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so this is christmas

SO! Our television has been a pain in the butt the past few months. It’s only 4 years old and is one of dem fancy LCD thingamabobs. Alas. There must be some crossed wires or loose….thingies inside. It WORKS, but sometimes it takes a lot of switch-pushing for it to come on. It’s like it doesn’t want to make a power connection? ANYWAY. It’s been out for about two days, now and you sure can tell. I finished up a custom order zippidy-doo fast and started in on decking these mighty halls.

I don’t know what’s up with all the adjectives and adverbs I’m throwing in, tonight, but I’m just gonna keep on keepin’ on…

My son went back to school on Monday after a whole NINE days off. GAH! Since then, I have:

-made about 30 of these


-completed and hung our advent garland

advent garland closeup
wrapping paper, washi tape, a scallop punch, number stamps, and the cuuutest mini clothespins!

-cleared my craft explosion from the dining room table and transferred it to the breakfast room table
-put up the tree! well, technically, my dad did that. BUT! I strung the lights on it and hung a few ornaments. in time, it’ll all get done.
-snapped a Christmas card photo & settled on a design. (I’m most excited about this one.)
-did some Photoshop cross-stitching. I’m going to call it shop-stitching, from now on. Little X’s where the stitches go.


and what have you done?

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