merry christmas: the card

merry christmas!

Since I’m mildly obsessed with shop-stitching (explained in this post) and I already had the word “christmas” stitched, I decided to put it on the outside of our Christmas card, this year.

I really love using kraft card stock for our cards. Actually, I like using kraft colored everything. It just adds a sort of rustic feeling to stuff. I used it for our cards last year, and even the year before! I think I’m going to commit, RIGHT HERE AND NOW, to using kraft card stock for every Christmas card I ever make.

little ornament

Inside, I attached a little ornament for folks to hang on their tree. Oh the joys of getting this done early! People aren’t receiving them ON Christmas, like I’ve done in the past, so they can actually put it somewhere in their house. Oh! I hope everyone enjoys them.

The main event of the card, though? My kids, of course:

Merry Christmas....

I gave up on getting “good” photos of my kids for the cards…ummm…the very first year! In fact, when my oldest was 6 months old and enjoying his first Christmas season, my mother in law and I sat him in front of her Chistmas tree with only a Santa hat on. And I do mean only! He was at the age, though, where his hands tended to migrate south A LOT, so he did his own covering up and there were no penises in my photos. HA! Those didn’t end up getting sent to family. they’re pretty hilarious, though. He was SO FAT.

The years since, pretty much every Christmas card I’ve made has had a subject making a face, sitting without pants, not paying attention, or just generally being themselves. I like it that way. This year, I gave them both a candy cane and sat them on my love seat. I sat across the room and just…snapped away. Voila! That up there is THEM. All the way down to Andrew pretty much INHALING his candy cane and Nathan savoring it.

I sent the cards out, this weekend. I passed them out to those who I see regularly, or would see this weekend. The rest are in the mail, sent out to family and friends whose addresses I have. If you don’t receive one, then this lady doesn’t know where you live! Consider this your e-card. :)

Season’s greetings!

Tomorrow, I get to go to a meeting to discuss the Pre-K classroom Christmas party! I volunteered my time and supplies for the day. I don’t know what “supplies” entails but I’M EXCITED! I have a list of craft ideas I’m going to present and I hope the teacher picks at least one. Since I’m kind of in the Christmas spirit and most, if not all, of my family have already received their Christmas cards, I thought I’d share it!


365.332: season's greetings

Season's Greeting [inside]
[[what was sent to the printer]]

It’s December!

And it’s finally cold here in Houston! Hu-freakin’-zzah! I was getting kinda worried for a bit. Thought we’d have to dress the boys in shorts and sleeveless shirts for Christmas. That would definitely put a damper on any cute photos. Not like I’m super obsessed with holiday photos anyway. My camera slept in my diaper bag pretty much all of Thanksgiving. I took it out once to show my father-in-law and to snap this photo + a few others.

365.330: I'm thankful for...

Then away it went! I just didn’t feel like taking any photos indoors. I had seen (re: EATEN) enough food and really, that’s all anyone cares about on Thanksgiving anyway, right?

I finished up gift #8 on Friday. I have yet to start #9. I took a little hiatus from my needles to put together some Christmas cards. I was happy with the overall look of them despite the color being completely off on the prints (they came out way too warm). I suppose it’s my fault for being so impatient and choosing a 1-hour service instead of spending a little more and, y’know, waiting a week or so to get prints from an online service. Ohhh well. They’re in the mail already! I’ll post it later on this week. It epitomizes my children.

Gift #8 as wall-art:

365.331: Gift #8

My gift stack looks like THIS, now. 2 berets are stretched over embroidery hoops. The inside ring of a 10″ hoop is perfect for beret stretching! I need to make some 10″ circles to put them on when I give them away. I’m thinking maybe scrap cardboard or maybe some wire hangers.

completed amigurumi bear

bear on the road!

I finished attaching this guy’s little limbs, in the car on the way to the park, yesterday.

Pattern: Bedfellows by Camilla Engman, in The Happy hooker
Yarns: Lion Wool (pumpkin), Hobby Lobby Bamboospun (sea blue), and Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn! (old leaf)
Hooks: 5.0mm (H) and 6.5mm (K)
Mods: I made the bear, but used the bunny’s head pattern. I followed the errata directions and made the arm/slegs stubbier than the book pattern.

You can see more photos of my ravelry page, here, or on my flickr crochet set, here.

By the way, I’ve finally reached the bind-off on the pinwheel baby blanket. it’s only 700 stitches. *shudder*

Merry Christmas!

In case I don’t get a chance to wish everyone a Merry Christmas on Thursday–


Have a wonderful holiday season! I hope everyone finishes up their knitting on time! I only have one hat to go–the most important one as it’s for my dad.