightmares about it. When I woke, it felt like I had slept DAYS. In reality, it’d be the middle of the night, many more hours til dawn. I was afraid to go back to sleep.
9. My heart bleeds, so I don’t wear it on my sleeve. Most of the time.
10. THIS is my mellow-song of the week. It’s a cover and I absolutely loathed it when I first heard it on sirius. I can’t get enough, now. And below you will find my dance-song of the week. It’s adorable. You’ll probably love it.

The image at the top of the post is an old vexel I made in Photoshop a couple of years ago. I just added a pink layer to it. Because it’s February and pink is necessary.

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  • TiaNo Gravatar


    I go through phases where I clean my ears a lot too.

    And then I forget to for months. And I feel like I have to make up for it, by cleaning them 3x a day for the next week.

  • I clean my ears a lot too.
    I go through phases where I wear makeup & where I don’t. The phases where I wear it never last very long. It usually coincides with me feeling self conscious & needing to make myself feel pretty.

  • Everyone here wears a TON of makeup and it makes me feel like I have to wear a little. I never do during the week, usually just on Saturday or Sunday. Prior to living in Seoul, I had worn makeup maybe twice.

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