The August Break 22 (winter sneak peek)

The August Break 22
Photo taken with my Lensbaby

Last week, I learned color work knitting and I got a smidge obsessed. I started drafting new designs immediately and knit up test hats. There were a lot of lonely late nights, last week. The husband was preparing for his business trip, so after the boys went down it was just me, my yarn, and Season 1 of Angel. Learning to knit English style has made these super quick to whip up, so a word to the wise: LEARN BOTH METHODS OF KNITTING!

And if you’re already knitting English style, learn Continental and you’re half way to learning crochet. :)

12 comments to The August Break 22 (winter sneak peek)

  • KarenNo Gravatar

    I taught myself to knit…and not very well. lol
    LOVE your stuff…and your spirit. Thanks for sharing.

  • Judy R.No Gravatar

    Gorgeous mix of colors! Lovely photo.

  • Amber PNo Gravatar

    I just taught myself to knit. Since I already crochet, Continental seemed the obvious choice. I haven’t come across any need to try English style yet but maybe if I try colorwork I will. If I get that far. At this point, I am wondering why I even bothered since crochet offers so many more stitch choices. But it has only been 9 days so I should give it a chance :)
    That is my plan. And your knit projects will inspire me.

    • to be honest, when I first learned to knit I had NIGHTMARES where I was just knitting stockinette FOREVER. It was one of those dreams that felt like a lifetime and I woke up and didn’t want to touch my needles. Granted, I was sick with a fever, it was still pretty scary!

      Knitting creates such a different fabric and has it’s place. That’s why I love being able to do both. It’s nice that you only need to know a few different techniques in knitting to be able to complete most patterns!

      • Amber PNo Gravatar

        The realization that you can’t have a reversible fabric that is just the pretty v knit stitches was a real downer for me. But that does make it good for sweaters. I promise that I will at least complete a scarf before I give up and go back to exclusively crochet.

  • These hats are adorable!! I haven’t figured out multiple colors yet. I knit English, but learned Continental. I’m so used to English now, it would take a while for me to go back to Continental. And I knew a few basic crochet stitches at one point, but my hooks and needles are a little dusty… :S

  • i am teaching myself some colorwork as well…i’m so particular!! it has to be perfect. i really should teach myself english knitting…sighh…there aren’t enough hours in the day…

  • wait….i think i already AM an english knitter. i hold the yarn in my right hand. left is for continental correct?

    oh geeze….

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