Greetings and a sale


I went to a cookie exchange and ended up being so full I could hardly look at my cookies when we were getting ready to leave. I consider that a successful party. Kudos to my aunt for totally decking the halls right. These ornaments hanging from the ceiling are the best. I couldn’t help taking a snapshot or two.

I ended up taking a combination of raspberry thumbprints and raspberry thumbprints covered in white chocolate ganache. Yeah, they were as good as they sound. The recipe is the same I’ve been using for the past couple of years. I can repeat it from memory, but I’ll just share the link. I skip the glaze. I’m just not too gung-ho about glaze.

Anyway! Did you know Christmas is next weekend??! Of course! I refuse to answer the question of whether or not I’m ready, or have done all my shopping, or have planned what, when, where, why we’ll do what we do. Let’s just enjoy these days. I have a 5 year-old who is off from school, so I’m going to be taking my vitamins, drinking my coffee, and trying not to let every little thing annoy the heck out me. I’m going to water my fuse and hope it grows.

On that note–winter is a few days away! If you find your noggin to be a little chilly, might I interest you in a little sale?


Get 20% off your entire goodknits order by entering the code WINTER2010 at checkout!

I hope the second half of your weekend is wonderful! Don’t let the little things get you–just smoooosh ’em.

on being productive

so this is christmas

SO! Our television has been a pain in the butt the past few months. It’s only 4 years old and is one of dem fancy LCD thingamabobs. Alas. There must be some crossed wires or loose….thingies inside. It WORKS, but sometimes it takes a lot of switch-pushing for it to come on. It’s like it doesn’t want to make a power connection? ANYWAY. It’s been out for about two days, now and you sure can tell. I finished up a custom order zippidy-doo fast and started in on decking these mighty halls.

I don’t know what’s up with all the adjectives and adverbs I’m throwing in, tonight, but I’m just gonna keep on keepin’ on…

My son went back to school on Monday after a whole NINE days off. GAH! Since then, I have:

-made about 30 of these


-completed and hung our advent garland

advent garland closeup
wrapping paper, washi tape, a scallop punch, number stamps, and the cuuutest mini clothespins!

-cleared my craft explosion from the dining room table and transferred it to the breakfast room table
-put up the tree! well, technically, my dad did that. BUT! I strung the lights on it and hung a few ornaments. in time, it’ll all get done.
-snapped a Christmas card photo & settled on a design. (I’m most excited about this one.)
-did some Photoshop cross-stitching. I’m going to call it shop-stitching, from now on. Little X’s where the stitches go.


and what have you done?