The August Break 26 (fun with a doily)

The August 26

I’ve wanted to make one of these for a while. I didn’t have any starch or fabric stiffener on hand, so I used a bottle of Elmer’s. It worked pretty nicely.


Those are the general steps I took. A few hours after #4, I applied some more glue. I suppose one could pour the glue in a bowl and dip the doily in it beforehand to completely saturate it without re-applying later.




The August Break 25

The August Break 25

The August Break 24

The August Break 24

I like how my shower doors look so mosaic-y.

The August Break 23 (Jack’s Blanket)

The August Break 24

I am Jack’s big squishy blanket.

My friend is just about due with her second baby– a BOY! She has a daughter that’s Nathan’s age and we’ve been friends almost as long they’ve been alive. I wanted to make something special for her new little one. She once paid me to make a baby blanket for a friend (in my first few years of crochet!) and that made me realize I can create beautiful things for people. She kind of invested in me, you know? That sort of feedback is amazing for growth. Thank you, Courtney!




222.365: the completed chevrons



The August Break 22 (winter sneak peek)

The August Break 22
Photo taken with my Lensbaby

Last week, I learned color work knitting and I got a smidge obsessed. I started drafting new designs immediately and knit up test hats. There were a lot of lonely late nights, last week. The husband was preparing for his business trip, so after the boys went down it was just me, my yarn, and Season 1 of Angel. Learning to knit English style has made these super quick to whip up, so a word to the wise: LEARN BOTH METHODS OF KNITTING!

And if you’re already knitting English style, learn Continental and you’re half way to learning crochet. :)